2 round mock draft

Been working on this draft for a couple weeks so the rankings on players could be off by a bit. Let me know if any of the players appear to be bad selections for your teams, i tried to go around SBNation and read the mock drafts / comments to try to get a feel of team needs. Hope you enjoy it!

Round 1


1.  St. Louis (1-15)- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame 

St. Louis has passed on a franchise QB to replace Marc Bulger for too many years and they must get the future of their franchise with the number 1 overall pick. 

2. Detroit (2-14)- Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska 

Detroit needs a defensive playmaker for their defense and they need to put pressure on the QB. Suh is being regarded as the best prospect of this decade. I'm not as high on him as some people are but i do believe that the Lions need help on their line.

3. Tampa Bay (3-13)- Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma 

The Tampa 2 relies on getting pressure on the QB from the DE's and also from their DT's. McCoy is regarded by some as better than Suh due to him having a better overall career than Suh.

4. Washington (4-12)- Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State 

The new coach has stated that Jason Campbell will get an opportunity to prove he is a starter in this league and i believe he will get one more year to battle it out. That being said they need someone to protect his blind side and open up holes for a slowing Portis.

5. Kansas City (4-12)- Rolando McClain ILB Alabama 

The don passes on the better athlete (Berry) and continues building from the inside out in that 3-4 defense. He selected Jarod Mayo 2 years ago at number 8 and selects a better ILB prospect here to lead the Chiefs for 10 years on the defensive side.

6. Seattle (5-11)- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma 

Carroll knows the value of a QB in an offense and on a team. He gets the smartest QB in this draft and if healthy the player with the most accurate arm to lead his team.

7. Cleveland (5-11)- Eric  Berry S Tennessee

Cleveland fans rejoice Berry somehow fell to you and it fills a huge hole in the backfield for the Browns. Berry is a freak athlete and more importantly he has great smarts and instincts at either safety position or the CB position.

8. Oakland (5-11)- Bruce Campbell OT Maryland 

Oakland fills a need at tackle that has been a trouble area for them. This pick should help shore up the o line and give their loose cannon a chance to overthrow more WR'ers. 

9. Buffalo (6-10)- Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

Buffalo is switching to a 3-4 by all accounts and they need a lot of personnel to shore up the defense. With McClain and Berry gone they either go Morgan or Haden and i believe they go D-line over secondary.

10. Jacksonville^ (7-9)- Joe Haden CB Florida

Jacksonville needs defensive help and Haden is the best player left on the board. He comes in and instantly improves the corner position hopefully they get their d-line later in the draft but a reach here isn't worth it.

11. Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9)- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

This pick is highly based on Marshall getting traded which i believe has to happen. Bryant is said to have more ability and upside than all 3 of the first round receivers last year his only downside being his attitude and off the field issues. 

12. Miami (7-9)- C.J. Spiller RB Clemson

You can only rely on the wildcat for so long and need to actually get a pro style offense at some point. Henne is a young QB and you need to see what he has. Spiller is a great running back and could either team up with Ronnie Brown or step in if they decide to trade him.

13. San Francisco (8-8)- Earl Thomas DB Texas

San Francisco needs help in their secondary and Earl Thomas is a great athlete able to play corner or safety. 

14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8)- Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa 

Now that Pete has his QBOTF he has to protect his blindside. Bulaga is a strong mauler of a tackle and should develop and shore up the left side for years.

15. New York Giants (8-8)- Brian Price DT  UCLA

Seems to be the consensus pick for the Giants this year they need DT help and this is the best guy available at this pick.

16. Tennessee^ (8-8)- Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida 

Tennessee needs to get a pass rush and Pierre-Paul would be a great replacement for Van den Bosch (spelling?). McShay recently had him 3rd??? crazy but i do think he is first round talent.

17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8)- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers

San Fran needs offensive line help and i think Anthony Davis here is great value. He perhaps has the highest upside of any LT this draft but is a bit of a project pick and could take a couple years to fully mature.

18. Pittsburgh (9-7)- Dan Williams NT Tennessee 

With Hampton both aging and most likely hitting the free agency market they need to get his replacement. Dan Williams is the best NT in the draft and would be a great fit up in Pitt.

19. Atlanta^ (9-7)- Donovan Warren CB Michigan

Atlanta needs secondary help and Warren is the second best corner this draft. He can step in and start from day one helping a Falcons defense that has needed help for a few years now.

20. Houston^ (9-7)- Golden Tate WR Notre Dame 

The second best WR in the draft and a great compliment to Andre Johnson. Gives Matt Schaub another option and helps the Texans in an area of need. 

