Win my money: Pick the fastest 40 time at the combine

Last year we held a contest picking Mr. Irrelevant. Sadly, no one guessed Ryan Succop, whom the Chiefs picked 256th overall. That meant no one won my $20. This was not some sponsored thing. This was money straight out of my pocket.

Well, that $20 is still out there and again up for grabs. After all, I'd rather give it to you than spend it on something like silly bills, or dates with real live women.

So anyway, here's the challenge. You pick the fastest player and his 40-yard dash time. If you hit it, you get the money. If there are ties, a random winner will be chosen. That means if Jahvid Best and Jason Pierre-Paul are both the fastest with a 4.27, the people who picked those players and times will be put into the hat.

Find the list of combine invitees here.

Rules (read these):

1) You get one pick. You can't change it. That means when, I don't know, C.J. Spiller announces he's not running, you're screwed. How will this policed? I'll randomly take screen shots of the comments and trust that you do not suck.

2) Look over the other picks before you make your pick. You cannot have the same pick as someone. However, you can pick the same player but a different time. So one person could pick Terrence Cody and 5.64 seconds and another person could take Terrence Cody and 5.65 seconds. If you have the same pick, you are disqualified.

3) You have to have Paypal. If you win and don't have Paypal, you're boned. The money will go back to me.

4) If you're so hard up for $20 that you sign up for multiple accounts just to enter, you're a pathetic loser. This isn't really a rule, just saying.

5) Anyone can enter. That means you can lose to Shake. Although, he'll probably just pick Tony Moeaki.

6) You have to have your entry in this post by 11:59 p.m. (ET) Friday. Workouts begin Saturday morning. Entries anywhere else on the site won't count.

7) If no one hits it on the head, no one wins.

8) I get a pick.

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