Mock draft from across the pond

I have recently posted this mock draft on MHR as part of a look at the Broncos off season. I have had some interesting feedback and wanted to see what other teams fans had to say on it. I will add that I am a fan from the UK and have limited viewing of college football and far from consider myself an expert but wanted to get some feedback on my thoughts with the combine looming.

1. St Louis Rams - Sam Bradford QB - Suh is a beast and Spagnuolo would love someone of this calibre in his team but the league is dominated by teams who have franchise QBs and if you are going to pay number one money for any player then it has to be for a QB. It also means the Rams get a face for their organisation.

2. Detroit Lions - Russell Okung OT - Another team who needs help on the defensive side of the ball but what is the point in having invested all that money on Stafford when he is going to spend half the time picking himself up of the turf. Passing on Oher at 20 last year looks dumber with every game Oher plays.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ndamukong Suh DT - The Bucs need a real upgrade on the defensive line and Suh can become a major part of their defense for the next decade.

4. Washington Redskins - Anthony Davis OT - The Redskins need a tackle to replace Samuels.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Bryan Bulaga OT - The Chiefs really need to upgrade their offensive line and allow Albert to go back to his college position of guard.

6. Arizona Cardinals - Jimmy Clausen QB - There has been talk of Arizona trading up to get a QB and with the Browns, Seattle and the Bills also not stable at the QB position the Cardinals move up to take the Seahawk’s first pick with a trade sees Carroll reunite with Leinhart and also get the Arizona Cardinals 1st round pick

7. Cleveland Browns - Eric Berry FS - Nearly every Mock Draft see the Browns take Haden of the board but if Berry was still available would they be able to leave him so I have gone with the ball hawking safety to improve their defense.

8. Oakland Raiders – Gerald McCoy- I am not necessarily saying that McCoy will fall this far but I think there is a possibility that he could and if he does then surely the Raiders aren’t dumb enough to pass on him!

9. Buffalo Bills - Bruce Campbell OT - The Bills have not replaced Jason Peters and with no top QBs left for them to pick they finally try and replace Peters.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan- I seriously considered Tim Tebow but how much would he add to a franchise that might be in LA in a couple of years. They need a DE and pick the one who is regarded by many to be the best on the board.

11. Denver Broncos - Rolando McClain ILB - The Broncos need to sort out their defense against the run and McClain can be the leader of the defense within a couple of years. I have seen more of this guy than most in the draft and think he will be a star.

12. Miami Dolphins - Dez Bryant WR - The Dolphins need a threat wide out and their apparent interest in Jackson shows this.

13. New Orleans Saints - Carlos Dunlap DE - The 49ers make a trade for Jamaal Brown and part of the deal sees them receive this pick. The Saints need help with the pass rush and they select the athletic Dunlap.

14. Seattle Seahawks - Joe Haden CB - Although there are other areas of need the Seahawks cannot let the best player left on the board slide any further.

15. New York Giants - Dan Williams DT - The Giants need help at defensive tackle and draft the next best DT on the board.

16. San Francisco 49ers - Mike Iupati G - The 49ers need help across the offensive line and pick the best guard in the draft who could also cover the tackle positions.

17. Tennessee Titans - Everson Griffin DE - The Titans aren’t getting any younger at the end position and Griffin provide them with help in the pass rush.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Taylor Mays S - The Steelers need help at safety with Ryan Clark a free agent and Polamalu injuries.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Jason Pierre Paul DE - The Falcons draft at a position of need.

20. Houston Texans - Brian Price DT - Mario Williams needs help on the defensive line and Price gives them extra help.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Golden Tate WR - With the sad loss of Henry the Bengals draft another weapon for Carson Palmer.

22. New England Patriots - Brandon Graham OLB - The Patriots are in need of help in the pass rush and Graham's Senior Bowl performance makes him a great fit.

23. Green Bay Packers - Trent Williams OT - The Packers had some horror shows on the line this season and Williams will give them the upgrade they need.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Earl Thomas S - Thomas can come in and upgrade their secondary.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon LaFell WR - The Ravens draft a much needed number one receiver for Flacco.

26. Seattle Seahawks - CJ Spiller RB - The Seahawks have a stack of needs but cant turn down a RB with such speed.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Brandon Spikes ILB - The Cowboys draft a defensive leader and in a position where they need to get younger.

28. San Diego Chargers - Jonathan Dwyer RB - Dwyer has a physical make up which will compliment Darren Sproles

29. New York Jets - Ricky Sapp OLB - Rex Ryan gets some needed pass rush help and hope he is more successful than Gholston.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Wilson CB - Vikings need to get younger in the Secondary.

31. Indianapolis Colts - Shaun Weatherspoon LB - The Colts have a strong squad so draft one of the best players still on the board.

32. New Orleans Saints - Jared Odrick DT - The Saints draft Odrick to help Ellis on the line.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

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