Jared Odrick NFL Draft scouting report

Jared Odrick

6'5, 296 pounds | Defensive tackle | Penn State

Pass Rush: Is a good bull rusher because he's strong and lanky. Only move is the bull rush. Slow on stunts and is more a straight-forward player. Doesn't have the speed to close unless the quarterback is right in front of him.

Pursuit/Lateral movement and agility: Doesn't have great lateral agility. Takes missteps doesn't shift his hips easily. Doesn't have the speed to track down quick and fast players in the open field. Is a hard worker who plays with a lot of tenacity.

Quickness: Shows solid quickness at the point of attack. Fluidly moves off the line at the snap. Uses his quickness to push through defenders.

Run defend/Recognition: Played against double teams a lot and still managed to be fairly effective against the run. Is much better in the tackle box than working outside of it. Shows some explosion off the snap. Needs to do a better job of not getting lost in the pile.

Size: Odrick has good length and is tall. Not built very stout because he's so tall and lengthy. Has a frame to carry an additional 15-20 pounds.

Strength: Even though Odrick doesn't have the best bulk, he already shows good strength. Uses his strength to collapse the pocket. Stacks and sheds nicely.

Tackling: Odrick has the power to manage arm tackles. His long arms are really useful because he can reach out and grab a ball carrier before their superior speed creates separation. Can be beaten in the open because of his stiffer hips.

Technique: Doesn't always get the best leverage because he tends to play too high. Knows how to use his hands. Is excellent with a rip move to get past linemen.

Versatility: Odrick has the size and first-step quickness to hold up as a 3-4 end. That may a more natural position for him than 4-3, tackle. If he stays inside, he'll have to get bigger and be more of a space eater.

Final word: With so many teams shifting to a 3-4, Odrick is an attractive prospect because he can play end. But he's also good enough for a 4-3, which he played at Penn State.

He was a real difference maker during his final two years in Happy Valley. In those two seasons he had 84 tackles, 20.5 tackles for a loss and seven sacks.

In 2007, though, Odrick battled injuries and missed a portion of the year with an ankle injury. The other questionable non-football issue with Odrick was that he was sighted for disorderly conduct in 2008 his alleged involvement in an on-campus fight.

But make no mistake, Odrick is a solid player. He may never be a superstar in the NFL, but he's a dependable three-down defensive lineman with good strength and tenacity.

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