Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v3

Gobble Gobble, let’s roll

Carolina Panthers: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford-Any of the teams that look like they’re in contention for the first overall pick would probably take Luck aside from the Lions. He is a mouth-watering prospect and is incredibly polished for a Red Shirt Sophomore. Claussen hasn’t shown much in his opportunities this year, so the Lions hope they’ll be able to move him if they get Clausen.

Detroit Lions: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU- There is no doubt Peterson is one of the best players in this draft. Unfortunately until the Lions can protect Stafford, then they won’t be much of a team.

Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Mallett | QB | Arkansas-Some will say this is too high for Mallett, but I disagree.  If the Bengals think that Mallett is the guy, then they’ll have no problem taking him here.  If a FO is sold on a QB, then they’re likely to make the pick no matter the perceived value.

Arizona Cardinals: Da’Quan Bowers | OLB | Clemson-Supposing Bowers can make the transition to the 34, the Cardinals may look to him as they begin rebuilding. Many of the pieces they made the SB runs with are gone, maybe even Fitz before the  draft occurs, and the need to start adding solid pieces to win again.

Buffalo Bills: A.J. Green | WR | Georgia-Surprised? I would be too, but who wasn’t surprised by the Spiller pick. A.J. Green presents a lot of value here,  but it’s not much a need.

Denver Broncos:  Marcel l Dareus | DE | Alabama-The Broncos need more umph upfront on their DL and Dareus would provide that.  Having him in the lineup as well as Dummervil back from IR and the Broncos D may be formidable again.

San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara | CB | Nebraska-The team actually seems to be happy with Troy Smith and while I think he won’t provide as much production as some may think, if Amukamara is on the board they’ll probably take a swing.

Minnesota Vikings: Cam Newton | QB | Auburn- Newton has the skill set to take advantage of this teams weapons if the new coach opens up the playbook a bit more than Chilly.

Dallas Cowboys: Gabe Carimi | OT | Wisconsin-Maybe the new coach will convince Jerry to stop building the team around WRs. Carimi may elevate himself high enough to be a T10 pick. The Cowboys will finally be low enough to get an elite tackle prospect, so they’ll certainly be hoping a OT is worth the pick.

Cleveland Browns: Julio Jones | WR | Alabama- This is the Gresham pick of last year.

St. Louis Rams: Nick Fairley | DT | Auburn-The Rams may have missed on the best player last year, but grabbing the dirtiest player this you would make a lot of sense. Fairley would bring a bit of what Suh could have to this D.

Seattle Seahawks:  Jake Locker | QB | Washington-Locker is the hometown here, but that’s not why Pete may take him. Hassleback is old and clipboard Jesus isn’t very good. The Seahawks got fleeced in their deal with the chargers, but could strike gold with Locker falling.

Houston Texans:  Brandon Harris | CB | Miami-The Texans need a lot of help in the secondary and Harris is a guy that could provide that help. They need to go back to back corners after selecting Jackson in 2010.

Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram | RB | Alabama-The Dolphins might miss out on a 1st round QB, but they’ll look to rejuvenate their aging RB stable.

Washington Redskins: Rodney Hudson | OG | Florida State-Hudson has a good chance of becoming an NFL great and while the Redskins need a lot of help on defense, there isn’t really anyone who fits the system and value here.

Tennessee Titans: Janoris Jenkins | CB | Florida- The Titans would like a QB, but none still possess first round value. A CB is a huge need and Jenkins presents fair value.

New England Patriots: Adrian Clayborn | DE | Iowa-Clayborn has fallen a bit during this season, but he could fit very well into the Patriots 34 D.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jimmy Smith | CB | Colorado-The Jags hope this Jimmy Smith would be as productive as last, but without the cocaine problem. Smith is a fast riser just like Gene Smith likes. Had Dowling not just been lost to injury for the rest of the season, I could see him here, but I think Dowling may take a serious plunge down NFL boards having been injured 3 times this season. A pity as he was the epitome of a Gene Smith draft choice.

San Diego Chargers: Robert Quinn | OLB | North Carolina-Merriman left hole to be filled, not that he was all that present these last two years. Quinn should be able to make the transition to a 34 DE and provide a lot of pressure.

Chicago Bears: Gabe Carimi | OT | Wisconsin-First OT of the board at 16 says a lot about this piss poor OT class, but the Bears will be happy to take Carimi who could help their OL tremendously.

Kansas City Chiefs: Michael Floyd | WR | Notre Dame-The Chiefs could really use a boost to their receiving corps. Floyd will be able to stretch the field with McCluster underneath ala Moss and Welker. For some reason I don’t see Bowe in their long-term plan.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Travis Lewis | OLB | Oklahoma-I think the Bucs will simply be looking for playmakers on D. Lewis has the ability to be a dynamic player in the Buc’s 43.

New York Giants:  Bruce Carter | OLB | North Carolina: Carter is arguably the best 43 OLB in this draft as well as good value and a slight need. He’d fit well with the G men.

Indianapolis Colts: Stephen Paea | DT | Oregon State-This is starting to become a popular pick, with good reason as the Colts lack of talent is starting to bite them in the ass.

New Orleans Saints: Ryan Kerrigan | DE | Purdue-Purdue Grad Brees has been a stud for the Aignts and the FO may look to Kerrigan be a star of similar stature on the other side of the ball.

Green Bay Packers: Akeem Ayers | OLB | UCLA- The Pack needs an opposite to Clay Matthews. An RB is also an option here, but I don’t think the value is there.

Philadelphia Eagles: Derek Shorrod | OT | Miss State-The Eagles need help on the OL even with Vick as their starter. Shorrod may push one of the OT inside or play guard. Regardless, the Eagles OTs to fill their OL.

Pittsburg Steelers: Mike Pouncey | OG | Florida-Mike has been pretty poor this year as a center, but is still a hell of a guard. Reuniting the twins could solidify the Steelers interior line for years to come.

New York Jets: Jon Baldwin | WR | Pittsburg- Baldwin has the size that many of the Jets have, but also has the hand they lack.

Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Williams | CB | Texas-Baltimore’s D is seriously lacking quality corners and Williams could come in and be an immediate contributor.

New England Patriots: Anthony Costanzo | OT | BC-Light isn’t his former self and in any case him and Mankins probably both won’t be back, so the Patriots will probably look to grab an OL early.

Atlanta Falcons-Von Miller| OLB | Texas A&M-Miller could replace the aging Peterson and help form the best young, 43 LB corps in the NFL.


Jags other picks:

2 )Pat Devlin | QB | Delaware

3) Jaiquawn Jarrett | FS | Temple

4) Chris Carter | OLB | Fresno State

4) Brandon Fusco| C | Slippery Rock

5) Greg Salas | WR | Hawaii

6) Andrew Jackson | OG | Fresno State

7) Lester Jean | WR | Florida Atlantic

7) Elijah Joseph | MLB | Temple


*ESPN Power Rankings used for draft order.

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