Mock Draft #3

Here we go again, We've learned alot of things since my last mock so lets do a quick run thru. Joe Haden is for sure entering the draft, Eric Berry is in, and Jevan Snead is probably staying for another year. I think his return is smart even considering a rookie cap. He has a chance to be the number 1 pick next year or atleast the first QB off the board. Anyways, Eric Berry declaring is by far the biggest shake up of the draft, He is by far one of the most talented players and is practically a lock as a top 5 pick IMO. So here we go, Its not 7 rounds, im just not that good. (Mad Props T Hen)

1. St. Louis (1-15) Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska- For the longest I thought QB was a lock but Suh is just to good to pass up. St. Louis needs DL help as much as anything as well. I think this pick could shake up the draft and be a major factor in trades that might happen in the top 10. Suh imediately helps the Rams DL and makes it respectable. Good pick for the Rams right here.

2. Detroit (2-14) Russell O'Kung OT Ok State- Alot of Detroit fans might be upset with this pick but I cant help but put O'Kung here. How could you risk another year of Matthew Stafford getting beat up? Backus had given up 8 sacks this year before today and he gave up another one today. He has also given up an average of ten sacks the last four years and he is not a good run blocker. If Suh was on the board, The Lions would wait to take an OT. The only players besides O Kung that deserves consideration is DT Gerald McCoy or CB Joe Haden, To me its just a little to early to take a CB and OT is a much bigger need then DT at this point.

3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Gerald McCoy DT Oklahhoma- McCoy is the perfect 4-3 DT and Tampa needs some talent on the DL. Its a no brainer for the Bucs as they played their way out of the Suh Sweepstakes.

4. Washington (4-12) Anthony Davis OT Rutgers- Davis is a balanced OT. He is great in the run game and above average as a pass blocker. Davis might be a bit of a reach here but Bruce Cambell has just enough injury issues to ensure Davis goes ahead of him. The Redskins would have loved to get O Kung, but they settle for an equally talented Davis.

5. Kansas City (4-12) Eric Berry FS/SS Tennesse- This is my team and probably the tuffest to mock. I think Cody could be a dark horse if he gets his weight down to around 340. Alot of people thought RB when LJ was let go but with the emergence of Jamal Charles as one of the best backs in the league, there is only two choices here. Eric Berry or OT. Brandon aLberts has played well the last 3 or 4 games but he stills seems to be a better fit at LG. If the Chiefs got a shot at O Kung or Davis, they could easily be the pick. Pioli hasnt been known to draft OL in the first round, He usaully goes defense early and often so Berry gets the Nod.

6. Seattle (5-11)- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame- I think Seatle rushes to the podium if Jimmy is on the board. Again, Thia pick could be Bruce Cambell is Clausen isnt here which is a definite possibility. This pick could also hinge on whether Mallet decides to come out and how succesful each of their combiines are.

7. Cleveland (5-11)- Dez Bryant WR Ok. State- Clevland could go QB but I doubt it. If you just took over a franchise that has two QBs that have A) Either started a game or proven they can win B) Just drafted a QB in the 1st round, would you take a QB this early? I know I wouldnt. They went on a good stretch at the end of the year so I think Quinn gets another choice. Their WR are just disasterious. Dez Bryant automactically becomes the best they have. This pick could also be a LB like McClain to take over for Jackson if he decides to leave.

8. Oakland (5-11)- Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas- Ryan Mallet has a huge arm and pretty good accuracy. Well, Who cares about the accuracy, Its a risky pick so it sounds right to me.

9. Buffalo (6-10) Bruce Cambell OT Maryland- Buffalo needs 3 things, LBs, OLs, and a QB. I think OT is the biggest need and Cambell gets the nod.


10. Jacksonville (7-9) Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech- Morgan has became one of my favorite players and if he didnt go in the top 10, something is wrong. He is a good pass rusher with great size. The Jags seriously lack a pass rush and Morgan would go a long way in helping that.

11. Denver (8-8 HA HA) (Traded from Chi) Rolando McClain LB Bama- If Dez Bryant was here then he might be the pick, I think Marschall is gone for good and im fine with that lol.

12. Miami (7-9) Terrance Cody NT Bama- Back to back bama players in the first. Cody is a man beast and his size can either make or break him. He is covetted because he is so huge but if the weight isnt under control, he could slip even more. If he is around 340, I dont see him getting past the Dolphins.

13. San Francisco (8-8) Joe Haden CB Florida- This is another player I think will maybe climb into the top 10. He is a perfect NFL corner.

14. Seatle (5-11)(Traded from Den) CJ Spiller RB Clemson- Forsett has been good. Spiller and him will make a very good 1-2 punch..

