Mock Draft (w/ trade scenarios)

Please give me feedback about what you think, especially concerning your own team.

1. Washington: Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) - I know what you're thinking, wtf!  Shanahan benched McNabb for the year and its pretty much just understood right now that Donovan will be cut before his big roster bonus is due.  I know trades don't happen ever in the top 5 anymore, but the new CBA will have a rookie pay scale in it making it more attractive for teams to trade up.  This will be attractive to the Panthers who don't have a 2nd rounder and this trade up will also include Albert Haynesworth and other picks.  This is something Dan Snyder would do.  Mike will get his QB of the future and hope this Stanford man is just as good as his last one. 

2. Cincinnati: Da'Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson) - Cinci has the least sacks out of any team in the NFL.  The Micheal Johnson experiment doesn't seem to be panning out and Odom is extremely unreliable in terms of staying healthy.  They need to secure this position and with Dunlap coming along this could be a very scary tandem. 

3. Denver - Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU) - Champ Bailey will probably be in another uniform after this season.  Maybe they franchise and trade him.  And Perish Cox just got arrested for sexual assault so CB is a big need for them now.  Peterson is just too rare of a talent to pass up on and shut down corners bring so much value to a defense. 

4. Detroit - Prince Amukamara (CB, Nebraska) - The Lions need a shut down corner to bring their defense to the next level.  They have been desperate to fill the position, bringing in multiple corners like Houston and Smith.  Prince will finally fill that spot. 

5. Arizona - Ryan Mallet (QB, Arkansas) - There is no way in hell Arizona doesn't address their QB troubles with this pick.  Mallet might remind Ken of Ben Roeathlesburger with his huge size.  He isn't a sure bet, but they really don't have a choice at this point.

6. Buffalo - Nate Solder (OT, Colorado) - The Bills need to stabilize their offensive line or their franchise will never be stable.  I think Chan gives Fitzpatrick another year under better circumstances. Some people may consider this a reach, but Solder is so athletically and physically gifted that he will rise on draft boards.

7. San Francisco: Cam Newton (QB, Auburn) - fastest rising college prospect will go to a new regime in San Francisco looking for their guy at QB.  Newton has all the physical tools, leadership, and brings an added element with his ability to run the ball. 

8. Cleveland : AJ Green (WR, Georgia) - This is trade up with the Cowboys.  Cleveland is desperate for a big time playmaker at WR and they would love to secure Green who is the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson.  

9. Tennessee - Julio Jones (WR, Alabama) - I think ownership will make sure Vince will stay with the team so Fisher will make due and get him a big play threat.  They picked up Moss to be that deep threat so Chris Johnson wouldn't have 8 to 9 guys in the box waiting for him.  Moss obviously didn't work out so maybe Jones will.

10. Carolina: Robert Quinn (DE, North Carolina) - The Panthers get their replacement for Julius Peppers.

11. Houston: Nick Fairley (DT, Auburn) - I think the Texans attempt to fix their secondary woes in free agency with maybe someone like Jonathan Joesph.  I don't think they want to roll with a rookie back there.  A better push up front will also help their pass defense and Fairley has proven to be a very effective pass rusher up the middle. 

12. Minnesota - Marcell Daerus (DT, Alabama) - The Vikes need to start rebuilding their defensive line and find a replacement for Pat Williams.  I think they address their QB issue by signing McNabb after he gets cut.

13. Dallas - Gabe Camiri (OT, Wisconsin) -  The Cowboys will need to give Romo better protection as well as revive their once dominant running game.  Gabe is pro ready and will start opposite Doug Free.  He is very big and fits their power blocking scheme. 

14. New England - Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa) - The Pats use this pick to replace the player they got this pick for, Richard Seymour.  They got to miss the pressure Seymour was able to put on opposing QBs from that RDE spot.  Clayborn is a proven pass rusher and comes from a program that will help him adjust to the NFL.

15. Seattle - Jake Locker (QB, Washington) - His stock is way down, but some team is going to take a chance on Locker.  This situation will probably work out the best since he will be able to sit behind Whitehurst or Hasselbeck and not have to start his rookie year.  His stock will rise during workouts.  

