Colts Mock Draft

Too early for me to try to mock an entire first round, so I'll stick with what I know... and that's the Colts.  I know there are a lot of Colts fans that frequent this board anyway, so perhaps we can get a discussion going.  So, I will lay 7 rounds of Colts picks below... colored by what I think they might do but definitely influenced by what I would like to see them do.

1.)  Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St.

Ok, that one is a bit of a layup.  We need offensive linemen BADLY!  Sherrod should be fit to play LT at the next level in what is a relatively weak OT class.  I would probably take Sherrod slightly ahead of Costanazo, but outside of those two I don't see another OT worth grabbing in the first.  If they are both gone I could see an interior lineman like Wisniewski or Pouncey going to the Colts... and if I'm really going out on a limb I could see Johnathan Baldwin coming in to supplant Garcon as the #2 WR.


2.)  Kris O'Dowd - C - USC

Is this too high for a guy coming off a major injury?  Maybe...  but maybe not with Saturday only have 1 year left on his deal.  I suspect he will retire after that.  O'Dowd was a borderline 1st rounder last year and could provide some much needed power in the run game.  He's a solid pass blocker as well and I'm just not sold on ANY of the G/C backups that we have right now. 


3.)  Austin Pettis - WR - Boise State

I suspect this will stir up some debate.  Blair White is a nice story, but he's not ever going to be a starter.  We all keep waiting for Garcon to get it together and learn how to catch the football, but maybe it's just time to cut bait.  This pick would likely indicate the end for both he and Gonzo... and we know how reluctant the Colts are to part with guys who were previous high draft picks.  All the same, a big body target with good hands would open up this offense in a way that we haven't been able to do with Garcon manning that spot.  He's not the fastest guy, but neither is Collie who did just fine when pressed into duty on the outside.


4.)  Shiloh Keo - S - Idaho

This might finally be the year that we bury the player formerly known as Bobzilla.  Coming to terms with the fact that he is gone leaves you looking at SS depth of Bullitt, Silva, Francisco... not exactly awe inspiring at a position that the Colts defense puts so much value on.  I am not as high on Bullitt as some others; he is servicable, but will never be great.  Keo will either provide good depth behind him or eventually supplant him as the list line defender.  He has been very productive at Idaho and at 212lbs should be strong enough to come up in run support.


5.)  Lee Ziemba - OT - Auburn

An athletic OL who is probably the most talented warm body available at this point in the draft.  The Colts really need 3 or more offensive linemen out of this draft and IMO it doesn't really matter what position they play (we need help everywhere.)  A new RG here would be great, but we could always play musical chairs up front moving either Johnson or Diem inside to fill that hole.  Ziemba could play LT if he develops but should have the size to play on the right side as well. 


6.)  Kai Forbath - K - UCLA

I actually think someone might take a flier on Forbath before this, but this is the same round where we snagged PMac.  Yes, this does indicate that I think Vinatierra will be leaving us.  Perhaps I am a year early with that prediction, but the sunset is certainly on the horizon for his illustrious career and I can't remember the last time a kicker the quality of Forbath was in the draft.


7.)  ***I thinkThis Pick belongs to Washington from the Justin Tryon deal***

So, there it is folks... Take 1 on Colts draft.... 4.5 months ahead of the first selection.  Fire away.  Love to know what others think.

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