15. New York Giants (8-8) Earl Thomas FS Texas-If Ras Dowling came out, He could compete with Thomas for the 2nd safety to come off the board (I know Dowling is a CB) but at this point im assuming Thomas comes out. The Giants need help in their secondary. If Kenny Phillips comes back from this injury, Him and Thomas would pair to make a thunder-lighting type secondary.

16. San Francisco (8-8) (Traded from Car) Jerry Hughes OLB TCU- Hughes is my pick for most underrated player in the draft overall. He will get over-looked by alot of fans but GMs and Scouts wont miss anything. He is relentless rushing the QB and imediatly upgrades San Frans front 7.

17. Tennessee (8-8) Donovan Warren CB Mich- The Titans need to pair a Cb with Cortland Finegan. Warren is good value at this point.

18. Pittsburgh (9-7)  Taylor Mays FS/SS USC- The Steelers take Mays because he is the best players on the board. Mays gives the Steelers a good safety to pair with Troy. They are both fast and physical, and they both went to USC.

19. Atlanta (9-7) Everson Griffen DE USC-The Falcons need help on the DL. Griffen is someone ive just recently caught onto. He is a good pass rusher but is physical enough to help the falcons stop the run from the end spot, something they lack.

20. Houston (9-7) Patrick Robinson CB Florida State- Robinson is a guy that has to piss scouts off. He is has all the potential to be a lock down corner but has struggled at times this yearIMO. He needs to build up strength, but other then that he is a shut down corner. He has definitly caught my eye as of late.


21. New York Jets (9-7) Golden Tate WR Norte Dame- This is a guy I never really paid much attention to. Ive watched alot of his highlights over the last two weeks and his is my type of WR. While he doesnt have the size, He is a great route runner and a sure-handed pass catcher. I like Tate to be the first WR taken not named Dez.

22. Baltimore (9-7) Brandon Spikes ILB Florida- I know they could take a WR, but people have been saying that for awhile. There is a very strong year for FA WRs. Marschall, Jackson, Floyd, and Edwards to name a few.

23. Arizona (10-6) Charles Brown OT USC- Arizona needs to replace Gandy whether he is a FA or not. Gandy may find his way onto a roster somewhere, but it shouldnt be as a starter.

24. Cincinnati (10-6) Marvin Austin DT North Carolina- Austin is inconsistent but he has all the physical tools. Austin should have very good numbers at the combine as well.

25. New England (10-6) Mike Iupati OG Idaho- Mankins is a FA after this year. The patriots arent known to spend 5 million a year on a guard so Mankins may have to test the market. No doubt he will become the highest paid guard in the league, atleast til Evans signs his deal.

26. Green Bay (11-5) Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa- The Packers get a very good value pick. They have to protect the 2nd best QB in the league. Yeah I said it.

27. Philadelphia (11-5) Navaro Bowman LB Penn State- Bowman has some issues he has to work out, but other than that the Eagles get a great player.

28. Dallas (11-5)- Trent Williams OT Oklahoma- Dallas doesnt need a WR if they resign Austin. They have two decent options in Williams and Austin. They do need to address the O line, Williams is a good run blocker, who could possibly become a LT given time to develop the footwork thats needed.

29. Minnesota (12-4)- Dan Williams DT Tennesse- Williams is a good pick for the Vikings. He is big and physical against the run. He could possibly be the replacement for Pat.

30. New Orleans (13-3)- Jonathan Dwyer- Mike Bell and Reggie Bush are both FA. Dwyer is a very good value, He is better in between the tackles then Bush and fits the Saints offense perfectly.

31. San Diego (13-3) Tyson Aluala DT Cal- The Chargers absolutly have to address their DL. Tyson is a perfect fit for the 3-4 defense and would imediatly start for the Chargers

32. Indianapolis (14-2) Morgan Burnett FS/SS Georgia Tech- Bethea is a FA who will probably get a couple looks but even if he is resigned, Bob Sanders isnt a reliable option anymore. Burnett gives the Colts the best value in a posistion of semi-need.

Rd. 2

33. St. Louis Rams- Greg Romeus DE Pitt- Another player I slept on, Romeus is talented and if he comes out, This would be a great pick. I know the Rams have spent two picks on their DL but they absolutly have to address this pass rush.

34. Detroit Lions- Brian Price DT UCLA- Detroit has to address the D Line. Again if Suh is there with the number 2 pick, then this might be an OT.

35. Tampa Bay Bucs- Sean Weatherspoon- Im being generous right here. I would put someone else but Weatherspoon seems to fit in a cover 2 scheme like Tampa runs.

