Official 32-Rep 7-Round Mock Draft Results

If you do not see your explantions for your pick (rounds 1-4 only), either you did not send it to me or I could not find it. If you'd like, send me your explanation and i'll add it to the post. Sorry that it took me so long to post up the official results guys. I decided to take off the weekend after the draft only to find out that I had over 1,000 emails to look through. lol.

Thank you again guys to all who participated throughout the month long 7-round mock. I think it was a huge success and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Can't wait for the next one! ;)

Here are the results:


1st Round:
1- St. Louis Rams- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Whirlwind31: "The two most dire positions for GM Devaney and Coach 
Spags to address are QB and the D-Line, and with holes elsewhere as 
well, the franchise cannot afford to miss. With a stand-out guy such 
as Suh available, they will struggle to pass on him. It's likely they 
will search for a caretaker QB in free agency, and possibly select a 
young guy in a later round or wait until next year. So for now, Kong 
Suh is the pick."

2- Detroit Lions- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Lions1788: "Last season, the Lions started (36 year old) Grady Jackson 
next to rookie Sammie Hill. At 36 years old I don’t think Grady 
Jackson has a whole lot left in the tank. With two top tier defensive 
tackles in the draft, the Lions will be looking to replace Grady 
Jackson in their starting lineup. After coaching Albert Haynesworth in 
Tennessee, Jim Schwartz knows what type of an impact a stud defensive 
tackle can have on a defense, and he will be looking to bring a 
defensive tackle with that same type of impact to Detroit. The only 
other player I see the Lions taking with this pick is Ndamukong Suh. 
Since Suh is gone, the pick is Gerald McCoy."

3- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Cadillac24: "With Kong Suh and Gerald McCoy both gone, the Bucs turn 
to their next player on the list. Tampa needs to desperately replace 
Sabby Piscitelli (Woah, I'm suprized he didn't miss getting his name 
on Eric Berry is a surefire tackler, has good hands, and 
is coming from Monte Kiffin's defense that ran the Tampa 2. Don't 
forget about the coverage sacks that will be created when we have 
Tanard Jackson, Aqib Talib, and Ronde Barber also back there in the 
secondary. This secondary will create nightmares for opposing offenses."

4- Washington Redskins- Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

ENsDad27: "I picked Russell Okung because I believe that he is by far 
the best Offensive Lineman in the draft, he fills our biggest need as 
anyone who knows anything about the Washington Redskins knows that our 
Line is terrible. He should be able to start immediately."

5- Minnesota Vikings- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

LifeLongVike: "The Vikings do not have a sure thing for their 
Quarterback future.  The opportunity presented itself to take a 
prospect that is tall, has a strong arm, three years experience in the 
pro-style system, and has great character. Jimmy Clausen is rated 
highly by most pro scouts and has accuracy just shy of Stafford or 
Sanchez.  His decision making in college has never been questioned. 
His leadership skills are generally good.  The cost of this prospect 
was a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick this year.  The Vikings have other 
draft needs but not so pressing that they can't be resolved with good 
later drafting or through Free Agency.

Even if Clausen busts it won't spiral the franchise into oblivion. 
This was a timely risk for the franchise. One year behind Farve should 
net the Vikings the Franchise guy of the future."

6- Seattle Seahawks- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

LantermanC: "Hasselbeck was horrendous last year and I believe that 
it's really hard to get an NFL caliber QB unless you select it in the 
first round.  I was conflicted between Clausen and Bradford, but the 
trade up from the Vikings made my choice easy for me."

7- Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden, CB, Florida

TheRealSlimShady: "Joe Haden is the top CB in this draft, and the 
Browns top need is CB. Seems like a good fit, right? Eric Wright is a 
good corner for the Browns, but we really have no one else besides 
Brandon McDonald, who is a nickel back at best. Having a lockdown 
corner like Haden will free up our linebackers to blitz more and it 
should really help our scoring defense."

8- Oakland Raiders- Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

Raybin: "If Joe Haden was available, I was going to get him and give 
the Raiders one of the most fearsome corner duos in the league.  But, 
since the Browns had taken him, I had to go to Plan B.

Plan B came down to two names:  McClain or Anthony Davis, the big OT 
out of Rutgers.  I went with McClain because I'm not ready to give up 
on Mario Henderson at LT and it's hard for me to justify spending a 
top 10 pick on a right tackle.  Also, it's hard to find many Raider 
fans these days who don't think Kirk Morrison is miscast in his 
current position at MLB.  With McClain, Morrison can be shifted to the 
strongside, a position he's much better suited to play.  McClain is 
the kind of run-stuffing middle linebacker the historically bad 
Raiders run defense has been lacking for years.  He's a sure tackler, 
a hard-driving competitor and possessed of good character.  He's 
frankly everything I'd ever look for in a middle linebacker."

