Mock Draft 3.0

Pre-combine edition, two rounds.  Fire away.  :)

#1 Saint Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame

The Rams need a QB.  The past three drafts, they've spent two high picks on defensive line.  Long still hasn't panned out, and I think Carriker would be better at LDE, or even UT if they get a solid nose.  Suh won't be the pick because A, they have too much money invested in the position, B, the positional value isn't there, DT's don't win you games, and C, Spags will want an offensive guy.  Defensive coaches do not tend to draft defense.  Guess who the first picks for Raheem Morris, Jim Schwartz, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Smith, and Rex Ryan were?  Josh Freeman, Matt Stafford, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Mark Sanchez.  Clausen could step in immediately and make the Rams respectable on offense.  They have weapons, they have the line, they just need a QB. 

#2 Detroit Lions: Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State

Ndamakong Suh was strongly considered here, and is in fact very possibly the pick. The Lions need to help their run defense, in fantasy I make a living of picking up backs off the waiver wire when they are playing the Hello Kitties. And the management has said they like Backus, the fans seem to agree, favoring drafting a guard instead.  BUT, no one seems to have considered that the Backus love is one epic smokescreen.  Backus has after all allowed ten sacks a year, and while we agree that is somewhat of an arbitrary stat, when that stat pops up consistently, there's reason for concern.  Drafting Okung upgrades three positions, you get a heck of a LT.  You move Backus inside and get an upgrade at guard.  There is precedence for this, see Carolina with Gross/Wharton/Otah.  And you get an upgrade at quarterback because Stafford isn't taking hits as often and has more time to find Megatron deep. 

#3 Tampa Bay Buccanneers: Ndamakong Suh, DT Nebraska

This one is a no-brainer.  Suh is a heck of a talent, and while McCoy is a better fit for their scheme, you can't question Suh's dominance.   

#4 Washington Redskins: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

Shanahan will be looking for his guy, and Bradford is the best available.  O-line is a possibility, I like Campbell here, he reminds me of Clady in pass pro. 

#5 Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry, FS Tennessee

Scott Pioli has shown he’s not afraid to break the mold. Berry is a one of a kind player, the next Ed Reed maybe. He would shore up their porous secondary.

#6 Seattle Seahawks: Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland

Campbell has elite measurables, and is excellent in pass protection.  Just what Seattle needs.   

#7 Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden, CB Florida

Cleveland could take McCoy if they trade some of their D-line depth, but they need secondary help bad. Haden and Wright would be a killer tandem.

#8 Oakland Raiders: Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma

Oakland needs help at DT bad, even with Seymour gone. A DE was also considered, but McCoy was too much value.

#9 Buffalo Bills: Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

Buffalo needs to upgrade the line badly, Davis can play both sides.

#10 *Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

Morgan would put some teeth back in the Jaguar pass rush.  While I have moved Tebow from this spot, I still think Jacksonville ends up with Tebow somehow in this draft, he just makes too much sense.   

#11 Denver Broncos: Rolando Mclain, ILB Alabama

I think Bryant is a very possible pick here, but I don't project trades.  Right now with Marshall they need another ILB, their run defense really declined as the year wound down. Mclain is a tough run defender with a lot more range than current starter Andra Davis. He's the perfect fit.

#12 Miami Dolphins: Terence Cody, NT Alabama

NT's are a high commodity, they are the glue to the entire 3-4 defense, and a reason why they are drafted high despite being only overweight two-down players. Miami's current nose tackle, Jason Ferguson, is 35 years old, and the backup is solid in rotation, nothing more. Cody is the best NT in the draft, despite what the critics say.  Also, they will have options later at receiver and rush linebacker.  Hughes, Sapp, and Kindle will likely be available later. 

#13 San Francisco 49ers: Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa

The Niners are desperate for help at RT. Bulaga will be a very solid player, on either side.

#14 Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson

Spiller is the top back in this class, and would give a much needed shot in the arm to a slothlike Seahawk run game.  I also briefly considered Earl Thomas, to help with their coverage issues. 

#15 New York Giants: Earl Thomas, FS/CB Texas

New York needs secondary help. Their starting corners are injury prone, Kenny Phillips may never be the same, and no one out of the trio of C.C. Brown, Aaron Rouse, and Michael Johnson is a starter. Thomas would be an instant upgrade, and give them some flexibility.

#16 Tennessee Titans: Brian Price, DT UCLA

This gives the Titans a disruptive force on the interior again.   

#17 San Francisco 49ers: Donovan Warren, CB Michigan

San Fran needs secondary help, and Warren is the best available. This would allow them to move Nate Clements either to safety or the bench, giving them potentially two upgrades.

