Rocland's Mock Draft

#1 St. Louis - Suh



In their game against houston, STL was down by 3 and stalking into their opponents territory with 2 minutes remaining. They came to a 4th down with short to go and what did they do? They punted...

STL obviously were playing for draft position so they're targeting a specific player. The surrounding players at that time were TB and Detroit so if they had a QB in their sight it wouldn't have hurt their position if they won that game. The only player that justifies their vying for draft position who could possibly be at the top of other players boards is Suh.

#2 Detroit - Derrick Morgan



Detroit has a QB of the future, potentially the best WR in the NFL, a good young RB, and a top TE prospect. One would think that the only thing they need help with is the line before they have all the pieces in the puzzle for a dominant offense. It seems as though they're hyped about Backus and its too early to draft Iupati, so defense seems to be the only choice.

Now, Detroit had a bad run defense, but it wasn't as bad as TB or CLE. Their pass defense on the other hand was vomit inducing. They were at the bottom of the league in INTs and sacks, and we all know the best pass defense is being able to get to the QB and disrupt his throwing. They could go for Berry or Haden, but even the best cover corner can't stay on an island with a good receiver forever. Detroit's defensive line is completely lacking anyone would could even attempt to get to the QB more than 5 times a year. Morgan plays best with his hands in the dirt, fits great in Detroit's 4-3 scheme and is obviously the most hyped pass rusher in this years draft. I honestly don't see them taking anyone else in this position.

#3 Tampa Bay - Gerald McCoy



This is a hard choice and I'm sure it will be hard come draft day. It consists of only really two choices, DT or OT. The Bucs gave up around 42 sack by they also gave up 158 yards a game on the ground. But it depends on who the Buc feel like they could get the most value for. They will definitely tackle(no pun intended) the two position needs in the first two rounds of the draft, and if they feel they could pick up a serviceable OT or DT in the second round that'll decide if they go McCoy or Okung. But McCoy is considered to be the most consistent dominant DT in the draft while Okung seems a little shakey to me.

#4 Washington - Jimmy Clausen



Seems like they won't be retaining the service of Jason Campbell. And the owner of the most profitable franchise in the NFL likes to make big moves and sign big names with their picks and free agency. This seems like a no brainer that he'll go after this young kid who had on of the more efficient seasons in college football history.

#5- Kansas City Russell - Okung



Pioli likes his defensive players in the first round, but my God when will KC do something about their line? The Chiefs have consistently had one of the most putrid lines in the NFL for years and now I believe they're going to do something about it, especially when they realize that that Cassel sucks, but sucks even worst when he's looking at the sky every down. They could easily go Berry here also but I'm willing to bet they actually go for a OT here(not some converted guard) and get their franchise LT that's been long overdue.


#6 Seattle - Eric Berry


 I think Seattle will take the Best Player Available at this position. They actually could use someone like Berry. he obviously can play safety, but some believe he's best naturally suited for CB. Seattle could use some talent infusion at either position.

#7 Cleveland - Joe Haden


My favorite team, that just had to go on a winning streak at the end of the year:(

Just kidding; I'm glad things are looking up. Their offense has been putrid...weirdly even worst in the wins than in the loses, and the defense has shown much more improvement than the offense. But the secondary is so bad, there has to be some help to go alongside Wright. Haden just might be the next big shutdown corner in the NFL

#8 Oakland - Carlos Dunlap



Oakland is almost locked to into taking someone on the offensive or defensive line at this position. Their O Line sucks but...I just can't see Al Davis doing something smart and going for a player that will help his team. Dunlap is huge, will run fast and test great at the combine. You think Davis cares about some punk ass DUI? Aside from his tests they would be able to get rid of one of the scrub DT's they have on the line, but Seymore at his natural position and match Dunlap opposite of Greg Ellis.

