DWB's Official Posistional Big Board (Updated 1/8/2010)

I figured I would throw together my official big board for every position for any mocker that wants to see someone elses opinion. Mocking the Draft has the same thing on their website if anyone would ever want to look it is very useful. Also, I would like to add a couple positions that MTD and other people usually don't; I beleive 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, and 3-4 NT are positions by themselves, It just happens some people can play both. Im sure you would all have it no other way. So here I got with my 2010 big board. I hope everyone likes it. Lets try not to argue and just stick to debated.

*** I was tired last night towards the end so Im going to go thru and add players and update their write ups. If there is a player you think im missing, please inform me and i will try to give you a spot at where I would put him. Thanks, and Dont be a Heckler!!


1. Jimmy Clausen- To me, Clausen is the most NFL ready QB in college. I beleive other QBs are just as or maybe even more talented but they just dont have the decision making or mechanics that Clausen has. Clausen also had the advantage of playing under Charlie Weis who works wonders with QBs. Clausen has elite level decision making and in between good and very good arm strength. His is known to be a hot head and ive heard he lets that disrupt his game but who could really say if thats true but a coach or teammate. I give Clausen a top 15 grade, Considering he is a QB, He will go in the top 5.

2. Jevan Snead Ole Miss- I know alot of people dont agree but this is my big board so ill put him here. I though about putting Bradford here but with the 2 injuries he had in 2 games I just cant do that and feel honest. Snead had a had an up and down year. He lost 3 starters to his offensive line. The other two starters are not bad but neither is a legit NFL starter. Snead shows elite NFL arm strength and mechanics. His accuracy is up and down, One minute he puts the ball in the only spot the WR can make a play for it, The next he over throws his target. Snead is definitely not ready to start year one. If he was drafted by a team like the Vikings and was aloud to sit and learn for a year, it would do him alot of good. I project Snead to be drafted within the first 35 picks. So I give him a 1st round grade.

3. Sam Bradford- Bradford has the big injury concerns that might make him fall. He shows elite NFL accuracy and great decision making. He does has the questions of his arm strength and the system he played in. I project Bradford will go higher than Snead but this isnt a mock draft. I do still give him a 1st round grade though.

4. Tim Tebow- We all know the story of the Jaguarsand Tebow. I dont think the Jags will pick him in the 1st round though. I think they trade up into the 2nd to get him. Tebow is a winner but has horrible mechanics and his accuracy is not great. I give Tebow a 2nd round grade but I think he could get picked in the middle to high part of the 2nd.

FINAL WORD- This QB class is less than stellar. None of these guys are close to Stafford or Sanchez. If Sanchez went back to school, there is not doubt in my mind he would be the 1st pick in the draft this year.


1. CJ Spiller- Spiller is a guy that any team could use. His versatility makes him comparable to an ultra talented Chester Taylor. He might see his stock rise due to the emergence of RBs like Chris Johnson and Jamal Charles. No RB ran for more yards the last 8 games of the season than these two and CJ Spiller is very comparable to those two at 5'11 195 he is almost identical to the two. I give Spiller a top 15 grade.

2. Jonathan Dwyer- Dwyer is a guy that has seen his stock drop. Alot of questions due to the system he plays in. However, Dwyer is a powerful medium sized back with deceptive speed. He doesnt catch many passes out of the backfeild but that could be because of the system. I give Dwyer a 2nd round grade but he could slip.

3. Javid Best Cal- Best is an elusive back that can catch passes out of the backfield. He is deceptively fast as well. He could slip due to the concussions issues that are swirling thru the league offices concerns. Teams are sure to shy away from a RB with head issues even if Best is super awesome. 2nd round grade.

4. Anthony DixonMiss State- Dixon is an underrated back. He is powerful and quite elusive for his size. I think Dixon could be a perfect compliment to a guy like Chris Johnson or CJ Spiller. I give Dixon a 3rd round grade but his stock is rising.

5. Ryan Matthews Fresno- Matthews is an underrated back in my eyes. He has deceptive speed and breaks alot of tackles. He has the size, power, speed, and elusiveness to be one of the better backs in the draft. One of the more underrated traits of Matthews is his character. He is a good kid on and off the feild. I give him a 3rd round grade.

