JKPs Off the Beaten Path Mock Draft

Seems like most everyone is following a cookie cutter approach to their mock drafts.  I have seen so many of the same mock drafts with simple small, minute changes to make me barf.  No more I say!!  I intend to go off the beaten path and create a mock draft much different than the norm.  In actuality, the NFL Draft is typically far different than from what most mock drafts are.  So hold on to your hats and buckle your seat belts, cause this is going to be one wild ride!

1. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 A.J. Green  WR from Georgia

The Browns need 1 thing more than anything in this draft, and that is a WR.  Massaquoi, Stuckey, Robiskie, and Cribbs are all second tier WRs, and QB of the future Colt McCoy is going to need someone to throw to.  The Browns therefore spring themselves up to the #1 pick.

Luck didn't enter the draft, citing the unresolved CBA, graduating, and Harbaugh staying to coach at Stanford.  Knowing Luck didn't enter the draft, and that the Panthers would most likely take Green if no Luck available, the Browns trade up.  They desperately need a top tier, elite WR, and they spring for it all, trading their 1st, 2nd, and 1st in 2012.  For the best WR prospect since 1998, and for the next Randy Moss, the Browns are more than happy to trade all of this away for AJ Green.

2. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Marcell Dareus  from Alabama 

Tebow has taken over as the starting QB in Denver, and the offense is basically set.  The defense however, needs some reworking, especially up front.  The Broncos select Dareus, who already plays in Bama's 3-4.

3. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Ryan Mallett  QB from Arkansas

The Bengals are tempted to take Bowers, however Carlos Dunlap looks like he's going to be good next year and they figure they can get another DE somewhere else (free agency or later in the draft).  What they REALLY need is a QB.

Carson Palmer just isn't what he was a few years ago.  Heck, even people outside of Cincinnati think he's done.  They do have Dan LeFevour, but the new coach in Cincy wants to choose his guy to lead his offense.  The options in Free Agency for a stopgap QB are also limited.  Mallett jumps ahead of Jake Locker because of his canon for an arm, and because he's had a MUCH better season.

4. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Cam Newton   

TRADE!!  The Cardinals, who fancied Ryan Mallett, trade the 4th pick to Miami.  To get this pick, Miami surrenders their 1st and 3rd round picks, and 2nd in 2012.

Now despite the many that didn't think he would go in the 1st round, Cam Newton goes in the top 5 to the Dolphins.  If the Fins didn't take him early here, it is possible that the Bills, Vikings, Skins, 9ers, Seahawks or Titans could take him.  Oakland could be a potential suitor, however they don't have a 1st necessary to trade up for him.  Miami has been salivating at the prospect of Newton, who would be PERFECT for their Wildcat offense, so they desperately trade up.

5. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Patrick Peterson  CB from LSU

This is a no-brainer for the Lions.  They secondary has needed a top-flight corner for a few years now.  With Suh wrecking havoc up front and Peterson flying around the backfield, this defense is going to get some serious bite!

6. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Michael Floyd  WR from Notre Dame

The Bills need O-lineman if they're going to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick.  However, they just can't resist drafting offensive weapons early, like CJ Spiller.  This should be a pick to bolster the O-line, however Lee Evans hasn't been so hot, or has been injured lately.  So, the Bills pick Floyd to improve their passing game.

7. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Jake Locker  QB from Washington

TRADE! The 49ers swap their 1st with Minnesota and obtain Minnesota's 4th, 5th round pick and 2012 3rd round pick.  The Vikes know that the Favre era is gone, and they desperately need a QB.  The new coach wants his guy, and that guy is Locker, who will keep donning the purple and gold/yellow.

8. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Prince Amukamara  CB from Nebraska

Interim coach Jason Garrett does a bangup job at the end of this season and keep the HC job.  He LOVES his offense and sees little to improve with it, however he needs to help the 28th ranked passing D.  With only Mike Jenkins and Terrence Newman on the roster, they'll need another CB.  Amukamara is a dream for them, easy choice for Garrett.

9. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Julio Jones  WR from Alabama

Who knows what's going to happen in the mess that is the Redskins.  Shanahan's system isn't working, McNabb no longer looks like the QB of the future, yada, yada, yada.  However, the 'Skins salivate at the prospect of picking Julio Jones, especially since they need a threat opposite the aging Santana Moss.


10. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Nick Fairley   

The Texans are ecstatic to be able to land Fairley.  He'll help an anemic run D and help take some pressure off of Mario Williams.

11. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Brandon Harris   

The Niners did trade their way out of Jake Locker, however they weren't too big on him anyway.  And by trading, they missed out on Amukamara.  However, Harris is still around, and the 49ers desperately need to upgrade their secondary.


12. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Ryan Kerrigan  DE from Purdue


Surprised the Panthers traded away the #1 pick in the draft? Well, don't be surprised, they are usually a major trader on draft day.  Additionally, the return on the trade was worth it since they didn't really need AJ Green, being that LaFell and Gettis have shown some real promise.  And since Luck didn't come out this year, with two 1st round picks next year, they could trade up to get him if they can't find a QB by then.  However, Jimmy Clausen has shown enough at the end of the season to warrant him being the starter in 2011, for now at least.

Now in Carolina, John Fox leaves, and moves back to New York to coach the Giants, who've had enough of Coughlin after making the playoffs but going nowhere.  Coming in to Carolina is John Gruden, which is actually a perfect fit.  Gruden has always envied being able to work with Steve Smith and Carolina's stable of running backs, and now wants to seek revenge upon his former team with them.  Moreover, he fits the Panthers philosophy, run-first offense and a 4-3, Tampa-2 D.