16. San Diego - Tyron Smith (OT, USC) - I'm guessing San Diego isn't going to pay McNeil or Jackson so finding their replacements will be number one on the list.  Rivers has gotten by without Jackson this year, but protecting him has to be their number one priority.  Smith is a high upside prospect and a better one than Charles Brown in my opinion.

17. Miami - Janoris Jenkins (CB, Florida) - The Dolphins need to find a corner opposite of Vontae Davis.  This is really good value for the phins and it shouldn't take them too long to pull the trigger on this pick.  

18. Tampa Bay: Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue) - Tampa Bay has two very good DTs, but they don't have anything at the DE position.  Kerrigan has been an absolute beast this year. 

19. Jacksonville: Allen Bailey (DE, Miami) - The Jags need to fill the position Aaron Kampman couldn't.  Bailey is a good fit at LE. 

20. Green Bay - Akeem Ayers (OLB, UCLA) - The Packers need another pass rusher opposite of Clay Matthews.  Ayers would be perfect for that strong side.  I think they improve their RB talent via free agency through someone like DeAngelo Williams.  

21. St. Louis: Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma St) - Rams need to give Bradford a legitimate number one target.  I almost want to put Jonathan Baldwin here, but Blackmon has been a much more productive wideout. 

22. Indinapolis: Mike Pouncey (G/C, Florida) - The Colts said they wanted bigger offensive lineman.  Well, Pouncey is pretty damn big and will help their transition.  I bet they might pick up Marcus McNeil in free agency too.  

23. Kansas City: Stephen Paea (NT, Oregon St) - Scott Pioli is known to draft defensive lineman in the first round.  There have been a lot of games where the Chiefs put most of their players in coverage allowing their opponents to run the ball on them.  Having a true, dominant NT would allow him to have greater freedom in his play calling. Paea is amazing against the run and his intangibles are incredible.  

24. Chicago: Jonathan Baldwin (WR, Pittsburgh) - Jay Cutler still needs a number one wideout.  Baldwin is a big physical WR in the mold of Brandon Marshall.  He is going to be a great red zone threat.  I think the Bears spend money in free agency to improve their offensive line.

25. New York Giants: Mark Ingram (RB, Alabama) - Brandon Jacobs is not the player he once was.  I'm assuming his contract is backloaded and he will be cut after the season.  Ingram will fill the void at the powerback role. 

26. New York Jets: Von Miller (OLB, Texas A&M) - Ryan Loves to bring the heat and Miller fits the bill as a relentless pass rusher.  They should line up Pace on the strongside and Miller on the weakside. 

27. Baltimore: Derrick Sherrod (OT, Mississippi St) - Mr. Newsome will be looking for a replacement for Gaither.  I bet they sign or trade for Champ Bailey in the offseason to help their corner woes.

28. New Orleans: Cameron Heyward (DE, Ohio St) - I would like to give the Saints a linebacker, but there isn't one of value they can get right here.  They should add more depth to their defensive line and find Will Smith's eventual replacement.  

29. Pittsburgh: Cameron Jordan (DE, Cal) - The Steelers are always looking to get younger on the defensive line.  They like grooming a guy for a job and Jordan will be slated to be Kisel's replacement when he retires.  

30. Detroit: Anthony Constanzo (OT, Boston College) - This is a trade up with the Falcons.  Atlanta's need at TE, LB, WR, and DE have no value here.  They can trade down and pick up Kyle Rudolph (TE, Notre Dame) or Travis Lewis (OLB, Oklahoma).  Detroit desperately needs to protect Stafford who has looked good when healthy.  

31. Philidelphia: Brandon Harris (CB, Miami) - There is no offensive lineman worth taking here and the Eagles could use some depth at corner, especially with Hobbs leaving after this year.  I had this pick originally as Drake Nevis, but I learned that DT was not a huge need for the Eagles. 

32. New England - Rahim Moore (S, UCLA) - This is a luxury pick for the Pats.  Merriweather is a free agent after this next season so they will find a replacement.  I think Bill values depth at this position as well considering he traded for Jared Page who will walk in free agency to a team offering him a starting job. 

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