FINAL WORD- There is quality RBs to be had in the later rounds. All 5 of these guys are NFL ready though and could step in and start right away. I was never a real fan of the RBS last year and I think this is a way better class. It will be cool to see if Dixon makes a push to pass up Best. For those of you that dont know, character concerns are keeping this kid out of the top half of the 2nd. This is a RB deep draft though.


1. Dez Bryant Ok State- Bryant is an ultra talented possession WR. He was ruled ineligible for lying to the NCAA board. However, Teams have seen what he can do so he shouldn't fall much, but he could if teams question his maturity.

2. Golden Tate Notre Dame- Tate is a versatile guy. He can play the slot and strecth the field on the end. He also is very good running after the catch. Im pretty sure he played RB at some point in his career and that will surely help him in the pros. I give Tate a top 40 grade.

3. Damien Williams USC- Williams is an elite NFL route runner. He has sure hands that catch everything. Williams is just as versatile as anyone in the draft. A slow 40 time could cause Williams to slip though. I give Williams a top 40 grade as well. I think him and Tate could flip flop and nobody would say anything.

4. DaMaryius Thomas GT- Thomas is maybe the most underrated player in the draft. He is 6'3 229 lbs. but runs like a deer. Thomas has caught 40 catches on a team that no other player has caught double digits. For those that dont know, Tech is an option team that runs alot, So Thomas doesnt get the targets that the other guys get. I have a feeling that Thomas may slip into the 2nd round but any farther would be atrocious. I give Thomas a top 40 grade.

5. Arrelious Benn Illinois- Benn is another guy that may slip because of his QBs pathetic play. Anybody that caught an occasional Illinois game knows Benn has what it takes to be a good WR in the pros. He is a big at 6'2 220 pounds, but he is versatile enough that he averages 23 yards per kickoff return. Benn battled some injuries but nothing serious enough to hurt his draft stock to much. I give Benn a top 40 grade but he could slip due to his down year.

FINAL WORD- This WR class is pretty talented and deeper than last year to me. I think Thomas is better than DHB and Maclin if that says anything. Not that last years wasn't good but when you consider Benn might go in the bottom of the first or top of the 2nd, then you know its a solid class.


1. Russell O Kung Ok State- Russell is the most complete LT in the draft. He is a good run blocker and pass blocker. He has a chance to be the 2nd pick in the draft and wont fall past pick 10 for sure. I give O Kung a top 5 grade.

2. Anthony DavisRutgers- Davis is the best run blocking tackle in the draft. He moved to LT this year and has showed he can be a very good pass blocker as well. Davis has a chance to un-seat O Kung for the top LT taken. I give Davis a top 10 grade.

3. Brucs Cambell MU- Cambell is probably one of the better LT in this draft. He has NFL elite size at 6'7 310. He is a very good pass blocker and a solid run blocker. Cambell also displays impressive punch and hands. Cambell does have real concerns of his durability that may cause him to fall. I like him better than O Kung if he had more experience and his injury concerns check out at the combine. I give Cambell a top 15 grade.

4. Brian Bulaga Iowa- Bulaga could go higher as well. He is a finnesse LT. He is an elite pass blocker but alot of questions remain with his injury problems. I give Bulaga a first round grade.

5. Charles Brown USC- Brown has the potential to be a 1st round pick but to me, he shouldn't. He is an above average pass blocker but needs to add strength to play against bull rushers in the run game. What Brown is good at is handling speed rushers. He is athletic and agile enough to be very good in pass blocking. I give Brown a 2nd round grade but the lack of tackle depth will push him into the 1st round.

FINAL WORD- I think this is a weak LT squad. There isnt much depth at all, Cambell, O Kung, and Davis are the only LTs that I could see being close to great in the NFL. After those 3 there is a huge drop off in talent. Bukaga and Brown have Run Blocking concerns that teams will have to deal with. Overall, those top 3 could be mixed and matched an I wouldnt complain.


1. Mike Iupati Idaho- Iupati is a complete stud. He is probably one of the top 15 players in the draft but due to his position, he could fall to the late 1st round. I see Iupati going higher than Davin Josephdid to the Bucs. Iupati is a road grading guards with his elite NFL run blocking. He is equally good against the pass though. Iupati has a chance to be the best guard to come out in a long time. I give Iupati a top 20 grade.

2. Mike Johnson Bama- Johnson is a road grader as well with elite NFL ready run blocking. Johnson is a very good guard who probably just as talented as any top 20 talent.. He probably goes in the 2nd because he plays OG but he is one of the best players in the draft. I give Johnson a top 40 grade.