Now, DEs are of great value at this pick, and the Panthers could use another quality rusher across from Charles Johnson.  Typically, the Panthers are a BPA drafting team, and conventional mock draft wisdom says that Da'Quan Bowers and Allen Bailey are the best value here.  However,the scouts from Carolina have done their homework and see differently.  

Although Bowers is the Bronko Nagurski winner and had a tremendous number of sacks, he has weaknesses in his game.  Yes, he's strong and powerful, but can be a step slow, and doesn't like to assume a 3 point stance.  And as for Bailey, well yes he's an athletic freak, however he's underproduced and hasn't been as dominant as he could potentially be.

So, Ryan Kerrigan, like ...really??  Yes, REALLY!!  Bowers may have the hype, however Kerrigan's production has been nearly as good, if not better.  While the one year wonder Bowers has 15 sacks, Kerrigan has consistently notched 12 in two straight years.  Kerrigan also has 70 tackles, compared to Bowers 63.  Kerrigan 26 TFL, Bowers 24.  Additionally, the Panthers LOVE the leadership that Kerrigan brings.  Actually, when career statistics are compared between Suh and Kerrigan, Kerrigan compares favorably if not better:


Suh vs. Kerrigan
Player Games Sacks Tackles TFL FF
Suh 26 19.5 158 36.5 2
Kerrigan 24 25.5 136 44.5 12

Read more:


So, when looking for a quality DE prospect, the Carolina Panthers choose the unanimous All American Ryan Kerrigan, the undisputed leader of the Purdue Boilermakers.


13. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Allen Bailey  DT from Miami (Fla.)

The Seahawks need D-line help and there is great value there.  Allen Bailey is the choice because he brings a lot of versatility, the ability to play both DT and DE.


14. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
DaQuan Bowers   

Although they added Derrick Morgan, the Titans double dip in the DE pool, partly because of the value, partly because Morgan hasn't shown anything yet, and partly because Jason Babin may not be there next year.

15. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Mark Ingram  RB from Alabama

Yes, BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been good in fill in duty.  However, I would be shocked if the Patriots passed on Ingram because he's too talented and would make their offense unstoppable...

16. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Robert Quinn   

QB is the greatest need, however there is absolutely no value here for one, so the Cards will have to wait.  Robert Quinn is arguably the best value at this position in the draft, and is athletically gifted enough and perfectly sized to be a good 3-4 OLB.

17. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Joseph Barksdale  OT from LSU

San Diego's D is solid, and their pass game is 2nd in the league.  In order to move back up into the top tier teams, they need to get back to the power run game.  They drafted Mathews last year, however he ran into a wall too often after obtaining the handoff.  The solution?  An OT/OG with good size, technique, and athleticism in Barksdale.

18. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Janoris Jenkins  CB from Florida

Derek Cox is not a good starter, and the Jags need some help in their secondary, so they take a guy from just on down the road.

19. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Adrian Clayborn  DE from Iowa

Although the Bucs beefed up their interior D line last year, they need help on the outside.  They were hoping Bowers would be available here, but they settle for Clayborn.


20. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Gabe Carimi  OT from Wisconsin

Although the Packers are an exceptional passing team, they are one-dimensional because they can't run it effectively.  So, the Packers draft hometown hero Gabe Carimi to be the mauler opposite Bulaga, to jump start this running game.

21. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Jonathan Baldwin WR from Pittsburgh

The Rams are thrilled to have landed Baldwin.  He'll help improve their passing game and give Bradford someone to throw to, someone very tall.


22. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Derek Sherrod  OT from Mississippi State

Doesn't matter if you have the game's best passer if you can't protect him.  Welcome to Indy Sherrod.

23. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Justin Blackmon  na / WR from Oklahoma State

Although dissapointed they couldn't land Baldwin, the Chiefs happily take Justin Blackmon, who's had a killer season with 1665 yards and 18 TDs.

24. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Bruce Carter  OLB from North Carolina

Easy pick for the Giants.  Their biggest need? LB.  The best value? LB.  Carter is an athletic freak, and this defense's front 7 is going to be nasty.  Good luck trying to run against 'em!


25. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Jurrell Casey  DT from USC

If they're going to continue facing Turner the Burner, Blount, and Carolina's Double Trouble, they'll need a run stuffer.

26. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Anthony Castonzo  OT from Boston College

Cutler would really like a little less time spent laying on the turf and a little more time standing on the turf.

27. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Cameron Jordan   

They could use a star WR, however there's no value right here.  Cameron Jordan excelled in the 3-4 at Cal, and would be a great addition to the Jets, and a good replacement for the never-was Vernon Gholston.

28. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Quan Sturdivant  ILB from North Carolina

Time to start looking for a replacement for Ray Lewis.  If not, might have the chance to beat out Jameel McClain.

29. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Marvin Austin  DT from North Carolina

Tough call for the Eagles, being that they've got a lot of talent on IR.  Austin will help beef up the interior.

30. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Mike Pouncey  OG from Florida

The Pouncey Bros reunite in Pittsburgh to form a good blocking tandem again.

31. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
 Greg Romeus DE from Pittsburgh

The Falcons need some help getting a pass rush.  Romeus stock has slipped because of his injury, however he's still a great prospect.


32. -Team-
 Pick Breakdown...
Stefen Wisniewski  C from Penn State

Patriots might need some O-line help, especially if many of their guys are potential free agents.

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