9- Buffalo Bills- Anthony Davis, OT, Rugters

Kaisertown: "QB is Buffalo's biggest need, but with the top guys 
already taken, LT becomes the top priority.  Anthony Davis has big 
time upside at LT, can probably start right away (even if it has to be 
at RT and always has the right side as a fall back plan if it takes 
some time to add polish to his game.  The Bills have some solid OL 
pieces in place and adding a LT doesn't just address one position, but 
it potentially ties the whole unit together and the addition of Davis 
likely solidifies the OL for the long term.  Derrick Morgan would have 
been the only other player considered in this spot."

10- Los Angeles Jaguars- Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

Lysol: "The best WR available in this draft, Bryant is a big, fast, 
well-built receiver with unparalleled hands and route running 
abilities. He will be an immediate starter in Jacksonville, given the 
decline of Torry Holt's physical skills. Dez Bryant makes a great 
complement to Mike Sims-Walker and gives David Garrard a deep threat 
who can consistently make big plays in the passing game."

11- Denver Broncos- Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

EJRuiz: "We wholeheartedly believe that Brandon represents a lot of 
the core values that we're looking for in our football players.  He is 
a true leader that has put his team and school before himself on 
several occasions.  He's virtually an extension of the coach on the 
field thanks to his superb instincts and expert knowledge of the 
game.  He has a nose for the ball and a knack for the big play once he 
gets there.  He is extremely versatile, able to play any linebacking 
position in any scheme and willing to contribute on special teams if 
necessary.  He's a proven winner with a wealth of experience at the 
highest levels of college football.  We fully expect him to step into 
the competition for a starting spot immediately."

12- Philedelphia Eagles (from Mia)- Derek Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

Trade: The Philadelphia Eagles trade their 1st, 2nd, 5th round pick 
for the Dolphin's 12th overall pick.

Birds'n'Raiders- "The Eagles trade up to snag the best pass rusher in 
the draft. Morgan brings the toolset to dominate from the Left 
Defensive End position on our Pressure-43 defense. A real stud, we had 
to trade up to snag him, as he was rated #5 on our Big Board."

13- San Fransisco 49ers- Bryan Buluga, OT, Iowa

Drew K: "I am going to take Bryan Bulaga with our 13th. We have huge 
needs on our Oline and he would fit well as a mauler for RT."

14- Seattle Seahawks- Bryan Price, DT, UCLA

LantermanC: "I firmly believe that a defense is built through it's 
line.  Colin Cole was horrible, and Mebane played out of place. 
Drafting Price will allow the Seahawks to move Mebane back to his 
original position.  The two are also good buddies so perhaps we can 
sign Mebane to an extension and form a 'Williams Wall' of our own for 
years to come.  Either way, getting the Pac 10 defensive player of the 
year is a good thing and I look forward for him to cause disruption to 
allow our LB to make plays."

15- New York Giants- Earl Thomas, S, Texas

FreeBradshaw: "Thought about Spiller.... There's other RB's in the 
draft and the Giants have ZERO safeties. Thomas is an impact player as 
a DB so its actually BPA for the Giants."

16- Tennessee Titans- Donavan Warren, CB, Michigan

Thunder64: "I picked Warren because he is a dominant corner with good 
size at 6'1. Nick Harper is aging and we can't win a Super Bowl with 
Rod Hood at CB. We were 31st in the league in passing giving up 4,139 
yards and 31 TDs. I just felt that Warren was better than Ras- i 

17- San Fransisco 49ers- C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

Drew K: "I am taking C.J. Spiller with our 17th. He will preserve 
Gore's shelf life, give us a COP back, help with receiving AND fix our 
horrible return game with one pick. Lot's of value here."

18- Pittsburgh Steelers- Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama

"I picked Cody mainly because of Casey Hampton's expiring contract and 
age. He will likely step straight into the role of "space eater" due 
to his natural abilities. We needed to grab him now because guys as 
agile and built like him don't come around every year. The last 
special NT prospect was Vince Wilfork."

19- Green Bay Packers-  Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

"Mostly for his work in Evil Dead.  The guy is a hell of an athelete, 
and can help on either side of the line.  The Pack needs someone to 
keep Jared Allen off of Rodgers, and Campbell is the best to do so."

20- Houston Texans- Taylor Mays, S, USC

"Safety is a big need in Houston. With the signing of Pollard 
midseason, our defense improved but he needs a little help that the 
intimidating Mays will bring."

21- Cinncinati Bengals- Damian Williams, WR, USC

"We need a legitment #2 threat and Williams provides the best hands 
and route running. Also he played in a pro stlye offence so he knows 
the system."

22- New England Patriots- Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

23- Kansas City Chiefs- Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

24- Miami Dolphins- Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

JP 23: "With Joey Porter on his way out and Jason Taylor's future 
still up in the air, the Fins will need some fresh legs to rush the 
QB. Dan Williams would have been the easy pick however, had the Chiefs 
not jumped in front of me to steal him."

