Represent your team in a 7 round mock

I'm starting a project. I would like to set up a full 7 round mock draft between 31 other members of this site who would be representing there respective teams that they cheer for. Like the real thing, someone will be on the clock picking for there team. Kinda like being the GM of your team for a day. Here are the rules in order to participate:

1- You must be an active member of this site AND a member your teams SBnation site.

2- You MUST be a fan of the team you are representing. No sabotaging other teams selections.... Unless it's the Jets. LOL. I'm just kidding Jets fans.

3- You must have an email address and be able to check your emails daily. It doesn't mean I'm going to email you everyday, but if I send you an email letting you know that you're on the clock, you should be able to write me back by the end of the day.


The Draft Method: We will schedule time and dates for each round to hold a live mock draft post thread. Schedule will be based on everyones availability. Each person will have 15 minutes to make there selection OR to negotiate a trade via email.

Day 1- First half of round 1 (Picks 1-16)

Day 2- Second half of round 2 (Picks 17-32)

Day 3- 2nd Round

Day 4- Rounds 3 and 4

Day 5- Rounds 5, 6, and 7

All selections will be brought to my attention first via email. I will then announce the selection. After you've made your selection and I announce it, you write your description on why you made your selection and email it to me. If you make a trade, you’ll send me a small description why you made the trade (this goes for both teams involved). Only the people open to trading will exchange emails before the draft.

If you don’t make your selection within the 15 minute time limit, I will pick for you based the rankings each person will give me before the draft. Each person will give a list of rankings of players they would take at there draft slot before each days draft. I will pick the best player available on that list, should you miss out on the live draft (Note: You still have to do a write-up on your pick and send it to me). I will pick the next best available should the best available on your list play a position you have already solidified in a previous round. For example, If you are not available for the live draft on Day 2, and the best player available on your list is a DE, but you have already taken a QB in round 1, I will not pick another DE for you. Instead, I will take the next best available on your list that plays a different position (Unless you tell me otherwise).


We’ll use the thread to chat throughout the draft. So we can all still communicate but you won’t know the selection till I announce it.


* As you can see, there has already been a lot of interest generated from people who would like to participate. But, there are still a few teams available. If you're team has not been chosen, feel free to email me ( or just post a comment in this thread with your email address and the team you wish to represent.


These teams have already been taken:

Playing the role of Mel Kiper Jr.- TheAngelsColts

49ers- Drew K

Bengals- patrick6h

Bills- Kaisertown

Broncos- ejruiz

Browns- TheRealSlimShady

Buccaneers- Cadillac24

Cardinals- Bezekira

Chargers- AirNorval

Chiefs- Darwithabar

Colts- Shake n Bake

Cowboys- Quincyyyy

Dolphins- Yours truly, JP23

Eagles- Birds'n'Raiders

Falcons- Durst

Giants- FreeBradshaw

Jaguars- Lysol

Jets- David_Wyatt

Lions- Lions1788

Packers- Hyatt

Panthers- Flowing Willow

Patriots- Matthew.40

Raiders- Raybin

Rams- Whirlwind31

Ravens- Mr Malor

Redskins- ENsDad27

Seahawks- LantermanC

Steelers- EnglishSteelerGotBanned

Texans- Mister28

Titans- Thunder64

Vikings- lifelongvike


The Bears and Saints are still available.

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