3. Mike Pouncey Florida- Pouncey is massive. He is a good all around OG that can run and pass block. I give Pouncey a 2nd round grade.

FINAL WORD- I think its a deep OG class. Last year we didnt have a guard go off the board until the 51 pick and only 1 in the first 2 rounds. This year I anticipate all three of these guys to be gone by round 3.


1. Kris O Dowd USC- O Dowd is a very good center. Ive heard scouts say he is better than any center that came out last year and if im not mistaken, 2  went in the first round. O Dowd is very strong but could get stronger, Good pass blocker and run blocker. He is technically sound. I give O Dowd a top 40 grade.

2. Stefen Wisniewski Penn State- Wisniewski is a very smart player. He is technically sound and takes good angles to seal off the middle. I give Stefan a 2nd round grade.

3. Mike Tennant BC- Tennant is a very good pass blocking center and a solid run blocker at that. The only concern I have with Tennant is his lack of strength compare to the other 2 centers. He sometimes struggles against powerful DTs but he could add some strentgh to his fram. I give Tennat a 3rd round grade but he could climg up into the 2nd round.

FINAL WORD- This is a good year to look for a center. The top heavy draft will push these 3 into the late 2nd round unlike last year. There is atleast 4 other good quality centers too that can be got between rounds 3-5.


Eric Berry Tenn- Berry is just a stud. Some hecklers say Berry has had a down year. I believe it can be chalked up to the system and his role in the defense. While his ints have drops, his tackles have risen. This is due to him playing up at the line like a LB. Berry has been compared to Ed Reed for a reason. I give him a top 5 grade.

Morgan Burnett GT- Burnett is very underrated to me and could shoot up draft boards. To me he is one of the best safeties in the draft and could go higher than Mays or Thomas. I give Burnett a 1st round grade.

Earl Thomas UT- I like Thomas but id rather have Burnett. Thomas is good in pass coverage but doesn't seem that physical to me. He only had 57 tackles this year for a reason. His 8 ints are very impressive though. I give Thomas a 1st round grade.

Taylor Mays USC- Mays is over aggressive and takes bad angles. I think a team will over draft him for his intangibles but he doesn't deserve it. I give him a top 50 grade.

FINAL WORD- The only sure fire dynamic play maker is Berry but after that there is a ton of talent. Were talking about Darrell Stuckey dropping to the 3rd in most mocks and he is a quality player. Overall, Safety is a good position to be drafting for in the 2nd and 3rd round.


1. Joe Haden Florida- Haden has been compared to some players on this site that is just crazy. Haden is big, fast, smart, and physical. Haden seems like he could be a very good value pick at pick 10 or 12 but could go as high as 5. Haden is one of my favorite players, I think the Chiefscould make a run at him if Berry is off the board. I give Haden a top 5 grade. Somebody on here compared him to Dunta Robinsonwhich is silly, Haden has close to perfect form tackling.

2, Trevard Lindley Kentucky- Alot of people are down on him but he is one of my favorites. Lindley has good size a 6'0 foot. I give Lindley a 1st round grade but he could fall and be a good pick for someone.

3. Donovan Warren Michigan- I like Warren, I really do but I dont think he deserves to go in the 1st. I really dont think he should go before Lindley. I give Warren a 2nd round grade.

4. Patrick Robinson Florida State- Robinson could be a great cover corner in the pros. He needs to play faster. His speed is an issue so he might fall to the 2nd round but no further. F state has put some great corners in the pros and I would be surprised if Robinson wasnt the next. I give Robinson a 2nd round grade but only because he has legit ankle concerns.

FINAL WORD- Alot of good CBs in the draft but after Haden, I dont think there is a sure fire super star. I beleive Lindley and Robinson could be very good value picks in round 2 though.



1. Rolando McClain Bama- McClain is a solid tackler and a very good leader. McClain is the type of player you build your D around. I give McClain a top 15 grade.

2. Brandon Spikes Florida- Spikes is a 2 down LB to me but a very good one at that. He is very good against the run but could improve against the pass. I give him a 1st round grade but he could fall to pick 40ish.

3. Greg Jones Mich State- Jones averages 12 tackles a game. Top 40 pick.

4. Sean Weatherspoon Mizzou- Weatherspoon is kinda overrated to me. Believe it or not im not an Ole Miss fan! I know people may think I am but im a Mizzou fan and student. GO TIGERS! 2nd round grade.

