Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v1

I decided to go pretty mainstream with this version until I become more acquainted with this years prospects and the team needs. I used the "official" T150 for most of the picks, mainly for order of picking within an position. I used ESPN's power rankings for the order, so that is why I doesn't make sense when you get to the "playoff" teams.


Buffalo Bills: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford-Ralph Wilson wants a new QB, Buddy Nix wants a new QB, Chan Gailey wants a new QB, and lord knows Buffalo Fans want a new QB. Then again, they could take another RB.

 Carolina Panthers: A.J. Green | WR | Georgia- Steve Smith he good, but he’d be a lot better if the double teams and other team was focuses on this 6’5 monster.


Cleveland Browns: Julio Jones | WR | Alabama-Holmgren wants to develop Colt and part of that development is giving him a huge weapon


Detriot Lions: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU-If the Lions continue to add pieces like this, they may be good someday, but how long can ignore Stafford’s blind side.


New England Patriots: Cameron Heyward | DE | Ohio State-The Seymour pick as come full circle as there hasn’t been a truly strong candidate to replace him. Bellicheck, if he doesn’t trade this pick, isn’t going to take a RB or WR in the T10. He is going to take a big man.


San Francisco 49ers: Ryan Mallet | QB | Arkansas-“We want Carr!” If the fans want Carr, they’ll definitely love Mallet. The Alex Smith Experiment is over, but I don’t think the Mallet experiment will end up much better.


Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Castonzo | OT | Boston College-The Boys aren’t looking so hot and part of that is due to their complete lack of the right offensive line.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Prince Amukamara | CB | Nebraska-At 8 again? Monroe, Alualu, and now Amukamara the Jags combine a need with value and hope to close some gapping holes in their secondary.


San Diego Chargers: Akeem Ayers | OLB | UCLA-Shawn Merriman left a hole, which hasn’t been filled since he’s been there so maybe it will be filled once he’s gone.


Seattle Seahawks: Jake Locker | QB | Washington-The hometown here looks to turn around a team that has some flashes in a lot of areas other than QB. Sorry Clipboard Jesus, there is a reason that Clipboard precedes Jesus. Carol likes good QBs and will want to draft one.


Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus | DE | Alabama-Dareus would revitalize an awful Denver front 3. With him at DE and Dummervil back at OLB, this defense could be formidable.


St. Lious Rams: Kyle Rudolph | TE | Notre Dame-Wow, the Rams not picking in the T10. The tides have turned and that is thanks to Bradford, adding a weapon like Rudolph will help him ascend to the ranks of an elite NFL QB.


Cincinnati Bengals: Mark Ingram | RB | Alabama-Maybe this is a QB here, but I think the Bengals will look to add a marquis back that could actually help Benson, though he would suffer in carries.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Robert Quinn | DE | North Carolina-It all starts up front and Tampa will be happy if this guy falls into their lap regardless of the fact he has missed almost the entire season.


Arizona Cardinals: Bruce Carter | OLB | North Carolina-I think a poor decision will be made in staying with the QBs on the roster, so the Cards will look to add a piece on defense.


Minnesota Vikings: Travis Lewis | OLB | Oklahoma-Much like the Cardinals, Childress will stick with Tavaris thinking he can just pound the rock even with such great play makers on this team, maybe they’ll look to a QB in the second round, but for now they’ll add onto a good defense.


Miami Dolphins: Allen Bailey | DE | Miami-He’ll only have to move out of his dorm into a nice apartment in the state/city of Miami.


Green Bay Packers: Rodney Hudson | OG | Florida State-This offensive line needs help and Hudson could become one hell of a guard.


Washington Redskins: Jonathan Baldwin | WR | Pittsburg-Having a big playmaker at offense could make the Redskins offense potent over the middle.


Kansas City Chiefs: Christian Ponder | QB | Florida State-The Chiefs could really take off with a new QB as Cassel is clearly not the answer. I don’t know if it will be Ponder, but I think by draft time 4 QBs will have raised themselves to 1st round status.


Chicago Bears: Derek Sherrod | OT | Mississippi State-The turnstile in Chicago has to stop if they want to make it deep it into the playoffs.


New York Giants: Quan Sturdivant | MLB | North Carolina-They need help on the line, but they’ll like the value in Quan better.


Philadelphia Eagles: Janoris Jenkins | CB | Florida-Asante Samuel and Ellis Hobbs are not playing up the level of the rest of the defense. Jenkins could probably come in and start across form Samuel.


Houston Texans: Marvin Austin | DT | North Carolina-Another piece to this defensive line could make it one of the best in the league.


Tennessee Titans: DeAndre McDaniel | SS | Clemson-McDaniel could be a real playmaker in this defense.


Atlanta Falcons: Aaron Williams | CB | Texas-They could really use another quality corner across from Robinson.


New Orleans Saints: Cameron Jordan | DE | Cal-When the man leading in sacks on your D-line is a tackle; you need more pressure on the edge.


Indianapolis Colts: Stephen Paea | DT | Oregon State-The Colts weakness up the middle has been exposed big time this year and I think Polian will finally use a high draft pick to fix it.


Baltimore Ravens: Dont'a Hightower | ILB | Alabama-Ray Ray is 35 and signed through 2012, if he decides to retire after that he’ll have had time to help Hightower try to fill his shoes. If not they’ll still have to playmakers on the inside of their linebacker corps.


New England Patriots: LaMichael James | RB | Oregon-For too long Belicheck has lacked a strong runner, he’ll hope to get one with his second first round pick.


New York Jets: Rahim Moore | FS | UCLA-Having this guy up top will make the Jet secondary unfair to throw at.


Pittsburg Steelers: Gabe Carimi | OT | Wisconsin-Flozel is shot and Gabe could be a 10 year tackle in Pittsburg


Rest of the Jaguars:

2 Blaine Gabbert | QB | Missouri-There is no question David Garrard needs to be replaced and Gabbert could be the QB Gene Smith chooses to go after. Also look for Nick Foles or Pat Devlin here.


3 Jaiquawn Jarrett | FS | Temple-Pot Roast would welcome a former teammate and the secondary would welcome any help.


4 Orlando Franklin | OL | Miami-The interior offensive line is old and needs to get younger.


4 Shiloh Keo | SS | Idaho-When Gene Smith sees a problem he throws draft picks at it.


5 Brandon Fusco | OC | Slippery Rock-A Small school guy who can hopefully work into Brad Meester’s position as he eases into retirement.


6 Greg Salas | WR | Hawaii-The Jags like their Samoans and could use some more fodder at WR.


7 Markus White | DE | Florida State-There is still a big void to be filled across from Kampman.


7 Justin Rogers | CB | Richmond-More picks thrown at a Swiss cheese secondary.

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