Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v2

ESPN Power Rankings were used for the order. Also for anyone who wants to dispute the #1 pick, I will have him there unless he bombs or the day has passed to declare and he hasn't. I don't care what anyone says, I need much more proof that a #1 overall pick won't declare rather than proof that he will. Here we go...

Buffalo Bills: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford-I don't care how good or bad Fitzpatrick plays and how much better a defensive playmaker would make sense for the team, when picking first overall most teams take who they think will be the next best thing at the QB position.

Carolina Panthers: A.J. Green | WR | Georgia-This is a boring pick, but A.J. is a monster and will be a playmaker in the NFL. He and Steve Smith could become one hell of a tandem.

Dallas Cowboys: Marcel Dareus | DE | Alabama-There will be a new coach in Jerry World, but just how much of that world is relinquished to the coach to rule has a lot of impact on this pick. None-the-less, Dareus is a playmaker and presents value and a need here.

Denver Broncos: Adrian Clayborn | DE | Iowa-Clayborn projects perfectly as a 34 DE and Denver has a perfect hole at that position.

San Francisco 49ers: Ryan Mallett | QB  | Arkansas-The 49ers are performing way below the level they are capable of.  I don't think Alex Smith or Singletary will be back next year and new coaches like to start with QBs.

Detroit Lions: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU-They wanted the House of Spears and got him, now they want Peterson and will have him as long as they don't play themselves out of a low enough pick to get him. How long can they risk Stafford's blindside though?

Cincinnati Bengals: Da'Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson-Bowers has been on fire this year and the Bengals defense, and offense for that matter, could use some of the energy he would bring.

Arizona Cardinals: Akeem Ayers | OLB | UCLA-This is a huge need for the Cardinals and good value. A QB would better serve them, but the value just is not there. I don't think the organization wants to get burned on another Lienhart either.

Seattle Seahawks: Nick Fairley | DT | Auburn-With all the attention on Cam Newton, Fairley is just now getting the attention he deserves. The Seahawks need help in their front four and Fairley will provide more than help.

Cleveland Browns:  Julio Jones | WR | Alabama-The Browns have needs at nearly every position. Julio Jones is a stud and will help one of the only bright spots, Colt McCoy, in his progression to the next level.

Minnesota Vikings: Cameron Newton | QB | Auburn-This is kind of a shot in the dark. First, we don't know who the new coach of the Vikings will be, so we don't exactly know how he'll be drafting, but we do know Chilly won't still be there come the 2011 NFL draft. Newton has the tools to take advantage of the great offensive weapons the Vikings have, though he is raw. What's a mock draft without a little spice.

St. Lious Rams: Travis Lewis| OLB | Wisconsin-Sure giving Bradford a weapon on offense or more protection would help, but I don't the value is there for a WR or TE and it's a little too early to be picking a interior OL. Good defense can also help QBs in a round about way.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Prince Amukamara | CB | Nebraska-Rashean Mathis is done as a corner, but this pick could create a starter at CB and FS if Rashean moves back to his original position. If not, the Jaguars still will look to add a corner of the future to start across from Derek Cox. Don't be surprised if they move up in the second round to get the first shot of the second day QBs.

Chicago Bears: Gabe Carimi | OT | Wisconsin-The Bears need any help they can get on the offensive line and while Carimi may be no Joe Thomas, he's still good.

Washington Redskins: Malcom Floyd | WR | Notre Dame-I don't think the Redskins will go QB and rather spend another 2nd round pick on another, albeit younger, QB. Floyd has the potential of being a big time playmaker.

Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram | RB | Alabama-If the Dolphins want to continue to pound the rock then they will need to inject some youth into their aging RB corps. Ingram is a hard runner and would thrive in Miami.

San Diego Chargers: Cameron Heyward | DE | Ohio State-Heyward seems to be consensus early first round pick, though I don't really agree. Heyward present "value" while filling a need here.

Houston Texans: Rahim Moore | FS | UCLA-The Texans have glaring hole in their secondary and they can't  be quality defense until they at least patch that up.  Moore is a player I believe is grossly overlooked.

Kansas City Chiefs: Bruce Carter | OLB | North Carolina-The Chiefs could use another big playmaker like Carter across from Hall to take their D to the next level.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Robert Quinn | DE | North Carolina-Quinn won't have played a game in a year, but that didn't cause Dez Bryant's game to slip. Much like Bryant, Quinn is simply a men among boys.

New England Patriots: Allen Bailey | DE | Miami-I don't really like anyone he and I doubt Belichick keeps two first rounder, but Bailey would be a great starter for the Patriots and bring the Richard Seymour trade full circle.

Tennessee Titans: Greg Jones | LB | Michigan State-Fisher likes good linebackers and Jones is a great linebacker. The AFC South may welcome its second Greg Jones.

Indianapolis Colts: Matt Reynolds | OT | BYU-Not even Peyton can thrive behind their currently atrocious OL.

New Orleans Saints: Ryan Kerrigan | DE | Purdue-The Saints hope this Boilmaker is as productive as Brees.

Philadelphia Eagles: Aaron Williams | CB | Texas-I think the Eagles will wait to address the holes on their O-line until the second, but first they must address the holes in their secondary.

Green Bay Packers:  Rodney Hudson | OG | FSU-Hudson may become one of the best guards in the NFL, with his addition Rodgers may not be one of the most hit QBs in the league.

New England Patriots: Daniel Thomas | RB | Kansas State-Again I don't think the Pats will actually have 2, maybe not even a single, first round picks, but Thomas would make a lot of sense here.

New York Jets: Jonathon Baldwin | WR | Pittsburg-Sanchez could really use some WRs that can hold on to the ball.

New York Giants: Anthony Casronzo | OT | BC-Slight need and slight value, the Giants have good drafts I'm not really sure who would be a good fit for them here.

Atlanta Falcons: Cameron Jordan | DE | Cal-Jordan will be able to play inside and outside for the Dirty Birds and provide a huge impact.

Pittsburg Steelers:  Ras-I Dowling | CB | Virginia-With Hudson off the board, I think the Steelers will look to add a CB.

Baltimore Ravens: DeAndre McDaniel | SS | Clemson-McDaniel and Reed in the secondary would a nightmare for QBs.

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