2010 NFL mock draft with descriptions/comparisons/2nd round!

This draft is a very hard one to predict, because nobody knows what the Rams will do with their 1st pick. What they do with that pick will change the whole draft.

*=NFL Comparison

1. Rams-Jimmy Clausen QB- I read something from a St. Louis reporter that was something like ," The Rams have passed up on Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez(although he's nothing with out his D and O-Line), Aaron Rodgers, and Jason Campbell. And are yet to get their franchise QB" They need a QB, they haven't had a legit QB since Bulger when he was good. QB is more important than DT. Rams could very well pass up on Clausen or Bradford to select Kong Suh. *Phillip Rivers

-Possible Selections- Sam Bradford or Kong Suh, or long shot of McCoy

2. Detroit- Kong Suh DT- They have the franchise QB, now they need the franchise LT, but there is no LT worthy of being selected here, so they go with who many say is the best player in this Draft.* Richard Seymour

- Possible Selections- Gerald McCoy or Russell Okung

3. Tampa Bay- Gerald McCoy DT- They need to solidify the D line this pick. I believe Eric Berry is the better pick, but you can't pass on this type of skill at DT, and Safety's that go high usually aren't the best compared to safety's going late-mid 1st round. Safety's going early 1st round like Michael Huff and Donte Whitner are bust, compared to Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu who are superstars. * Kevin Williams

Other possibilities- Eric Berry or if Jason Pierre Paul has an impressive combine he could be this years Tyson Jackson

4.  Redskins- Sam Bradford- New coach, franchise QB is old and they need the future QB. They could very well go with Okung but again i don't even think he's worth being picked at #4 * Tony Romo

Other possibilities- Russell Okung or Eric Berry

5. Kansas City- Eric Berry- KC is very happy that Berry is their for them. I think there is a great chance that Berry is the best player in this draft in 10 years * Ed Reed

6. Seattle-Russell Okung- Would love to have their franchise QB here for them but they are gone. Seattle could go defense but OL is horrendous and maybe they can get Locker or Mallet next year if they have good college years * Joe Thomas. They are similar in size, and have similar protection skills. Though i don't think Okung will be as good as Thomas

7. Browns- Joe Haden- No doubt about it, Haden is one of the best CB prospects out of college in a long time * Leon Hall, both are great against run and pass, and similar size and speed

8. Oakland- Carlos Dunlap- Hardest pick in the draft, but Dunlap is 6-6 weighs 280 and runs a 4.70, seems like Al will want him. * Jamaal Anderson, both are sloppy and lazy, and Dunlap will also be a bust.

9. Bills- Anthony Davis- Need to solidify the OL, it's one of the worst in the NFL and neither QB is here. * Jason Peters

10. Jacksonville- Derrick Morgan- He's a much better pick than JPP* Patrick Kerney

11. Denver- Marshall is all but gone and they could use a WR * Ochocinco

12. Miami- Rolondo McClain- Porter is all but gone and McClain is a monster who could dominate the NFL * Pat Willis

13. San Francisco-Brian Bulaga- He's pretty much a sure thing to be a plus LT in the NFL, could he become a dominate LT, idk, but he's the real deal/sure thing * Micheal Roos

14. Seattle- CJ Spiller- Get a great RB here who can dance and is fast * Reggie Bush

15. NYG- Brian Price- They really need help for there interior D * Mike Patterson

16. Tennesse- Jason Pierre-Paul- JPP could be a top 5 pick depending on his combine. 1 year he was successful and he could go so high because he's 6-6 and fast rushing the QB * Gaines Adams. Adams was a bust like JPP could very well be, but both were similar players in NCAA

17. San Fran- Donovan Warren- they could definatly use a good CB * Lito shephard

18. Steelers- Dan Williams- Hampton is getting old, and i know they just signed him 3 years, but Williams could learn under him and be a dominate NT in 3-4 years * Domata Peko

19. Atlanta- Sergio kindle- Anderson was a bust and Sergio is the guy * Kameron Wimbley

20. Texans-Taylor Mays- Really want to beat Indy and Mays could be a huge HIT or he could suck * Roy Williams

21. Bengals- Jermaine Gresham- Need a TE for a weapon for Palmer to throw to * I have no idea. There aren't many TE's with this size and this athletism to compare to. He's a rich man's Shawn Nelson? Can i get some help?

