2010 Mock Draft V2.0

1)      St. Louis Rams: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

In the coming months, there will be a lot of debate about whether or not the Rams take a QB with this pick. The more I think about it, the more it looks as if the Rams won’t take a QB simply because Ndamukong Suh is a far superior player than Claussen.


2)      Detroit Lions: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Most people think the Lions will draft Gerald McCoy with this pick, but I tend to disagree, although McCoy is certainly a possibility here. The fact is the Lions defense requires a bigger, run stuffing type defensive tackle rather than a smaller, pass rushing type, like McCoy. In later rounds, guys like Aurthur Jones, and Cam Thomas look to be better fits to their scheme.


3)      Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

I think Tampa will take whoever Detroit doesn’t. In this case, I think it will be McCoy. If McCoy isn’t available, then it will be Berry; however, make no mistake, the Buc’s need a dominant DT as bad as any other position.

 4)      Washington Redskins: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

I think this is a pretty obvious pick. You have franchise that likes star power, and isn’t exactly sold on their current QB. Draft-wise, this is a match made in heaven.

 5)      Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

This is a hard pick. The Chiefs took Brandon Albert just two years ago, and I’m not sure if they have completely given up on him just yet. However, the fact is that the right tackle position is also a position of need, and Albert could very well slide over there, and let Okung, who is more than capable of a blocker to play LT. I think if Ronaldo McClain shows a strong Combine, he could very well be the pick here too, although that would a bit of a reach.

6)      Seattle Seahawks: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

For a 5-11 team, the Seahawks really don’t have many immediate needs. However, the Seahawks need a franchise QB, and I thought that they seriously missed out on Mark Sanchez last year (not to say Aaron Curry isn’t a good player), so I doubt they will make the same mistake twice.


7)      Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Offensively, the Browns are pretty set, assuming that they believe Brady Quinn is still a franchise QB, and Jerome Harrisoncan be a starter in the NFL. The cornerback position has been a position of need for many years in Cleveland, and although Eric Wright is a keeper, I don’t think they will pass on a talent like Joe Haden.


8)      Oakland Raiders: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

The Raiders have been in a serious need of an offensive tackle for better half of the decade, and Davis has all of the tools required to fill that void. Defensively, the Raiders are pretty talented, although they could use a safety or a defensive end if Richard Seymour isn’t signed or franchised. I could also see Taylor Mays or Derrick Morgan being the pick here. 


9)      Buffallo Bills: Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

The Bills are switching to a 3-4 defense next year, and could really use a pass rushing threat like Kindle playing OLB. The other obvious needs are quarterback, and offensive tackle, but no QB or OT is worth the pick.


10)   Denver Broncos (from CHI): Renaldo McClain

I think he is going be a beast in the NFL. He has all of the attributes you look for in an ILB, including the leadership.  


11)   Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

The Jaguars took two DEs in rounds one and two in the 2008 Draft. Unfortunately, they have done next to nothing at the pro level. Derrick Morgan is the best pass rusher in the draft, and I think the Jaguars would be dumb to pass on him if he is available at 11. Of course, there is that outside shot of Tim Tebow being drafted here.


12)   Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre Paul, DE, South Florida

Pierre Paul is still a very raw player, but has the attributes to be a great 3-4 OLB. I don’t think he will be an immediate starter, so guys like Cameron Wake will need to step up their game.


13)   San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays, S, USC

For a team picking 13th, the 49ers don’t really have any big needs on either side of the ball. An offensive tackle would be nice, but both Snyder and Staley are more than up to the task. Taylor Mays is the best value pick here, and would give the 49ers another great athlete to work with. He’s not the best at coverage, but I doubt any team that drafts him will ask him to do too much of that.

14)   Seattle Seahawks (from DEN): Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Williams is another player who is still kind of raw, but has great potential. The Seahawks took their franchise quarterback at 6, and they could very well take their franchise left tackle with this pick. The good thing is that Williams can sit behind Walter Jones for one more season and learn before having to play.

15)   New York Gaints: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

The linebackers in New York get a lot of blame for the team’s defensive deficiencies, but in reality, it is really the secondary that needs more talent. Other than Aaron Ross, New York has not spent premium draft choices on the secondary, opting instead to sign old, worn out veterans, and it has cost them in both the regular season and playoffs.


16)   Tennessee Titans: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan


I think the Titans will be estatic if they get Graham with this pick. His stock has skyrocketed after the dominance at the Senior Bowl (and rightfully so). Brandon Graham would vastly improve the Titans edge pass rush, and would be a nice upgrade over either Vanden Bosch, or Javon Kearse.

