Wrapping Up Day Two In South Florida For Super Bowl XLIV

SB Nation's Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride is on the ground in South Florida, providing reports, commentary and impressions from Super Bowl week.

The "organized chaos" theme continued Tuesday with the Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and hundreds of media members gathering in the club level section of Joe Robbie Pro Player Dolphin Land Shark Sun Life Stadium.

Because of the weather (which actually turned out to be nice), media day was moved inside. From what I can gather, this is the first time it's been moved indoors.

Logistically, it was expected to be a problem but after going through it, I can’t imagine a more organized chaotic scene.

The way it works is that 10-15 of the bigger names on each team have their own booth and the media sets up camp in front of each booth.

For the Colts, Peyton Manning had far and away the most people and cameras in front of him. After him, it was Dwight Freeney, whose sprained ankle is the hot topic of discussion down here. For the Saints, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush were swarmed as was head coach Sean Payton. I had a front row view for Payton (something about Mike Freeman’s article made me want to hear him up close in person).

While the big names get their own booths with microphones and the whole bit, the other players on the team are just walking around the club level area like everyone else. Some had video cameras taking in the scene while others were keepin’ it real, like this group of Saints players.


Several media folks commented, "Wow! Look how relaxed they are!"

(They were really shocked that the players were relaxed.)

If the Saints players weren’t talking to the press or laying low off to the side, then they were singing karaoke on Super Bowl Idol.


As media day at Sun Life Stadium began to shut down, we made our way back to the media center in Fort Lauderdale, where I took a few minutes to write about my media day experiences.

Meanwhile, my partner in South Florida, BigBlueShoe from Stampede Blue, made his way over to the CBS folks and got some time with the broadcasters.

One minute I’m asking questions of Joseph Addai. The next, I’m sitting down with a one-on-one interview with Shannon Sharpe. I also had the opportunity to chat with Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, and Phil Simms. Listening to Simms rant about the "Wildcat offense" was priceless. Cowher rooted for the Jets over the Colts because they played "tough, physical" football. Shannon Sharpe might not make many Colts fans happy with his on-air rambling, but I must admit the guy was very courteous and kind to answer questions. He also offered some funny stories about his playing days.

I’ve heard the audio and it’s great stuff. Look for that to be posting over at Stampede Blue in the next day or so.

After that, it was off to dinner with BigBlueShoe, at which point I reminded him of the crushing playoff losses his Colts delivered to my Chiefs. Things got a little awkward after that and we drove home in silence.

Ah well, it was probably for the best.

Tomorrow we are up bright and early for some time with the Colts coaches and players. The Saints will be mid-morning then we’ve got a few other things lined up for the day.

While you've got the time, check out a more in-depth recap of the Saints day over at Canal Street Chronicles.

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