Bill's mock

Though i might do a Bills mock draft, and it's gonna be one of the harder mocks to predict this offseason because...

1. Wil STL take a QB? If they don't our whole draft could shake up because maybe Clausen or Bradford falls to #9. Maybe STL takes Suh. Then one of the other teams looking form a QB this year in Washington picks Okung. Then seattle picks one of the big time QB's and Clausen or Bradford falls right into our hands. Do we take him? We should a franchise QB is the most important thing on a team.

2. Do we want the sure thing in Bulaga or the iffy Davis? Brian Bulaga seems like he'll be a sure thing to be a solid OT. Anthony Davis on the other hand seems like he'll be a pro-bowl caliber OT or he could be a ( gulp) Mike Williams type pick.

3. Do we address the 3-4 defense? If so do we take the potential dominate Rolondo McClain or do we get the NT we need in Dan Williams. Or maybe we go for Derrick Morgan the strong pass rushing DE or Jasn Pierre-Paul the 6-6 DE/OLB hybrid pass rusher we could use for the 3-4.

Here goes...

1st round pick #9- Anthony Davis- ( Assuming Bradfordand Clausen will be off the board)This pick will be a risky pick. We could potentally trade down for Bulaga or Pierre-Paul. Or maybe take Derrick Morgan at this pick. I believe we shoudl take Rolando McClain becaus he' a once in a Patrick Willis type prospect, but this is who i think the Bills will take, not who i want them to take. New GM and HC will be looking to solidify the OL and Davis is who they will take. I don't really approve of this pick, but we have made some bad picks recently.

2nd round pick #41- Cam Thomas- Again who i think the Bills will pick not who i want them to pick at all. This guy has overrated written all over him. In my opinion he'll be nothing more than a John McCargo, who was also a huge reach for the Bills. If i were to make this pick(saying that we take Davis) I say Brandon Spikes because he's  great ILB against the run, which we need for the 3-4. Spikes would be my number one, but i would also like to see Johnathon Dwyer. RB, he was brought in my Chan to GT and would be a good choice especially if we could trade Lynch for a 4th round pick. Also if Sergio Kindle is available at this pick i'd be fine with that pick as well

3rd round pick #72- Eric Norwood- He's the OLB pass rushingdefender we need now that we haven't drafted  Terrence Cody is also an option if he falls here because he's the HUGE NT Bills could definatly yet and could play across. We could go for QB,OG,DE/ILB. Some other picks i considered were Jevan Snead and Tony Pike. coming into the season Snead was a top 5 pick now he's a mid round pick. I've been watching him and he looks stiff and uncomfortable throwing the ball. Pike doesn't have the strong arm fans want, but he's a smart/accurate QB. Plus he's very tall. OG picks for here include Marshall Newhouse and Joe Asamoah, but we don't need an OG unless Wood is going to play C in coming years(but we can deal with i when/if it happens). Grag Hardy, Kao Misi, and A.J. Edds for DE and OLB. Hardy is my favorite, but Misi will surprise some Geno Atkins would also be a good pick for DT.

4th round pick #104- Dan LeFevour- Everybody that's a Bills fanseems to like this guy and i do to and why not. He absolutly dominated college, is mobile, can throw rather well, and Chan wants his new QB project. I wish i could have some NFL comparisons for this guy but I can't think of any, can i get some help?. He's a great prospect and i want him and I think the Bills want him. Other possibilities are Eric Norwood, Jason Fox, Myron Rolle, and Zac Robinson.

5th Round pick #136- Myron Rolle- Why he might fall this far blows my mind away. He was the #1 high school prospect coming into college, he abolutly dominated college, but instead of going to the NFL or back to college for his senior year, he went to Oxford. He's one of the few college athletes who have a back up plan if they don't make it. He's a brilliant student and a great football player. He's also probably a great learner. In 10 years or so if he doesn't quit football for a non athletic job, he could very well become one of the better players inthis draft and a very good sleeper pick. If the Bills don't pick Rolle if  he is available here, THEY WILL REGRET IT! Other possibilities...none if the Bills are smart

6th round- ILB who can play the run, and be a decent back up.

7th Round- PR/KR now that Parrish is gone

Possible Trades: Marshawn Lynch for a 5th round pick, Roscoe Parrish for a 7th round pick, Aaron Schobel for a 4th round pick, Trent Edwards for a 7 round pick( maybe STL)


Who I think the Bills will pick( in order):

-Anthony Davis

-Cam Thomas

-Greg Hardy

-Dan LeFevour

- Myron Rolle

- Back up DT


Who I want the Bills to pick( in order):

- Rolondo McClain

- Johnathon Dwyer( If we trade Lynch), or Cody if we don't

- Eric Norwood

- Dan LeFevour

-Myron Rolle

-  DT( hopefully K Williams can play NT)


Hope you enjoyed

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