22. NE- Arrelious Benn- Welker has a brutal injury and Moss doesn't expect to come back. Benn was a top 10 pick before the season, he could fall to the 2nd round, but Pats get an awesome pick here cause Benn will become a solid WR * Anquan Boldin

23. Packers- Bruce Campbell- Rodgers was sacked more than anyone in the NFL last year, if they don't draft a T they are stupid * Brandon Albert

24. Eagles- Earl Thomas- I'm jus guessing this pick *Reggie Nelson

25. Ravens- Damien Williams-No Wr's at all so they will draft one * Jimmy Smith

26. Arizona- Charles Brown- Need to protect new QB or he will struggle big time * Poor man's Jordan Gross

27. Cowboys- Mike Iupati- Makes too much sense* Davin Joseph, both great G that can be very inconsistent on the run sometines

28. Chargers- Jahvid Best- Maybe they take Dwyer here, but I give Best the edge because he's a California player and will be a local/fan favorite pick. Anyways they will go RB because LT in gone and Sproles isn't an every down back * Felix Jones

29. Jets- Jared Ordick- Rex is gonna want to upgrade that D even more * IDK, can’t think of one…help please?


30. Vikings- Patrick Robinson- CB is their one big problem, and Winfield is getting older * Terrence McGee

31. Colts- Maurice Pouncey- Although Colts defense is more important this is still a great pick


32. Saints- Sean Weatherspoon- Saints get some much needed help on D * Ernie Sims


2nd Round


1. STL- Golden Tate- Makes a lot of sense because they have no good WR's and they keep the ND connection alive


2. Lions-Trent Williams- Lions get a huge steal, Williams could go top 15, but I believe he falls. will he fall this far, idk, but Lions are super happy about this because now they can protect Stafford


3. Tampa Bay- Brandon LaFell- They get a FAST slot or #2 reciever for Freeman


4. KC- Terrence Cody- They draft this fatso because he has potential to dominate


5. Redskins- Johnathon Dwyer- Correct me if i'm wrong and so is this pick, but Skins have no good RB's


6. Browns- Jerry Hughes- Fill one of many needs on D


7. Raiders- Nate Allen- Huff is a bust and S is important now


8. Seattle- Everson Griffin- I contemplated them taking Morgan 1st round, but they go Okung and Spiller. This pick they get a big steal here


9. Bills- Brandon Spikes- Bills solidify the ILB position and make a great move by passing on Cam Thomas


10. Bucs- Kyle Wilson- Get a great KR/S


11. Dolphins-Demaryous Thomas - Ted Ginn isn’t an all star WR, he’s a good slot. Thomas is a good WR who can play good in either the 1-2 spot


12. New England-Cam Thomas- Wilfork will be a Pat for now, but when he leaves Thomas will be ready to be a great NT if he learns under Vince


13. Denver- Corey Wootton- Denver’s run D isn’t very good and this DT/DE could really help them


14. Giants- Chad Jones- Kenny Phillips might not even be ready to play in 2011 if he ever plays again. Safety is a huge need for NYG and they fill it here


15. NE-Joe McKnight- Maroney isn’t a very good RB, McKnight will be a great pick to be a 15 touch RB


16. Panthers-Mardy Gilyard- Steve Smith doesn’t like Carolina and other than Smith they have no good WR’s. Gilyard is a big play threat and an awesome KR


17. San Francisco- Jon Asamoah- San Fran goes for another OL to really solidify their OL


18. KC- Mike Williams- Pathetic WR’s and this is a risky pick but could really benefit


19. Texans- Kareem Jackson- Maybe one of the worst secondary’s in the NFL


20. Steelers- Devin McCourtny- There secondary got torn up against Oakland to kick them out of the playoff run


21. NE- Aaron Hernandez- Ben Watson isn’t a star TE, and with Welker having a terrible injury, and Moss not thinking he will be re-signed, Brady needs new weapons


22. Bengals- Navorro Bowman- Bengals have a weak Defense and Bowman could boom or bust


23. Eagles- Lamarr Houston- Get a good S in Thomas and het a good DE/DT. This helps there D

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