Joy Behar Says Tebow Could Have Been "Rapist Pedophile," Finds Nadir of Ad Flap

The universal truth about abortion, whatever your opinions on it may be, is that it will get some sort of response out of people. I'd hazard a guess that, on either side of the issue, women react more strongly than the average guy. And I would say that women who also serve as members of a televised coffee-table discussion, paid to talk compellingly about these issues, are probably even more staunch in their opinions than most.

The View's Joy Behar's take on the matter, in the prism of Tim Tebow's mother choosing to carry him to term, is one such example.


The transcript, if you can't believe what you just heard:

⇥⇥"What are people flippin' out about," bewildered moderator Whoopi Goldberg -- herself an ardent pro-choice activist -- asked.⇥⇥⇥⇥

⇥⇥"The only argument against any of it is, that, you know, he could just as easily have become some kind of a rapist pedophile. I mean, you don't know what someone's going to be," Behar answered, adding:⇥⇥⇥⇥


⇥"In this case, he turned out to be great, but it's not an argument about abortion or not abortion [sic], it's just, this particular case, this particular woman decided not to do it, and this is the wonderful result. There are others who decide to do it [commit abortion], and they're glad that they did it. You know, I mean, it's a very individual choice."⇥

Behar does walk back her statement from the incendiary phrase, but that choice of words makes it far more likely that a response will be about admonishing her for saying that than addressing her well-reasoned argument about the potential of a child and the "individual choice" of the woman. 

That could mean this will get uglier even than this nadir. If so, get your strong opinions -- or your earplugs -- ready.

(HT to Swamp Things.)


This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see The Sporting Blog Archives.

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