UZ's terrible and far too early mock draft

Just the first round for now, and I'm still getting all the guys straight in my head so I probably forgot somebody. :/ My order was taken straight from minus some adjustments to the end based on my belief that the Iggles will take the Superbowl.

1. Panthers - Andrew Luck QB Stanford
I'm not as high on the Luckwagon as everyone else seems to be, but considering how much every fan and scout seems to drool over this guy I assume he'll be a Panther come 2011, especially considering how bad their 2nd round pick Jimmy Clausen has played. If the Panthers don't pick him, he'll probably fall to the Bills.

Then again, there's always a chance he doesn't come out at all.

2. Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia
None of the other QB's in the draft are worth picking at the #2 spot of the draft - and this is coming from a guy who doesn't even think Luck is worth that - so they're going to need to do something other than replace Carson Palmer with this pick. As much fun as it was, I don't see the T.O-chocinco show staying together another year so whoever they draft at QB later in the draft will have an instant new friend with AJ Green.

3. Broncos - Nick Fairley DT Auburn
The Broncos defense is god-awful. They still need some presence on their O-Line and they need some new skill-players to help their now-starter Tim Tebow get into the NFL but until their defense stops giving up 45 points every time they play the Raiders they're never going to get anywhere. Fairley is my favorite defensive line presence in the draft. This is a lot less fun without McDaniels. :(

4. Lions - Patrick Peterson CB LSU
The Lions filled a need by getting a very good running back in Jahvid Best last year and got a great D-Line presence with Suh. Before that they got Stafford and Johnson to round out their offense. What's left to fix before this Lions team are actually the contenders they're starting to look like they're building into? How about some star power in that weak secondary.

5. Bills - Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC
There is no team in the league that mock drafters are getting more wrong en-masse than Buffalo. Not only do I keep seeing DT's mocked to them - the position that their BEST PLAYER Kyle Williams fills - but apparently their straight-up BPA strategy while filling their needs has also eluded most people. Quinn might have had that awful suspension but he's still one of the best players on the board and fills the biggest need on Buffalo's defense, a pure pass rushing linebacker.

6. Cardinals - Cam Newton QB Auburn
All right, Skelton looked good against the Broncos. I've seen high school offenses who could probably take on the Broncos defense with few problems. I'm not convinced at all that he'll be the QB of the future for Arizona and Cam Newton's stock has been simply flying since the start of the season. It's a strange question of when exactly Newton will be taken. I've seen him to several teams all over the board high and low. 6 might be too high for him, but if Luck doesn't declare he might suddenly look reeeeally good.

7. Cowboys - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
A simple case of BPA here for the Cowboys who could probably use that at a lot of positions after this lost season for them. Amukamara will certainly boost their secondary immediately with his talent - he might not even fall this far in the draft.

8. 49ers - Brandon Harris CB Miami

Sure, it's probably a reach for the 49ers, but there aren't really any QB's worth taking in the top 10 left. Cornerback is their biggest need and Harris is - possibly unfortuantely - the best CB remaining right now after a derth - read: 2 - of them being taken in the top 7. That sentence might have set the world record for most dashes in a sentence ever.

9. DaQuan Bowers - DE Clemson
It's hard to predict what the Titans will do in this draft because they may be losing their QB, they may be losing their coach, you get the idea. Bowers might be the best player on the board right now and you can never have enough big men on the defensive line.

10. Redskins - Jake Locker QB Washington
I've seen Locker go as high as 4th overall in the draft to Buffalo before and I've seen him as low as the 2nd round so I'm honestly not sure what the hell to do with Locker. There's still no denying that his talent is worth a fairly high pick but his bad season in College might keep him from the top 10. I think Mike Shannahan will be willing to take the risk just so he doesn't have to bother with the McNabb debacle again.

11. Texans - Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

What is it with the Texans? They seem to have a new set of 4-5 big needs every year. I'm giving them Kerrigan here to solve the whole "not enough pass rush for their own good" problem.

12. Vikings - Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas

I love Ryan Mallett's upside and think that if he went back to school he could easily be the #1 pick next year. He's not quite there yet despite his great season but that said, he's the only one left in the "big four" of QB's in this draft right now and he'll be the pick if the Vikings don't trust Jackson in the future. Frazier being the new head coach is a fairly good sign that there is a new body in the future of the Vikings QB position.

