George Selvie NFL Draft Scouting Report

George Selvie, 6-4, 245, Defensive End, South Florida

Pass Rush/Closing ability/Moves and counter moves:  Selvie is a former Center, and he plays like it.  He’s a power first type of rusher, that will at time transition from power-to-speed to get to the edge.  He displays limited moves and was easily countered by average college tackles (Cincinnati’s Jeff Linkenbach is a great example of an average player shutting Selvie down).  Selvie initiates contact a lot and looks as if he’s trying to put his facemask into the blocker and drive him to the QB on most plays.  He displays a decent inside rip move as a counter, and often wins with it because of his high motor and a good second step.


Pursuit/Lateral movement and agility:  This is among Selvie’s best attributes.  He’s ultra-competitive and will pursue hard when the play is away from him.  He struggles to stack the edge but will stretch the play wide and force the ball carrier to turn inside.  His pursuit is best when he’s running straight forward, as opposed to squaring up and moving laterally.


Quickness/Explosion:  Selvie is inconsistent off the line.  He average off the snap at times, other times he’s late, and sometimes he’s the first player moving showing outstanding explosiveness and a good first step.  There’s some room for debate whether it’s due to scheme or if he’s not able to anticipate the snap on some downs; with that, when he’s timed it right, he’s very explosive.  He’s not super fast, but closes the gap between himself and the offensive tackle quickly.  He’s shown he can bend off the edge and get to the QB at times when he wins the initial battle with the blocker.


Run defend/Recognition: His diagnostic skills need to improve, as he’s out of position at times.  He displays questionable anchor strength, and has trouble shedding blocks in the run game, especially when he facing an offensive tackle, and the tackle initiates contact.  Many of his downfield tackles come from runs to his side, when he’s been taken out of the play, but hustled back downfield.  Struggles to hold the edge against powerful tackles.


Size/Length/Hand size:  Selvie has a thin build at 250 with the ability to bulk up. He has very long arms.  He somewhat reminiscent of a Osi Umenyiora with his long arms and muscle tone, except Selvie is a bit smaller.  He’s spend some time in a weight room, and it shows.  He needs to get stronger in his lower body, and has room to add muscle with the help of NFL trainers.


Strength/Ability to shed blocks: He overpowers lighter OT’s and can’t be blocked with a back.  Selvie sheds blockers easier against the pass than the run, and struggles to get off blocks against runs to his side.  A great deal of his struggles come from improper technique, and he’s standing up a lot after initiating contact, instead of keeping his pads lower and continuing to work to shed the block.


Tackling: He displays outstanding competitiveness, and it shows in his tackling.  Selvie never gives up, as he’s often more than 10 yards downfield making tackles.  He’s powerful enough to easily take down all but the most powerful runners, and his long arms allow him to grasp and wrap effectively.  He’s more of a bang-bang tackler at the point of contact, and he’ll miss tackles in space when he has to breakdown and come under control.


Technique/Hand use/Leverage:  For being a smaller end, Selvie shoots his hands well and plays with good power.  Other than a bull rip and a rip counter, Selvie is not very polished.  Selvie needs significant coaching on hand placement, technique, and staying low in order to take advantage of the energy he brings.  Otherwise, he’ll just end up a situational pass rusher with two moves.


Versatility: His size suggests that he could move to 3-4 OLB, but that’s a big jump for a player attempting to hone how to read an offense and be in the right spot.  He shows tight hips in space, which indicate that he’s probably just a 4-3 DE at this point. 


Overall:  Selvie is a gamer, indicated by his playing hurt for the better part of the past two seasons.  He needs work on refining his game to keep him from becoming a one-trick-pony bull-rusher.  He’s not going to be the guy for a defense, but could be a excellent complimentary rusher, especially if he stays at RE where he will have an easier time powering the OT.

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