36. Washington Redskins- Greg Jones LB Michigan State- Jones is a sure-tackler, He averages 12 a game.

37. Kansas City- Damian Williams WR USC- Kansas City losses two Wr in FA in Chambers and Wade. They also have struggled with drops all year. It is hard to pass on Gresham.

38. Seattle Seahawks- Jason Pierre-Paul DE USF- Eventhough he has only played D1 for one year, He has shot up draft boards. Seattle seriously lacks a pass rush so he would be a welcome addition.

39. Clevland Browns- Jermaine Gresham Te Oklahoma- Gresham falls due to the injuries and Holmgren couldnt be happier. The Browns give Quinn two huge playmakers. Probably the best 2 in the draft when it comes to receiving.

40. Oakland Raiders- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida- AD has his dream Draft, A Quarterback that can throw 70 yds and a drunk driver, wait what?

41. Buffalo Bills- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma- I cant beleive I have him falling this far but I just dont see a team that could take him. I dont think Minnesota will take a QB in the first though.

42. New England- Sergio Kindle OLB Texas- Ive never really been impressed by him much but I guess its a decent piick for this round. If the Jags still had this pick, They would be taking Tebow.

43. Tampa Bay- Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss- Injuries have hurt Hardy, but I still think Tampa gets a good player here.

44. Miami Dolphins- Von Miller OLB Texas A&M- The Dolphins need the future replacment of Jason Taylor and Joey Porter.

45. San Fran- Gabe Carimi Ot Wisconsin- The 49ers address the O line in the 2nd.

 46. Denver Broncos- Brandon LaFell WR LSU- The Broncos draft LaFell to replace Marschall. I really highly doubt he comes back. My prediction; Marschall is a Raven, Bear, Buc, or Chief. They all have alot of cap space and he is going to want the biggest contract for a WR ever. As for TJ Hendricks, Maybe getting Brandon M would ease the pain of no draft picks, Id say hooking up with Cutler would be a serious benefit for him.

47.New York Giants- Arthur Jones DT Syracuse- Giants need to upgrade their D Line as early as they can.

48. Carolina Panthers- Jared Odrick DT Penn State- Moore has been pretty productive. A Matter of fact, thats an under statement. He has played Great, no need to draft a QB.

49. New England Patriots- Anthony Dixon RB Miss State-Dixon is a fast riser who has a chance to go in the 2nd.

50. Pittsburgh Steelers- Brandon Ghee CB Wake- The Steelers address their secondary hard the first two rounds.

51. Kansas City Chiefs- Mike Johnson OG Bama- Seriously, How the hell has Jamal Charles done so good. By far, The Chiefs have the worst O Line in the NFL but still, nobody has more yards since week 8 then Charles except for CJ. They have to upgrade the line.

52. Houston Texans- Javid Best RB Cal- Nobody knows if Steve Slaton is a worthy starter in this league.

53. Jets- Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson- Sapp has been rising fast, The Jets add to their pass rush.

54. Baltimore- Demaryius Thomas Wr Georgia Tech- Thomas is another one of my under-rated prospects. If he played at Mizzou or Texas (Some form of the spread) He would probably go in the first. Great pick for the Ravens.

55. Arizona- Quan Sturdivant ILB North Carolina- Zona needs to replace Dansby if he leaves.

56. Cincy-Arellious Benn WR Illinois- Cincy needs to put some weapons around Palmer. He isnt good enough to do it on his own anymore.

57. New England- Vince Oghobasse DT Duke- The Pats need to add size to their D line to replace Seymour. Im not saying he is it but its a start.

58. Green Bay- Kris O Dowd OC/OG USC- Another piece added to protect Rodgers. This could also be a 3-4 De or NT but none right now worth taking.

59. Philadelphia- Brandon Graham DE Mich- Philly grabs a De to pair with Cole.

60. Dallas Cowboys- Jason Fox OT Miami- Fox slips due to the injury concern.

61. Minnesota Vikings- Javier Arenas CB Bama- The Vikings need help in their secondary, Arenas is the best CB at this point.

62. Saints- Demarcus Granger DT Oklahoma- The Saints need another DT to pair with Ellis. If it wasnt for injuries, Granger would probably be a top 20 pick.

63. Chargers- Terrence Toliver WR LSU- The Chargers may loss their 2 best WRs this off season in order to resign McNeil and Merriman. They also have to consider next year and the money they need to save with Gates entering his contract year.

64. Colts- Jospeh Barksdale OT LSU- Colts refuse to draft LB help and suffer because of it.

Honestly, I thought Tebow would be available for the Jags but after his stellar bowl performance, I just dont think he will be. No doubt the Jags try to trade into Rd. 2 to grab Tebow.

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