New and Improved Vikings 2010 Draft Strategy  v2.0

I have revised my previous obviously incoherent plan of what the Vikings draft strategy should be to a plan that is hopefully more feasible. Again, because of the uncapped year the Vikings will be severely limited in free agency.

My thoughts are that the Vikings should trade future picks to get as many picks in the first three rounds as possible. Then next year, there should be a new CBA, which would allow them to go all out in free agency plus the Vikings be an attractive destination.

Here is my NEW and IMPROVED plan …

1. Vikings trade with New Endland. We get their #47 (2nd) and they get our 2011 1st round.  Maybe another team will do it like the 49ers who have 2 first round picks this year but I will go with New England for now as this is their MO.

2. Vikings trade with Philadelphia. We get their #87 (3rd) and they get our 2011 2nd round. Philadelphia has 2 third round picks.

We end up with these picks …

32. (1st) Donovan Warren CB (replaces Paymah)
47. (2nd) Brandon Ghee CB (replaces Frampton)
64. (2nd) Lamaar Houston DT (replaces Evans)
87. (3rd) Kam Chancellor FS (replaces Abdullah)
93. (3rd) Kyle Calloway OT/OG (replaces Cook)
125. (4th) Danario Alexander WR (replaces Lewis, Jaymar,or Reynauld)
158. (5th) John Skleton QB (replaces Sage)
189. (6th) Andrew Quarless TE (replaces Kleinsasser)
Comp. (6th) Jeffrey Fitzgerald DE (replaces Mitchell)
221. (7th) Sam Maxwell LB (replaces Leman)

… the picks could be different but the Vikings would get 5 picks in the first three rounds.

I am sure others could do better with these picks but without them we would just have 8 picks and have to do something like this ...

32. (1st) Donovan Warren CB
64. (2nd) Lamaar Houston DT
93. (3rd) Kyle Calloway OT/OG
125. (4th) AJ Edds LB
158. (5th) John Skleton QB
189. (6th) Andrew Quarless TE
Comp. (6th) Jeffrey Fitzgerald DE
221. (7th) Sam Maxwell LB

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