#18 Pittsburgh Steelers: Dan Williams, NT Tennessee

NT is a really high demand position, and we start to see the younger generation start here. Hampton is not likely to be re-signed, and Williams would be a good replacement.  I considered Cody, but given his perceived weight issues, and Pittsburgh's issues with Hampton's weight makes me think they'll shy away. 

#19 Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Mizzou

Weatherspoon gives them an upgrade over Mike Peterson at SAM, or another option at WILL besides Stephen Nicolas and Coy Wire. I think 'Spoon will get his stock back up to this range.

#20 Houston Texans: Terence Cody, NT Alabama

Houston played much better against the run with the addition of Cushing and Pollard, but they still lack a dominant nose.  Cody would force a double team, which would allow top ten pick Amobi Okoye to do what he does best, penetrate.   

#21 Cincinatti Bengals: Dez  Bryant, WR Oklahoma State

Cincinatti needs more teeth in their passing attack.  Bryant projects like counterpart Chad Ochocinco, a lanky guy with solid downfield ability who will go up and get the ball.  He can also return punts, another need for the Bengals.   

#22 New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes, OLB TCU

New England needs a pass rush, and Hughes is a legitimate 3-4 rush linebacker.

#23 Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT USC

Brown's Combine is critical. He must have a good showing in the strength workouts, and come in over 300 pounds. If he does, he could go as high as 13 to the Niners. If not, he could drop out of the first altogether. As it is, he's a great fit for Green Bay's blocking scheme. And he fills a great need.

#24 Philadelphia Eagles: Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida

I think Dunlap is overrated, he reminds me of the bad Julius Peppers. He reminds me of the good Peppers as well, which is why he goes here to Philadelphia. With Trent Cole on the other side, his bouts of laziness won't be so apparent.

#25 Baltimore Ravens: Damian Williams, WR USC

Williams runs great routes, and will be a great weapon for Flacco. I think he is going to be the most consistent receiver in this class.

#26 Arizona Cardinals: Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma

Arizona needs help with their pass rush, secondary, and left tackle.  But a weapon like Gresham will really help ease the transition from Warner to Leinart.  Young QB's love having a weapon at TE.   

#27 Dallas Cowboys: Mike Iupati, OG Idaho

Iupati is the type of monstruous, beastly, interior linemen that Dallas loves.   

#28 San Diego Chargers: Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

Not much of a left tackle, but San Diego is looking for a right tackle anyways.  He would give a shot in the arm to their run game.  Jahvid Best was considered, but they need more of an everydown back like Dwyer, Dixon, or Gerhart. 

#29 New York Jets: Jared Odrick, DE Penn State

The Jets need to get younger at the 3-4 DE position. Odrick would be a very good 3-4 DE.

#30 Minnesota Vikings: Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forrest

With the injury to Cedric Griffin in the NFC Championship, cornerback becomes the top need.  Ghee is a great corner, he has nice instincts, size, speed, and breaks on the ball.   

#31 Indianapolis Colts:  Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida

Indy loves to draft for the future.  They do have a need at tackle, but no one really fits their scheme.  Interior line is a need, but that can be filled with a tackle.  They need a linebacker, but they don't draft them high. ;)  Secondary is a need, but later.  Defensive tackles is a need, but Indy loves using UDFA and guys already on the roster.  Robert Mathis has an expiring contract soon, and Freeney won't be around forever.  JPP is Indy's type of player, and while he does need some development, he's not coming in to start over either Freeney or Mathis. 

#32 New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen, DE USC

The Saints need another DE to compliment Will SmithCharles Grant is ineffective, and Bobby McCray isn't a starter.  Griffen will absolutely dominate the combine, so he could move up draft boards. 

Round 2

#33 St. Louis Rams: Lamar Houston, DT Texas. 

While I don't believe the Rams take Suh, they do need help on the interior.  Houston is a solid penetrator, and would help collapse the pocket from the interior.  He's no Suh, but is a solid consolation prize. 

#34 Detroit Lions: Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State

There isn't a DT worthy of the pick here, and the Lions pass D is just as bad as their run D.  Wilson is a solid corner, and adds a return dimension to the game. 

#35 Tampa Bay Buccanneers: Taylor Mays, S/LB, USC

While Mays has some deficiencies in his game, he has great measurables, and is a hard hitter.  He could play OLB in the Bucs cover 2 as well.  He is too much of a value to pass up here. 

#36 Kansas City Chiefs:  Brandon Graham, DE/OLB Michigan

The Chiefs need some teeth in their pass rush.  The retooling of the defense continues.  I think their O-line will be fine with the switch in schemes, at least fine enough to wait until the later rounds. 

#37 Washington Redskins:  Maurkice Pouncey, OL Florida

Washington needs MAJOR help on the O-line, and Pouncey's demeanor and ability to play guard, center, and right tackle will help tremendously. 

