Pacquiao Vs. Margarito Results: Round-By-Round, Full Fight Coverage

Scott Christ did an amazing job with his full fight coverage of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight here at SB Nation. Christ, of Bad Left Hook fame, live-blogged all the action with round-by-round updates. If you missed any of them, here’s the highlights.

Pacquiao jumped all over Margarito early, dominating the first round.

Dominant opening round from Manny Pacquiao, but the question now is whether Manny can hurt the iron-chinned Margarito. At this rate, he’ll wear him down, and this rate is sustainable. Manny takes the opening round without question.

It was in the fourth round that Manny did his damage, hurting Margarito with some wicked speed and power combinations.

A HUGE round for Manny Pacquiao. This is something you just don’t see much of in boxing, or any sport. Manny Pacquiao, giving up five inches of height, 17 pounds, and 6 inches of reach, is now dominating. Margarito is falling out of this fight and getting hurt.

Round six could have been a turning point. With Pacquiao in control, Margarito fought back, hurting Pacquiao late in the round.

Margarito just can’t keep up with him. Margarito hurts Manny just as I say that! Manny gets away, but here comes Margarito! Big left by Manny! Now Manny on the ropes, Margarito throwing, and MANNY COMES BACK! Great round!

By round eight, it was clear Pacquiao had the fight in the bag. Margarito continued to trade punches, however, and would not go down without a fight.

Manny takes another round, but folks, this is not as one-sided as it might seem. This is an INCREDIBLE offensive display from both fighters.

In the 11th, it was a coronation, with Pacquiao landing shots at will on the bigger Margarito.

Now Laurence Cole, takes a look, but then they go back into the fight. Manny with three hard shots! Manny to the body, then the head! What an amazing performance. For those who know Manny Pacquiao, THIS is amazing. He’s taking a much, much bigger man apart at the seams. Margarito can’t see anything coming at him. Pacquiao is too fast, too good, and too much. Just too damn much.

An easy 12th round and it was all over. Pacquiao walked away with his eighth title in eight weight classes after a dominant, unanimous decision on the scorecards. Against a much bigger opponent, Pacquiao showed off his speed en route to an impressive victory.

For full, wall-to-wall coverage, check out our SB Nation StoryStream for the fight.

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