13. Browns - Julio Jones WR Alabama
A Browns fan that I showed this to beforehand said that they didn't need an overrated slot receiver. I say at this point they just need the best receiver they can get. Colt McCoy is their future at QB, they already have a big playmaker in Cribbs and their defense is starting to take form. The biggest hole on this young, building Cleveland squad is their WR's. They don't even have a good TE to throw to so they're going to need to fill a couple of holes in there during this draft. And no, I don't count Evan Moore as a good TE. 14. Patriots - Jenoris Jenkins CB Florida
Considering the top three corners in this draft are gone, I'm pretty sure that the Patriots will trade down here. If not, Jenkins is a firm 1st round pick and taking him at 14 wouldn't be too ridiculous. Then again, with a genius like Darth Hoodie as your man you rarely see anything turn out to be a ridiculous move.

15. Seattle - Mark Ingram RB Alabama

Strange pick? Maybe not. Marshawn Lynch came in from Buffalo and has been largely a bust since leaving New York. Past him the Seahawks have... well, not much at Running Back. The Seahawks really, really need a new QB but they're all gone at this juncture. I kept mocking the Hawks a new RB last year and it never came to fruition but eventually they're going to need to get a new offense rolling.

16. Chargers - Gabe Carmini OT Wisconson

There are a lot of good looking OT's in this years draft, but none of them really stick out the way that Okung did last season - justified or not. That's why we won't be seeing many linemen taken in the top few picks like last year but there should be a ton of them near the bottom half... starting with the Chargers.

17. Colts - Derek Sherrod OT Miss. State

Peyton Manning had a pretty bad year by his standards, and part of that was the continuing meme of him having an offensive line that isn't anywhere near the top of the NFL. While Manning can certainly deal with it, he'll be even better with a better Left Tackle by his side.

18. Steven Paea DT Oregon State

Miami has a ton of needs this offseason - more than we expected they would - but unfortunately none of them are really viable here. No QB's are available, Ingram is off the board and any CB's remaining would be a complete reach. We'll give them one of the best players available.

19 Bucs - Marcel Dareus DE Alabama

Marcell Dareus might not even fall this far in this draft but if he does he will be a perfect fit for the relatively weak Buccaneers defensive line's outside. The Bucs might be praying on draft day that Dareus manages to get this far down.

20. Packers - Von Miller DE/OLB Texas A&M

Von Miller, aside from having the most kick ass name in the draft, will be a good fit for the Packers. They need help with their 3-4 defense and Miller will be great opposite the great Clay Matthews. If the Packers weren't already on the verge of being one of the best teams in the NFL, this should fill one of the few problems they have left.

21. Rams - Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

The Rams managed to do really well this year much to our surprise, and they did it with no real weapons on Sam Bradford's side. Blackmon might be a reach but its a good idea for the Rams to get a solid reciever to be their #1 as soon as they can in this draft.

22. Jaguars - Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA

The Jaguars are in a strange place right now where most of the players they have are adequate at their positions but not elite. Other than CB which has run dry at this point they have no real pressing needs. Ayers is one of the best DE's on the board right now so they might just go with him.

23. Chiefs - Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

The Chiefs got run over this year partially because their line couldn't handle the oppositions running game as well as it should. The Chiefs have been working on their defense for a while now and that will probably continue this season with Clayborn.

24. Bears - Nate Solder OT Colorado

Jay Cutler is about ready to sue the Bears for cruel and unusual punishment, having to play behind that line. Consider how good they've played with that awful line and then imagine what would happen if they had some elite presence on that line next year. Soldier is a personal favorite of mine but his stock isn't as high as some of the other guys in this draft.

25. Giants - Cameron Jordon DE/DT California

Just basically adding more beef to that defensive line for a Giants team that already has a lot of talent everywhere on the field. They could go RB but there's no good ones with first round talent right now.

26. Jets - Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma

It'll probably be a long time before we see Rex Ryan use a 1st round pick on something OTHER than defense, so it would be make sense for him to pick up a versatile linebacker like Travis Lewis with his late first rounder.

27. Ravens - Aaron Williams CB Texas

A reach? Maybe. Aaron Williams is high 2nd round talent at the very least and the Ravens need CB's so badly that anything is possible here.

28. Saints - Drake Nevis DT LSU

For all the crabbing that people did about the Saints defensive front 7 needing a little help from last year, it seems to have stayed about the same all things considered. The Saints have a whole new draft to pick up even more help for it.

29. Falcons - Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

I was sold on this pick the second I saw Tony Gonzalez might be retiring. Even if he doesn't retire this year, who better for the new guy to get guidance from than a year from T.Gonz?

30. Steelers - Mike Pouncey G/C Florida

I couldn't resist.

31. Patriots - Tyron Smith OT USC

With so many picks in this draft, the Pats can honestly go any way they want with this one.

32. Eagles - Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College

This team has some Superbowl potential even without a great line in front of Michael Vick. If they DO get a great line in front of Michael Vick? We may be talking about the Eagles in 10 years as the Patriots of the 2010's.

Feel free to comment and tell me how terrible I am at this.

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