My Mock V.2

Xmas break from College with nothing to do, so why not make a mock? BTW, stole the order from Montell in his last mock (thanks budday)

1. Carolina: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: Well, all you Panthers fans made me switch. Personally, I think this would be a bad move but who knows I'm probably an ND homer. If the Panthers are smart, they'll trade down and essentially give Luck to someone else and get more picks to build a team. This picture should get clearer once we get closer to draft day, kinda like last year with Bradford, Suh, and Clausen.

2. Denver: Marcell Dareus, DT/DE, Bama: We suck, plain and simple. The O is young and developing so we shouldn't draft an O guy. The D is gross everywhere, but if I've learned one thing from all my years of playing and following football, the game is won on the line of scrimmage. Even if Champ leaves, this should be the pick. It doesnt matter if Denver has the best secondary in the world, because if there front 7 plays this bad they will still fail. Plus, CB is really deep for this draft, so Denver should consider that with this pick and go CB with their pretty much first round pick next.

3. Cincinnati: DaQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson: One of the better D prospects in the draft. I know they gotta rebuild their O, but c'mon you can't pass up a freak like Bowers. Bowers can immediatley improve this 3rd to last ranked pass rush.

4. Arizona: Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas: Mechanics may be awkward, but as Cutler showed us, and Favre before this year, mechanics are overrated. This guy can sling it and utilize Fitz to his max potential. The D could use some talent but without a QB worth his weight in s***, they need this pick.

5. Detroit: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU: Elite prospect who luckily falls to 5. Detroit can't possibly pass up on this.

6. Buffalo: AJ Green, WR, UGA: Fitzpatrick has earned another year. WR with this passing game may seem a little wierd, but c'mon that WR corps has no one like Green. Fitz can take this passing game to a new level with Green.

7. San Fransisco: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: I know SF fans won't like this, but I just dont see a QB this talented leaving the top 10. I laughed when an SF fan tried to convince me Troy Smith was the future, but its clear  with every game this team plays that their lack of a significant QB is killing them. Amukamara is a great prospect, but I feel he may scare off some teams with his 40 time (4.5 I heard) i.e.: Joe Haden.

8. Dallas:Nick Fairley, DT/DE, Auburn: I was between this and Prince, but again I'm predicting Prince to fall quite a bit. I realize this is quite low for Fairley but he is a one year wonder and has committed a lot of stupid penalties, so a fall is possible.

9. Washington: Jake Locker, QB, Washington: Locker just seems like a Shanny type of guy, and I don't see Rex Grossman being the future, and McNabb is all but gone.

10. Houston: Robert Quinn, DE, UNC: Mario Williams and Quinn is scary, all that needs to be said. Houston gets lucky a talent like this falls to them

11. Minnesota: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: The fall stops here, and Minny gets good value. Realize they could use a QB, but none here with good value. Why not snag a guy with great value?

12. Cleveland: Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M: May be a bit of a reach, but its hard to devalue the only true 3-4 OLB prospect. The 23rd pass rush can use a boost from this freak.

13. Seattle: Mark Ingram, RB, Bama: Seattle can use a RB and Ingram is the best.

14. Tennesse: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami: when you get to the QB as often as they do and still get worked by QB's, your secondary's to blame.

15. NE (from OAK): Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal: Need to improve your pass rush and 3-4 DL? Jordan's your man.

16. Miami: Stefen Wisniewski, C/G, Penn St: Veratile OL may be what this team needs, and I have a feeling the Henne era aint over yet

17. San Diego: Julio Jones, WR, Bama: I realize Rivers can throw to anyone and have success, but with VJax leaving, it'd probably be nice for Rivers to throw to someone other then Gates and isn't a no-name.

18. Jax: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue: With Kampan likely done in the NFL, this team could use a player to give pressure around the edge.

19. Tampa Bay: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa: I bet TB fans won't be too happy not getting a true RE, but Clayborn's a beast and can really rush the passer well.

20. Green Bay: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin: Perfect value for Thompson and will help prevent Rodgers from getting concussed again.

21. St. Louis: Justin Blackmon, WR, OK St.: Can't give a young QB enough weapons can you?

22. Indy: DeMarcus Love, OT, Arkansas: Not my best available OT, but Indy does that to me and proves me wrong.

23. Kansas City: Jonathon Baldwin, WR, Pitt: Cassel could use a #2 WR, and Baldwin is more then that.

24.  New York Giants: Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma: People are putting way too much vaule on Lewis. I keep seeing him as a top 20, but no "non-elite" LB's get drafted top 20. I like this kid but he's not a freak like guys like Curry, Hawk (or so we thought) etc. Lewis will help this D even more.

25. New Orleans: Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon St.: Perfect run stopper this D could use, next to Ellis.

26. Chicago: Drake Nevis, DT, LSU: One of my surprise picks. I know everyone thinks they'll go OT, but they may take Nevis to be the perfect replacement for Tommie Harris.

27. New York Jets: Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio St.: May not have had the dream season this year, but talent alone should land him in the first.

28. Baltimore: Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida: I've been predicting 1st round  CB for years, but I think this is the year they do it.

29. Philly: Marcus Cannon, OG, TCU: Big hogmally for Reid.

30. Pittsburgh: Allen Bailey, DE, Miami: With so much age on this D, I think they should spend a lot of picks getting younger where there's a lot of age, and I think Kiesel and Smith are a lot of age.

31. Atlanta: Kyle Rudolph, TE, ND: Replacement for Gonzo, and a 2nd TE weapon if Gonzo stays.

32. New England: Michael Floyd, WR, ND: Can't be a true ND homer without putting two of my boys in the first (just kidding.... kinda). I know NE's passing game is on fire, but a true #1 WR can take this O back to their 07 days. Good value too for BB, and I truly didn't like any pass rushers here or OT's, and I already went DL


There it is, do your worst homers!

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