Mock Draft 5th Edition - Im an All Star

Hello MTD posters. I havent been on for a while because my fiance is sick. She is pregnant, Dont worry though everything is fine and my daughter Gracie Christine will be here in two months with no complications. However, I do miss you guys so I decided to drop you a mock. I havent got a chance to pay attention to risers and fallers as much as a usaully do but I have stayed in touch with that out of habit. I hope you enjoy it, Mock Draft number 5- Im an All Star addition.

  1. St. Louis (1-15) Ndamukong Suh DT- I feel this is the biggest lock. I dont think Spags will pass on Suh when you consider he is the best player ive ever seen coming out of college besides Orlando Pace. Carricker has struggled to stay healthy and maybe by Suh, he will look ok.
  2. Detroit (2-14) Russell O'Kung LT- Lions fans will probably be down my ear with this one. I know you want to think Backus is servicable but it just isnt true. 9 sacks would be forgivable if he was 8 yrs younger. He is getting old and its time to move on.
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Gerald McCoy DT- Tampa's biggest needs are DE and DT. They only had 28 sacks or something like that. No way they pass on McCoy or Morgan. Raheem Morris knows you have to rush the passer to keep your job and thats something the Bucs havent done.
  4. Washington (4-12) Jimmy Clausen QB- Clausen, IMO, isnt one of the 20 best players in this draft. He will get picked high because he is the best QB but last year I dont know if he would have been a top 10 pick even. New regimes mean new QBs and I dont see Jay Cutler walking thru that door anytime soon.
  5. Kansas City (4-12) Eric Berry FS/SS- Alot of diverse opinions on this pick. Everytime I see someones ock it either has Russel Okung or Eric Berry. If the Chiefs do decide to take an OT, I think it would be Bruce Cambell. Cambell fits the Chiefs zone blocking sceme alot better than Okung. Also, Pioli has never picked an OL before pick 32 and he still put together a good OL. I think he keeps Albert at LT. Albert doesnt fit a man blocking scheme at LT but as for the Chiefs Zone Blocking scheme, Albert is perfect. He was flawless after they switched to a more zone orienentated scheme.
  6. Seattle (5-11) Derrick Morgan DE- Morgan is another guy im higher on than most. I know people say Bulaga shut him down, thats good because im high on Bulaga so he had better.
  7. Cleveland (5-11)  Joe Haden CB-Haden is a complete stud. He gets looked over by alot of fans though and I dont know why. Haden gives the Browns two very young and very explosive safeties.
  8. Oakland (5-11) Anthony Davis LT- Davis fits the mold of a Raider. He is big and strong and has bust written all over him. The Raiders have to address the O line. Davis fits the scheme and should make a very good run blocking LT. (Im not predicting he is a bust or anything)
  9. Buffalo (6-10) Sam Bradford QB- Alot of people think Bradford is better than Clausen. I think they are about even. Chan Gailey might want his own guy or he could maybe trade a later pick for Brodie Croyle or Tyler Thigpen. Ive heard rumors that Gailey liked Croyle better than Cassel when he was with the Chiefs so maybe he makes that move. Chances are Pioli would ask for more than Croyle is worth, maybe they trade for Thiggy?
  10. Jacksonville^ (7-9) Brian Price DT- The Jags have needs and I dont think DT is a very big one. But Brice is very good at rushing the passer with his 20+ TFL this year, he lives in the backfield.
  11. Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9) Dez Bryant WR- Marschall is on his way out. Maybe the Broncos can put a tender on him but I dont see them pulling much more than a 2nd rounder for him.
  12. Miami (7-9) Earl Thomas FS- This is a big change for me. Ive had Cody and Hughes here most mocks. However, safety is a posistion that has gained tremendous value. Every team that goes to the SB has a good S. Bethea and Sharper anyone?
  13. San Francisco (8-8) Brian Bulaga OT- Simms is old and Bulaga is a good replacment. Simms played admirable for his age though and I could see him staying on as depth.
  14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8) Bruce Cambell OT- Cambell fits Seattles ZBS perfectly. He is the ideal LT for a ZBs and will probably be on top of alot of teams boards that deploy that scheme.
  15. New York Giants (8-8) Rolando McClain- Alot of people might jump down my throat for him being so far down. However, ive read lately that alot of GMs do not consider him a top ten pick. Some even say he isnt as good as Rey Maluluga was at this time last year. MLBs have a tendency to fall as well. The Giants get APs replacment.
  16. Tennessee^ (8-8) Brandon Graham DE- Titans need to add a pass rush in a bad way. Everson is a good pick to replace their aging DEs. Troy Brown should re-sign and this DL could take a couple steps forward.
  17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8) Mike Iupati- Alot of people just cant imagine an OG so high. Well its happened before. The 49ers have a decent OG in Baas but he isnt ever going to be great. However, he is one of the most underrated players IMO. Singletary will fall in love with a guy like Iupati. The 49ers should resign Franklin so their defense will be fine. By addressing the O line early and the secondary and OLB later, 49ers have a chance to be on the good side of 10 wins.
  18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Terrence Cody- Terrence Cody showed up to workouts at 470 lbs which isnt good. However, scouts said he did a good job taking on blockers and stopping the run. Cody has a shot to go here, but he has to prove he can control his weight. I think he does just that.
  19. Atlanta^ (9-7) Donovan Warren- Atlanta needs a CB and DL help. They could also address their O line. Warren is a good pick because it addresses a huge need. Warren can play in any scheme.
  20. Houston^ (9-7) CJ Spiller- Houston is not satisfied by Steve Slatons play. They benched him multiple times. He has a fumbling problem that he couldnt seem to get under wrapped. However, CJ Spiller screams Reggie Bush. He doesnt like running over the middle and alot of scouts say it may hurt his draft stock. Im being generous.
  21. Cincinnati* (10-6) Carlos Dunlap's raw talent will get him drafted this high. He will have a wonderful combine.
  22. New England* (10-6) Dan williams NT- Alot of people dont mock a NT to NE but I could definitly see it happening.
  23. Green Bay* (11-5) Trent Williams- GB is so desperate to add OT depth that they reach for someone to replace Tauscher.
  24. Philadelphia* (11-5) Navarro Bowman- Bowman will fit perfectly in the eagles scheme and will give them a good LB core.
  25. Baltimore* (9-7) Damian Williams- Baltimore gives Flacco a true number one.
  26. Arizona* (10-6) Charles Brown- This could be a QB, or they could move up to get one. However, they need a LT to replace Gandy.
  27. Dallas* (11-5) Golden Tate- I always mock him here and I always feel uneasy about it. He could slip to the 2nd round because of his height.
  28. San Diego* (13-3) Jerry Hughes- Hughes falls because of his posistion. If the Chargers loss Merriman I will be sad. He is so overrated and I would just love to see Albert abuse him for 7 more years.
  29. New York Jets* (9-7) Patrick Robinson- The Jets have to replace Lito. He was absolutely horrible in the post season. Robinson is a solid cover corner and I like him a little better than I like Kyle Wilson.
  30. Minnesota* (12-4) Jason Pierre-Paul- Paul is a freak, but I dont consider him elite talent. He falls to Minnesote.
  31. Indianapolis* (14-2) Taylor Mays- I know, you probably dont like this pick shake. Check my reasoning though. Mays can sit a year and develop behind a pretty good secondary. Or, if Sanders and Bethea are not on the team, then he could imediatly start. Either way he is value right here.
  32. 32.    New Orleans* (13-3) Greg Hardy- Hardy slips because of injuries but he is a good pick for NO.