21 Cincinnati* (10-6)-  Brandon LaFell WR LSU

Cincinnati NEEDS a WR and i mean bad so they get the best one on the board. La Fell does not have elite quicks but his straight line speed is very good. Above average hands and has the ability to go up and get the ball.

22. New England* (10-6)- Jared Odrick DE Penn St

With Seymour moving on and Wilfork possibly moving on they need to get some young lineman. Odrick can come in and play on the D-line in a 3-4 or 4-3 whatever the hoodie decides to do. 

23. Green Bay* (11-5)- Sergio Kindle OLB Texas

Green Bay needs a pass rush and Kindle can come in and do just that in the 3-4. I believe they have their D-line decent and can bring in a prospect to challenge in the later rounds but they need to get after the QB. 

24. Philadelphia* (11-5)- Mike Iupati G Idaho

With McNabb moving on and Kolb most likely stepping in to start they need to address their aging offensive line. Iupati falling this far is a gift that the Eagles accept and smile about.

25. Baltimore* (9-7)- Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma

Todd Heap was the TE for years and will be dearly missed by the Ravens. Gresham is a great TE talent and if he is over his injury he will be a first rounder. 

26. Arizona* (10-6)- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

Arizona has struggled to get after the QB and although they need some LB'ers there aren't really any prospects that fit their style of defense. Dunlap should be an immediate upgrade to their DE position.

27. Dallas* (11-5)- Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

Huge RT that i believe is in the mold of what Dallas likes in their lineman. Has great hands in pass protection and will need to learn to be a great running RT but he is a great RT talent. 

28. San Diego* (13-3)- Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech

LT is gone and they have to have the thunder for Sproles' lightning. Dwyer is the best power back available and i think he helps the Chargers get to the playoffs again next year.

29. New York Jets* (9-7)- Jerry Hughes DE / OLB TCU

Another toy for Ryan to play with. Hughes can play DE or OLB and i'm sure Ryan will move him around to get him after the QB.

30. Minnesota* (12-4)- Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest

Minnesota's only real position that could have a starter come in right away is CB and Brandon Ghee is the best CB available.

31. Indianapolis* (14-2)- Charles Brown OT USC

The last possible LT prospect is picked up by Indianapolis and can start there or compete for RT not real positive on Colts needs but from what i've seen the OT's are one of them.

32. New Orleans* (13-3)- Everson Griffen DE USC 

The Saint's need a Safety to replace an aging Sharper and also some D-line help but any safety here would be reaching.

Round 2


33. St. Louis (1-15)- Ricky Sapp DE Clemson

34. Detroit (2-14)- Brandon Graham DE / OLB Michigan

35. Tampa Bay (3-13)- Damian Williams WR USC

36. Kansas City (4-12)- Terrence Cody NT Alabama

37. Washington (4-12)- Taylor Mays S USC

38. Cleveland (5-11)- Arrelious Benn WR Illinois 

39. Oakland (5-11)- Maurkice Pouncey G/C Florida

40. Seattle (5-11)- Jahvid Best RB Cal

41. Buffalo (6-10)- Brandon Spikes ILB Florida

42. Tampa Bay - from Chicago^ (7-9) Javier Arenas CB Alabama

43. Miami (7-9)- Sean Witherspoon ILB Missouri

44. New England - from Jacksonville^ (7-9)- Mike Johnson G Alabama

45. Denver (8-8)- Corey Wootton DE Northwestern

46. New York Giants (8-8)- Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech

47. New England - from Tennessee^ (8-8)- Eric Norwood OLB  South Carolina

48. Carolina^ (8-8)- Demarious Thomas WR Georgia Tech

49. San Francisco (8-8)- Patrick Robinson CB Florida State

50. Kansas City - from Atlanta^ (9-7)- Nate Allen FS South Florida

51. Houston^ (9-7)- Kyle Wilson CB Boise State

52. Pittsburgh (9-7)- Chad Jones S LSU

53. New England* (10-6)- Jordan Shipley WR Texas

54. Cincinnati* (10-6)- Devin McCourtney CB Rutgers

55. Philadelphia* (11-5)- Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss

56. Green Bay* (11-5)- Dominque Franks CB Oklahoma

57. Baltimore* (9-7)- Kareem Jackson CB Alabama

58. Arizona* (10-6)- Vladimir Ducasse RG/RT UMass

59. Dallas* (11-5)- Tyson Alualu DE Cal

60. San Diego* (13-3)- Alex Carrington DE Arkansas State

61. New York Jets* (9-7)- Syd'Quan Thompson CB Cal

62. Minnesota* (12-4)- Jevan Snead QB Ole Miss

63.  Indianapolis* (14-2)- Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona

64. New Orleans* (13-3)- Reshad Jones SS Georgia

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