Post Senior Bowl Practice Mock

I am going to use my opinion on need versus BPA and draft styles of the teams. I will change a pick if there is a valid argument by a fan.


1. St. Louis Rams - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska - He is simply the best and safest player in the draft. He immediately solidifies a weak Rams run defense and allows Carriker to move outside to LDE.


2. Detroit Lions - Rolando McClain MLB Alabama - Larry Foote is not what he used to be and McClain gives the Lions a stud MLB and a true leader on the field. He is a Schwarz type of athlete.


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma - Though the Bucs have a myriad of problems, the weakness up the middle is the one to fill here. McCoy is a high motor guy in the Sapp mold.


4. Washington Redskins - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame - Shanahan does not draft OT's in the 1rst round and no one truly believes Campbell is the future of the offense.


5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry S Tennessee - The Chiefs have a lot of needs defensively and Berry really helps solidify the back end of the defense. He is simply the Best player available here.


6. Seattle Seahawks - Russel Okung OT Oklahoma State - The Seahawks are absolutely giddy to have the #1 rated OT fall in their lap and so is Hasselback.


7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden CB Florida - Browns need pass rush, but there are not any 3-4 OLB's worth this pick.


8. Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland - Yes I agree this is to high for him, but he is far and away the most athletic OT in the draft. He is an Al Davis kind of guy.


9. Buffalo Bills - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers - he is a true mauler and helps solidify a horrible OL. Chan Gailey loves to run the ball and this kid is a road grader. QB can wait for next year.


10. Denver Broncos - Dan Williams DT Tennessee - The Bronco's defense collapsed in the 2nd half of the season and this big fire plug can help prevent that. I know Bronco fans were hoping McClain would land here, but they will really like Williams.


11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Everson Griffen DE USC - I know Morgan and some others are rated higher, but this kids combo of size and speed is really what the Jags need. Also Del Rio is a USC guy.


12. Miami Dolphins - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State - I know he is a little bit of a character concern, but his value is just way to high for the Dolphins to pass on. He gives them a true legitimate threat at WR.


13. San Francisco 49ers - Earl Thomas S Texas - Give the Niners a true playmaker at the S position. His ability to play deep or in the box allows Singletary a lot of options.


14.Seattle Seahawks - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma - Again Seattle lucks out and has the guy they like drop in their laps. Hasselback is not getting any younger and Bradford will have a year to learn the system.


15. N.Y. Giants - Brian Price DT UCLA - With the absolute failure of the Giants D last season, Price injects some youth and energy to the defense.


16. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Williams OT Oklahoma - Can play either OT position and can help solidify the Niner's OL.


17. Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech - KVBs days are numbered in Nashville and Morgan can flat out get after the QB. This will really help take the strain off of a mediocre secondary.


18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Taylor Mays S USC - Big in the box S that will allow Troy P to raom the field making plays.


19. Atlanta Falcons - Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri - This guy is a fiery playmaker that would bring some much needed attitude to the Falcons defense. He is definitely a Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff kind of guy.


20. Houston Texans - Patrick Robinson CB Florida State - Has great speed and very good size. In a conference that has Peyton Manning you must have a good secondary.


21. Cincinnati Bengals - CJ Spiller RB Clemson - Adds a true homerun threat to the Bengals offense. Spiller can help create mismatches on the field and greatly improve the Bengals return game.


22. New England Patriots - Jerry Hughes OLB TCU - Helps to rejuvenate an old and tired defense. The Pat's were severely lacking in pass rush last year and Hughes is a sack machine.


23.Green Bay Packers - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa - Aaron Rodgers may not make it to his next birthday the way he was getting pounded and Bulaga can play either tackle spot.


24. Philadelphia Eagles - Jason Pierre-Paul DE USF - The Eagles need some speed off the edges and this kid can give it to them.


25. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Lafell WR LSU - The Ravens really need some playmakers at WR and Lafell has better speed than his 40 time indicates. He will really help Flacco open the offense up.


26. Arizona Cardinals - Brandon Spikes LB Florida - If Dansby leaves Spikes can fill in for him. If Dansby stays Spikes can take over the strong side spot. This will really help free up Adrian Wilson from run support.


27. Dallas Cowboys - Mike Iupati OG Idaho - The Vikings exposed just how weak in the gut the Dallas OL is with Kosier at LG. Iupati instantly upgrades the OL and adds a serious road grader. This could really help maximize the Cowboys running game.


28. San Diego Chargers - Kyle Wilson CB Boise - Wilson has shot up draft boards after dominating the Senior Bowl practices. He has good size and speed and has elite quickness.