#9 Buffalo - Sam Bradford



What else has to be said? They could go after a DT because they truly did stink against the run last year, yet their pass defense was A-1. But they would have won more games if they simply had a QB. And with Brian Brohm and Fitzpatrick as the only other options besides Edwards I can't see them leaving this need unresolved until later rounds. Lucky for them, I love the Bills personally and they'll get a great QB for their future

#10 Jacksonville - Everson Griffin



The Jaguars only had 14 sacks this year. The Browns, the BROWNS had OVER half as many against the Pittsburgh Steelhers in one game. This is simply one area where they pretty much have to address.

#11 Denver - Dez Bryant



Yea, Rolando McClain is the universal pick here. And I had him here at this point. Then I rememebered that there is a good chance Marshall isn't coming back. And I also remembered that Orton sucks and can't be successful unless he has a great WR to dump the ball off to and make yards after the catch. There is no way Denver goes into the new season without a #1 WR to throw to. No way

# 12 Miami - Dan Williams


WR is a big need here but we know he's not taking one at this position. Parcells is pretty much a fundamentals guy, he builds teams from the Line out. Now he has Paul Soliai as his NT...... exactly. This pick is Dan Williams

#13 San Fransisco - Bruce Campbell



Improving upon a line that gave up over 40 sacks this year will definitely help Alex Smith feel more comfortable going forward if they give him an opportunity to take over this team. The right side of the line needs a lot of help.

#14 Seattle -Greg Hardy



Kerney has kinda fallen off the past 2 years and he's turning 34 next year. After him, not much depth

#15 New York Giants - Earl Thomas


This makes sense since ET is a beast and they definitely need safety help. It's either him or Sean Witherspoon

#16 Tennesse - Rolando McClain



Keith Bullocks future replacement and great value at this pick

#17 SF -  Sergio Kindle


Could use his tremendously at this position


#18 Shittsburgh -  Morgan Burnett



Two of their aging safeties will be gone after this season. And although this may be a little high for Burnett at this time he's still a solid SS and will work nicely with Polamalu.

#19 Atlanta - Donovan Warren



Their pass defense isn't that great. Huge need for them


#20 Houston Texans - C.J. Spiller




Houston's run offense was third worst in the league last year. Schuab would tear defenses up with Spiller making big plays.

#21. NY Jets - Arrelious Benn


NY will be looking for a great WR in this years draft. They're right in position to grab one

#22 Baltimore - Damian Williams




I believe Williams will be taken ahead of LaFell. Especially after his bowl performance

#23 Arizona - Jerry Hughes




Arizona's top pass rusher, which only had 6 sacks, is 35. what else has to be said?

#24 Green Bay - Anthony Davis



Obviously the biggest need they have. A huge one at that

#25 Cincinnati - Golden Tate



OchoCinco is slowly losing his luster and their offense isn't that great, despite the teams success. They need a WR who will give them a spark

#26 - New Engand - Eric Norwood



Belicheck will definitely do something to help the defense. NE were at the bottom quarter of the league at getting to the QB and Norwood is a nice OLB who wan play in a two point stance.

#27 Philly - Brandon Spikes



Trotter long term at MLB? I think not

#28 Dallas - Taylor Mays



Dallas needs help at Safety and Jerry Jones will NOT skip on a chance at a physical, big hitting, big name specimen. They drafted Roy Williams right?

#29 Minnesota - Ryan Mallet



Brett obviously won't be there for more than 2 years and if he stays for one more year, that would be a great time to nurture a QB of the future. I'm kinda crazy and think they'll go for Tebow but I'd hope they're not that stupid.

#30 San Diego - Anthony Dixon



Where else would they go? LT is getting old and coming up upon free agency, Sproles isn't a feature back. Dixon is a nice sized back with great speed.

#31 New Orleans - Sean Witherspoon



NE's depth at LB is weak as hell. Witherspoon has had an amazing career and is a steal at this position. Absolute steal

#32 Indianapolis - Trent Williams




The Colts are lacking a franchise LT after Ugoh and a great one falls right in their lap. I say they fire.

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