Turf Show Times Mock Draft Challenge 1.0

What's up guys. This is my first post on the "Mocking The Draft" site. I'm a Rams fan and check TST daily. The blog organizers set up a mock challenge and I'd like your opinions. This is my first attempt to ever do a Mock Draft but feel free to slam it all you want


1.  Rams: Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma



    As much as everyone wants the Rams to select Suh, I thinkSpags and company draft the QB of the future. The Rams passed on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez in the past 2 drafts and I think they will pull the trigger on Bradford. 


    2.  Lions: Ndamukong Suh  DT Nebraska



    The Lions were one of the worst teams in pass rush and get the best DL in the draft. Suh will need help though in Detriot before the Lions have a respectable defense.


    3.  Bucs:  Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma



    The Bucs really would love it if Suh dropped in their laps, but they will settle for the 2nd best DL in the draft.


    4.  Redskins:  Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame



    The Jason Cambell experiment in Washington is over


    5.  Chiefs: Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State

    If the Chiefs expect Matt Cassell to last as their starting QB, they need to keep him off his back. Theirs no way I see them passing on an OT in the 1st round, and Okung will be the pick

    6.  Seahawks:  Eric Berry S Tennessee 

    Eric Berry lands in the lap of our most hated rival. Aaron Curry and Eric Berry make the Seafags really solid on the defensive side.

    7. Browns:  Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

    8. Raiders: Rolando McClain LB Alabama

    9. Bills: Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

    T.O is not going to be playing in Buffalo this season so the Bills draft Bryant to give whoever is going to be under center a playmaker at WR

    10. Jaguars: Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

    The Jags will settle on a different local star to help their pass rush

    11. Broncos: Joe Haden CB Florida

    Haden and Champ = sick CB combo

    12. Dolphins: Sergio Kindle LB Texas

    13. 49ers: Taylor Mays S USC

    14. Seahawks: Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

    15. Giants: Everson Griffen DE USC

    16. Titans: Golden Tate WR Notre Dame

    17. 49ers: Brandon Spikes LB Florida

    18. SteelersAnthony Davis OT Rutgers

    19. Falcolns: C.J Spiller RB Clemson


    Michael Turner and CJ Spiller make one of the most dangerous 2 headed monster at RB


    20. Texans: Ed Thomas S Texas

    21. Bengals: Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma

    22. Patriots: Terrance Cody DT Alabama

    23. Packers: Brian Bulaga OT Iowa

    24. Eagles: Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri

    25. Ravens: Arthur Jones DT Syracuse

    26. Cardinals: Jason Pierre Paul USF

    27. Cowboys: Mike Lupati G Idaho

    28. Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech

    29. Jets: Arrelious Benn WR Illinois

    30. Vikings: Jerry Hughes LB TCU

    31. Colts: Tim Tebow QB Florida


    The Colts will take a chance on Tim Tebow as he will learn the proper mechanics of what it takes to be an NFL starting QB from one of the all time greatest QBs, Peyton Manning  

    32. Saints: Ricky Sapp LB Clemson

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