29. New York Jets - Golden Tate WR Notre Dame - Give the Sanchize another weapon and should help open up the already solid run game.


30. Minnesota Vikings - Jared Odrick DT Penn State - Odrick is a powerful defender with an excellent motor and good size. He will help replace Pat Williams.


31. Indianapolis Colts - Charles Brown OT USC - I really do not think he is truly starter talent, but this is at the request of an Indy fan.


32. New Orleans Saints - Sergio Kindle OLB/DE Texas - Kindle has excellent speed and is a proven pass rusher and has the potential to play OLB like Orakpo last year, but he is definitely more mobile than Orakpo.


2ND Round


33. St. Louis Rams - Devin McCourty CB Rutgers - Spagnola is going to rebuild this defense into something to be feared.


34. Detroit Lions - Chad Jones S LSU - The Lions continue to overhaul the worst defense in the NFL. Jones is a big hitter with solid coverage skills.


35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Damian Williams WR USC - They need to get Josh Freeman more outside weapons. Williams has the speed to stretch the field.



36. Kansas City Chiefs - Terrance Cody NT Alabama - GIves teh Chiefs a true 3-4 NT to help stop the run.


37 Washington Redskins - Jon Asamoah OG Illinois - Time to begin the reconstruction of the Skins OL. Jon is a strong OG with good feet that should fit into a ZBS.


38. Cleveland Browns - Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson - Big OLB with solid speed and a good pass rusher. Helps to increase the Browns ability to pressure the QB.


39. Oakland Raiders - Carlos Dunlap DE Florida - Great ability questionable character.


40. Seattle Seahawks - Brandon Graham DE Michigan - Kerney is getting a little long in the tooth.


41. Buffalo Bills - Mike Johnson OG Alabama - Smart OG that can also play RT.


42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Daryl Washington MLB TCU - Nice fit for a cover 2 4-3 defense.


43. Miami Dolphins - Nate Allen S USF - The Dolphins S are decent, but they are not young. Allen is an excellent coverage guy with plenty of thump.


44. New England Patriots - Vladimir Ducasse OT UMass - Big Strong OT that will probably start out as a RT.


45. Denver Broncos - Donovan Warren CB Michigan - Champ is not getting any younger and this kid is an excellent cover corner.


46. NY Giants - Jahvid Best Rb Cal - GIants need another playmaker at teh RB position and best is definitely that.


47. NE Patriots - Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest - The Pats secondary was weak last year and Ghee is a very solid defender.


48. Carolina Panthers - Lamaar Houston DT Texas - The Panthers were very weak up the middle afte Maake was hurt. Houston is a very strong run defender.


49. San Francisco 49ers - Dominique Franks CB Oklahoma - in a division with Arizona need all the quality DBs you can get.


50. Kansas City Chiefs - Maurkice Pouncey C/OG Florida - This kid is powerful and versatile.


51. Houston Texans - Johnathon Dwyer RB Georgia Tech - He gives the Texans a true power back.


52. Pittsburgh Steelers -Jason Fox OT Miami - Help keep Big Ben upright.


53. NE Patriots - Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma - It is not a draft if Belicheck does not draft a TE.


54. Cincinnati Bengals - Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech - Roy Williams is not the answer to any DB question. Burnett is a playmaker.


55. Philadelphia Eagles - Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State - Ried finally decides to draft a RB.


56. Green Bay Packers -Selvish Capers OT West Virginia - Solid LT prospect that is a little raw, but has great athleticism.


57. Baltimore Ravens - Parrish Cox CB Oklahoma State - The Indy game really exposed the weakness of the Ravens CB's.


58. Arizona Cardinals - Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona - Matt Leinart is going to need all of the weapons he can get to try and maintain the Cardinals high flying offense.


59. Dallas Cowboys - Myron Rolle S Florida State - Rolle showed very little rust after taking a year off from football. His intelligence and athletic ability make him an instant upgrade from Ken Hamlin.


60. San Diego Chargers - Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State - Dixon is a hard nose downhill runner that the Chargers have lacked.


61. NY Jets - Kevin Norwood OLB South Carolina - More toys for Rex to play with. Norwood is an excellent pass rusher and plays well in space.


62. Minnesota Vikings - Colt McCoy QB Texas - More competition to replace the waffle.


63.Indianapolis Colts - Austen Lane DE Murray State - Excellent pass rusher had a huge Senior Bowl week. Showed quickness and a decent variety of moves. Can come in and learn from 2 of the best.


64. New Orleans Saints - Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss - Hardy has all the tools to be a dominant pass rusher, but his work ethic is questionable. 1rst round talent, but needs to prove desire. A steal here for the Saints.

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