#38 Cleveland Browns: Brandon Spikes, ILB Florida

Back to back Florida players, Spikes would bring a nasty attitude to the Browns D, shore up their run defense, and be absolutely terrifying next to D'Qwell Jackson. 

#39 Oakland Raiders: Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State

Oakland needs some secondary depth, and Robinson is the top corner available.  Easy pick. 

#40 Seattle Seahawks: Nate Allen, S South Florida

Seattle desperately needs secondary help, and Nate Allen is a very underrated prospect. 

#41 Buffalo Bills: Cam Thomas, NT UNC

Buffalo is reportedly switching to a 3-4, and I don't think Stroud can play NT.  Thomas is the third best NT prospect, and should start immediately. 

#42 Tampa Bay Buccanneers: Brandon LaFell, WR LSU

Tampa Bay needs receiver, and I picked LaFell over Tate and Benn because he is more polished and has more potential to be a #1 receiver. 

#43 Miami Dolphins: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB Texas

Miami needs more weapons in their pass rush after cutting Joey Porter.  They also need a receiver, but more of a possession, #1 type guy.  Tate isn't it, although I could see him going here, and Benn has a case of the dropsies like another Miami receiver.  I don't like Kindle, he doesn't have many moves, but he doesn't have to as an OLB. 

#44 New England Patriots: Jahvid Best, RB California

Best will add an element of a ground game to New Englands attack.  And he will be one more dangerous weapon for Brady to use.   

#45 Denver Broncos: Corey Wootton, DE/DT Northwestern

Denver has a huge hole at 3-4 DE, Wootton is one of the best available. 

#46 New York Giants: Kyle Calloway, OT Iowa

I've heard the Giants have a hole at OT, Calloway would be good depth.  Also considered were Navorro Bowman, Daryll Washington, and Perrish Cox. 

#47 New England Patriots: Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State

New England desperately needs fresh blood in the secondary.  Cox can also double on returns. 

#48 Carolina Panthers:  Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame

I will be psysched if Tate falls this far, which he could if his 40 isn't top notch.  He already has questions about his heighth and vertical ability.  Having said that, he is exactly what we need in Carolina, a playmaker across from Smith. 

#49 San Francisco 49ers:  Chad Jones, SS LSU

Jones is a punishing safety, and an excellent upgrade at strong safety. 

#50 Kansas City Chiefs: Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers

McCourty had a great Senior Bowl, and is shooting up boards.  This is a nice bargain here, and will be a solid corner across from Brandon Flowers

#51 Houston Texans: Morgan Burnett, FS Georgia Tech

Burnett would help a Texans secondary that must shut down Peyton Manning in order to have a chance.  He's got ball skills, and there are plenty of other running backs to have later. 

#52 Pittsburgh Steelers: Domonique Franks, CB Oklahoma

Franks has the size the Steelers look for in their corners.  And Pittsburgh desperately needs secondary help. 

#53 New England Patriots: Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois

Benn has some issues with hands, focus, and route running, but he has the natural ability of a #1, and I think Belichick takes a chance on another troubled receiver. 

#54 Cincinatti Bengals: Navarro Bowman, OLB Penn State

This is a steal this low, but Bowman has character issues that could drop him.  Luckily the Bengals don't care about that stuff.  They also have a need at linebacker, Bowman will help with that. 

#55 Philadelphia Eagles: Vladimir Ducasse, OG UMASS

Reid loves to draft big offensive linemen, and they have a need at right guard.  Ducasse is a raw prospect, but he can battle it out with Nick Cole for the starting spot. 

#56 Green Bay Packers: Javier Arenas, CB Alabama

Green Bay needs corner depth and a potential replacement for Will Blackmon, who had an ACL injury.  Arenas can play both. 

#57 Baltimore Ravens: Kareem Jackson, CB Alabama

Back to back Alabama corners, Baltimore definitely needs corner help. 

#58 Arizona Cardinals: Daryll Washington, MLB TCU

A replacement for Karlos Dansby, but even if Dansby returns Washington would be a good selection. 

#59 Dallas Cowboys: Jordan Shipley, WR Texas

Another weapon for Romo, Shipley can replace Crayton in the slot, and in returns. 

#60 San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech

Dwyer and Sproles would form a nice one-two punch. 

#61 New York Jets: Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincinatti

Gilyard would be an excellent weapon for Sanchez in the slot. 

#62 Minnesota Vikings: Matt Tennant, C BC

Minnesota had issues on the interior, I blame the new starter at center.  At the very least, competition is needed.  If Favre leaves, this pick will be another Mississippi QB with the #4. 

#63 Indianapolis Colts: Jason Fox, OT Miami

Indy has a need at tackle, but they have enough talent they can let Fox develop on the bench. 

#64 New Orleans Saints: A.J. Edds, OLB Iowa

New Orleans desperately need help at OLB.  Fujita and Shanle could both be upgraded. 

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