17)   San Francisco 49ers: Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa

Joe Staley is the future of the 49ers at left tackle, but same can’t be said for Adam Snydery, although he is a solid tackle. Brian Bulaga doesn’t have the tools required to be an elite left tackle at the pros, but should be pro-bowl caliber right tackle for a long time.

18)   Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Iupati, OG/OT, Idaho

Ben Roethlisberger has been beat up during his career at Pittsburgh, some of it is his own fault, but some of it can be blamed on the offensive line. The fact is, the Steelers line hasn’t been the same since Alan Faneca left town, and Mike Iupati finally gives the Steelers the chance to replace him.


19)   Atlanta Falcons: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

They have other needs also, such as a cornerback, but the lack of pressure has really hurt the Falcons defensively. John Abraham is aging, and Jamal Anderson can be considered a bust at this point. Dunlap has some character issues, but talent-wise he is just a good of a player as any in this draft.


20)   Houston Texans: CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson

The Texans have solid core of players to build around, and Spiller would add one more dimension to the Texans offensive attack. He is the type of high-profile, home run hitting- type back they need.

21)   Cincinnati Bengals: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

In recent years, teams have spent a lot of draft assets on drafting wideouts, which is the main reason I think Dez  Bryant will fall this far. Look at the teams above, not many of them are in need of a wideout. With that said, the Bengals would be getting a steal here, and basically replacing TJ Housmenzadeh with a younger version of him.  

22)   New England Patriots: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

They need linebackers, whether it is inside or outside. Other than Jerrod Mayo, the patriots really don’t have another starting caliber LB on the team anymore. In many ways, Spikes is just as good of a prospect as McClain, just a tad bit slower.  


23)   Green Bay Packers: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

Simply put: Packer o-line is aging, injury prone, and needs new talent, no


24)   Philadelphia Eagles:  Javaid Best, RB, California

With the release of Brian Westbrook, the Eagles should be looking to draft another back this year. They don’t have many needs on their team, so I could see them spending this pick on a running back. Best is the type of running back Philadelphia likes: small, fast. He’s not much of a pass catcher, but that is a skill that can be taught.  


25)   Baltimore Ravens:  Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

The Ravens really haven’t had a deep threat receiver this decade, or a great receiver for that matter. Golden Tate is exactly what this offense needs: explosive playmaker that can stretch the field for a young QB like Flacco.


26)   Arizona Cardinals: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

Arizona doesn’t have too many positions of need, but DT is one. Bryan Robinson has been okay, but really isn’t anything special, plus he is aging. Dan Williams brings the size that the Cardinals are looking for in a interior lineman, and the quickness and agility that Robinson lacks.


27)   Dallas Cowboys: Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

The Cowboys don’t have any immediate needs, though I would think they want players to replace Flozell Adams and Keith Brooking in the near future. With that said, neither can be replaced at this pick without reaching. The next biggest problem is the wideout position. Miles Austin is a future star in this league, but Roy Williams has been extremely inconsistent. That could very well force them to draft another WR.


28)   San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

I think the Chargers found out this season that Darrin Sprioles isn’t a long term answer at the RB position, and LaDanian Tomlinson is no longer on the team. That leaves a big hole at the RB position to be filled.  Jonathan Dwyer is one of the few complete backs in the draft, and could start for the Chargers immediately.


29)   New York Jets:  Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State

New York’s defense is pretty well set for now, but DEs Shaun Ellis and Marques Douglas are aging, and need to be replaced sooner or later. Odrick is a DT in a conventional 4-3 defense, but has a solid future as a defensive end in the 3-4 scheme.


30)   Minnesota Vikings: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

Their team is very solid at the moment, but Antoine Winfield is aging and Cedric Griffin is injured, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to draft a cornerback like Wilson, who is a real playmaker.


31)  Indianapolis Colts: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri

They have bigger needs, like a new LT, but that can’t be replaced at this pick, so they should look to address their second biggest need: outside linebackers.


32)    New Orleans Saints: Chad Jones, S, LSU

The Saints could potentially lose both of their starting safeties this offseason with Darren Sharper and Roman Harper both hitting the market. They should very well have to replace one or other, if not, then they still need a replacement for the aging sharper. Physically, Chad Jones matches up with any safety in this draft, and the fact that he is a home-state product shouldn’t hurt either.




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