5. Rennie Curran- I like Curran, but im tired of making write ups. 2nd round grade.

6. Quan Sturdivant NC- Underrated guy right here. 2nd round grade.

FINAL WORD- Alot of decent options at LB. I see Weatherspoon mocked in alot of 1st rounds but im not so sure. I think he is a bit overrated and could get over drafted due to his numbers. I love what weatherspoon has done for my home school Mizzou but he just doesnt have the talent to be a great player. He isnt fast (4.68ish) for an OLB and he isnt even a great tackler (Ask Navy). Curran is really good and could be the biggest sleeper though. Spikes will have to run a good 40 time to go in the first 25 picks so we could see only 1 LB go in the top 20.

OLB 3-4

1. Jerry Hughes- Relentless pass rusher. He just rushes the passer. 1st round grade.

2. Sergio Kindle UT- Shows good pass rushing skills and closing speed. 1st round grade.

3. Ricky Sapp Clemson- One of the more underrated guys in my opinion. I think he could sneak into the 1st round. I give him a top 40 grade.

4. Eric Norwood South Carolina- Seems more of a weak sided OLB. He can rush the passer but he is the best against the pass. I give him a 2nd round grade.

FINAL WORD- The good thing about running a 3-4 is you used to be able to wait til rounds 3-7 to get guys nobody wanted because they only fit a 3-4. Now, Alot of people are running it so these guys gain value. Still alot of talent later in the draft for these OLB so I think they may slip just a little. Ricky Sapp is my wild card, You could see him shoot up into the late 1st if guys like Kindle and Hughes come off early.


1. Derrick Morgan GT- Morgan is a relentless pass rusher. Bulaga handled him pretty well but Morgan wasnt embarrassed in my eyes. I give him a top 15 grade.

2. Jerry Hughes*

3. Sergio Kindle*

4. Carlos Dunlap Florida- I know he got the DUI but the talent is there. He needs a good DL coach though. Top 40 grade.

FINAL WORD- Alot of good DE, It should be fun to see what teams think these guys can play OLB in a 3-4. This could shake the entire draft up. Once again, Its always a deep position in the draft and good talent can be had in the later rounds.


1. Ndamukong Suh- Do you need a write up? Massive upper body strength period. Best Player Available.

2. Brian Price UCLA- Yup, thats right, ahead of Gerald McCoy. Remember this isnt a mock draft. Ive never liked McCoy and always thought he was overrated. Price is very good at TFL and stuffing the run. Someone is going to get a good player in the mid to late 1st round. 1st round grade it is.

3. Gerald McCoy Oklahoma- He is mister overrated IMO. I think he is a first round talent, just not top 5 material.

FINAL WORD- Alot of people wont like McCoy being at number 3 but to me its just how it is. I cant wait til the combine because more DTs will emerge. If you dont think Price has it, look at his TFLs. It should be fun to watch.

3-4 DE

1.Ndmukong Suh*

2. Gerald McCoy*

3. Tyson Alula Cal- Underrated prospect right here. He could go to the Pats or Chargers in the first round. Top 40 grade.

3-4 NT

1.Terrence Cody Bama- If Cody gets down to 340 he could go higher. As of now, I give him a top 20 grade. Still, Alot of teams will be concerned about his weight, Still he is a pure NT prospect who has already played the position in college. This gives him an edge over Williams IMO. He should get his weight down before the combine and if he does, watch out top 15.

2. Dan Williams- Very good against the run. A better pass rusher than Cody but thats not saying much. 1st round grade.

FINAL WORD- This is the thinnest position in the draft which should be expected. I wish Powe would come out because I like him alot. I think he is a 1st or 2nd rounder next year and probably could sneak into the 2nd if he did come out this year. Still, Its a weak class so Cody and Williams will probably get over-drafted.


1, Jermaine Gresham- Gresham is far and away the best TE in a weak class. He is 6'6 270 pounds and runs well for his size. One of the most under-rated traits of Gresham is his blocking for a receiving TE. He is a legit red zone target. 11 TDs in 2007 and 14 in 2008 shows you that. I give Gresham a 1st round grade but he could fall because of his knee.

FINAL WORD- Im not even gonna list the rest, Gronkowski is the only other guy worth a 1st round considerationa dn even that is stretching it.


That's it for now. Let me know what you think. Thanks, This really is the best community on SB.

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