Interesting Big Board from Russ Lande Head Draft expert for Sporting News

Russ Lande works for Sporting News the Magazine, and I'm pretty sure he was a former scout for the Cleveland Browns so perhaps that explains it.


I read Lande occasionally, but often disagree with him, I remember one year he had Athyba Rubin going in the first round...and for those of you who don't know who Athyba Rubin is he was drafted with a late round selection by the Cleveland Browns.


Anyway, I won't list his whole big board, just the players I find with the most interesting grading.


#5 Cameron Jordan.  I usually see Jordan mocked at the end of the first round, Lande has him as the fifth best player in the draft. I think his stock could definitely go up, but I"m not sure he'll make a Tyson Jackson kind of jump.

#9 Von MIller. Not terrible, I don't think. Just unusual from what I've seen.  He has been very productive.

 #11 Jonathan Baldwin-What's unusual is that he is listed ahead of every other WR except for A.J. Green

#12 Ryan Williams- Interesting point #1 is that he is rated 11 spots ahead of Mark Ingram.

#14 Michael Floyd He's the #3 WR, ahead of Julio Jones.

#20 Jimmy Smith-Smith is the 3rd highest rated Cornerback in the draft. Brandon harris is not in the top 32.

#21 Ryan Broles-Highest I've seen him rated, I think.

#23 Jacquizz Rodgers-I haven't seen him mocked in the first round in any mock I've read. He seems so much like Dexter McCluster that you'd imagine he'd go in the same general vacinity. Despite the success of smaller guys like DeSean Jackson, Woodhead, McCluster I still think teams would be afraid to spend a first round pick on a guy so small.

#24 Stefen Wisniewski- I keep reading and hearing about how bad this offensive linemen class, is but at least to one former scout Wisniewski makes 3rd offensive linemen in the top 24 players.

#25 WR Jerrel Jerniga WR Troy-Ok. Didn't see this one coming.This is the 5th player under 6' who is in the top 25 players. Only one of which is a running back.

#26 Ross Hossman-ILB Ohio State This was maybe the biggest shock to me in the top 32 players. The only other linebacker in the top 32 is bruce Carter at 17 (and Von Miller if he playes 3-4 at 10).  No Travis Lewis, no Ayers.

#29 Demarco Murray-Interesting spot for him because it's unusual. But I don't hate it. I also really like Murray, I don't know if he'll go in the first round, but it wouldn't surprise me if he plays well at the next level.




Thoughts and comments on Russ Lande's big board. The rest of the board is the usual suspects, except Cam Newton, Ryan Mallet aren't in the top 32. Brandon Harris isn't, Travis Lewis isn't, Gabe Camrimi isn't, Allen bailey isn't, no Mike Pouncey.


Have a nice day, everyone.

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