Round 2

  1. St. Louis (1-15) Jevan Snead
  2. Detroit (2-14) Jonathan Dwyer
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Morgan Burnett
  4. Kansas City (4-12) Brandon Spikes
  5. Washington (4-12) Selvish Capers
  6. Cleveland (5-11) Jermaine Gresham
  7. Oakland (5-11) Kyle Wilson
  8. Seattle (5-11) Chad Jones
  9. Buffalo (6-10) Arellious Benn
  10. Tampa Bay - from Chicago^ (7-9) Brandon LaFell
  11. Miami (7-9) DeMaryius Thomas
  12. New England - from Jacksonville^ (7-9) Trevard Lindley
  13. Denver (8-8) Arthur Jones
  14. New York Giants (8-8) Javid Best
  15. New England - from Tennessee^ (8-8) Jared Odrick
  16. Carolina^ (8-8) Mardy Gilyard
  17. San Francisco (8-8) Ricky Sapp
  18. Kansas City - from Atlanta^ (9-7) Maurike Pouncey
  19. Houston^ (9-7) Vince Oghobasse
  20. Pittsburgh (9-7) Nate Allen
  21. New England* (10-6) Anthony Dixon
  22. Cincinnati* (10-6) Aaron Hernandez
  23. Philadelphia* (11-5) Everson Griffen
  24. Green Bay* (11-5) Mike Johnson
  25. Baltimore* (9-7) Brandon Ghee
  26. Arizona* (10-6) Jon Asomoah
  27. Dallas* (11-5) Tyson Alula (SP?)
  28. San Diego* (13-3) Ryan Matthews
  29. New York Jets* (9-7) Jeremy Beal
  30. Minnesota* (12-4) Lamar Houston
  31. New Orleans* (13-3) Sean Weatherspoon
  32. Indianapolis* (14-2) Ron Gronkowski

Round  3

  1. St. Louis (1-15) Eric Decker
  2. Detroit (2-14) Jordan Shipley
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Javier Arenas
  4. Kansas City (4-12) Cam Thomas
  5. Oakland (5-11) D'Anthony Smith
  6. Philadelphia - from Seattle (5-11) Mike Neal
  7. Cleveland (5-11) Eric Norwood
  8. Buffalo (6-10) Mike Tennant
  9. Miami (7-9) Brandon Lang
  10. Jacksonville^ (7-9) JD Walton
  11. Chicago^ (7-9) Vladimir Duccasse
  12. New York Giants (8-8) Jared Veldheer
  13. Tennessee^ (8-8) Daryl Washington
  14. Carolina^ (8-8) Zane Beatles
  15. San Francisco (8-8) Reshad Jones
  16. Denver (8-8) Sean Canfield
  17. Houston^ (9-7) Daryl Stuckey
  18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Jamar Chaney
  19. Atlanta^ (9-7) Austen Lane
  20. Cincinnati* (10-6) Bill Stull
  21. Oakland - from New England* (10-6) Tony Pike
  22. Green Bay* (11-5) Amar Spievy CB
  23. Philadelphia* (11-5) Akawasi Owusu-Ansah
  24. Baltimore* (9-7) Devin McCourty
  25. Arizona* (10-6) Micah Johnson
  26. Dallas* (11-5) AJ Edds
  27. San Diego* (13-3) Kareem Jackson CB
  28. Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7) Dexter McCluster
  29. Minnesota* (12-4) Perish Cox
  30. New Orleans* (13-3) Sean Lee
  31. Indianapolis* (14-2) Jason Fox
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