25- Baltimore Ravens- Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

Mr MaLoR: "Joe Flacco's biggest problem in his first two seasons has 
been his failure to find players in the middle of the field. Gresham 
is the player that can definitely improve this aspect for Joe. At 6'6" 
and nearly 270 pounds, Gresham is a nightmare for Safeties and 
Linebackers in the league. With Todd Heap falling off in the passing 
game lately and becoming more of a blocking TE, Gresham will fill in 
nicely on 2nd and 3rd downs. The Ravens have a run first offense and a 
TE that is as gifted as Gresham can be a QB's best friend in this type 
of system we run. The Ravens ignore WR for now and take the best 
player available to improve their passing game."

26- Arizona Cardinals- Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson

27- Dallas Cowboys- Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

Quincyyyy: "It came down to Trent Williams and Golden Tate.  I figured 
I could find a o-lineman later, so I went with the playmaker.  Golden 
Tate would make the Cowboys offense truly dangerous working the other 
side of the field opposite Austin.  He is a WR in a rb's body, as he 
is a former rb, and is very dangerous after the catch because of 
that.  Coming from a pro-style offense at Notre Dame he can step in 
immediately and replace Roy Williams, as I'm wagering Jerry will not 
want to pick up his 9.5 million dollar option.  Tate's return 
abilities will also have special teams coach DeCamillis drooling."

28- San Diego Chargers- Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

29- New Yorks Jets- Jared Odrick, OLB, Penn State

"Jared Odrick was the logical pick, the best player available at an 
area of need. After the disappointment that is Vernon Gholston we need 
a little help on defence in terms of depth and rushing the passer. He 
has good size for an end, both our main defensive ends are getting up 
there in age (Ellis and Douglas), He has some nice moves, the inside 
out and bull rush, has a high motor to keep getting after the QB. Has 
nice length, can use his hands well, he plays tall, keeps his eyes on 
the play even when engaged. Solid against the run, can get off blocks 
to make the tackle has good not great speed. Think that Rex can do 
some good things with Jared who would come into the rotation 
immediately and make a difference."

30- Kansas City Chiefs- Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho

"Brian Waters is getting old and has really shown it. He can slide 
inside to C or even move to RG where the Chiefs could use and upgrade. 
Iupati is one of the best players in the draft to me. Iupati is 
perfect for the Chiefs zone blocking scheme and can make an imediate 

31- Seattle Seahawks- Charles Brown, OT, USC

"Going into this draft, I wanted a QB, a DT, and a LT.  I got the 
first two with Bradford and Price, and I felt as though Charlie Brown 
was the best fit left so I had to trade up to get him.  He's from USC 
and he's a great zone blocker, so he's a good fit for the Seahawks. 
If I couldn't trade up, I was going to trade down and hope for Fox or 
Black, but I'm glad I traded up.  3 for 3 in what I wanted to 

32- Indianapolis Colts- Rob Gronkowski, TE,

"With the last 3 first round caliber O-linemen flying off the board 
just before the Colts pick, and no interested partners for a trade 
down the Colts gamble a bit on a player returning from injury. 
Gronkowski will take over Gijon Robinson's role as the in-line TE in 
the 2.5WR/1.5TE set OC Tom Moore loves to use Dallas Clark in. 
Gronkowski is an upgrade from Robinson in pretty much every category, 
giving the Colts yet another dangerous look."

2nd Round:
33- St. Louis Rams- Everson Griffin, DE, USC

Despite having addressed the D-Line in the first round, it would be 
difficult for the Rams to settle on a second round QB, with the 
remaining options not generally considered early-second talent. 
Leonard Little is a short step from retirement, and a quality pass 
rusher would continue with the 'building from the lines' philosophy. 
Spagnuolo has gotten by with 'bargain' linebackers in the past, 
although this selection could very well be a WR, but with Griffen 
falling to the second round he's the pick.

34- New York Giants- Navarro Bowman, OLB, Penn State

"Thought hard about Jahvid Best but, Bowman has top 15 pick potential. 
GIants could use some speed for their LB unit, Bowman does that."

35- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

"The Bucs need a WR to give Freeman some options to pass to instead of 
just Winslow. They need a consistent target and Benn provides this. 
His physical ability is great and he is able to make plays after the 
catch which is great. Missed out on some more DTs, but that will be 
adressed later on. Also, he has had to block for a mobile QB so that 
is a bonus. This solves a big need for the Bucs."

36- Oakland Raiders- Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

37- Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina

"After picking two solid line players, the Chiefs needed to make a 
boom with their next pick.  The Chiefs have been horrible at rushing 
the passer and Norwood will excel at that. After training under the 
tutelage of Tamba Hali and Mike Vrabel, Norwood will be very similar 
to Elvis Dumervil."

38- Washington Redskins- Jonathon Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

"I picked Dwyer because he is a buising RB who fills a high priority 
need on a Shannahan offense. He gained 1396 yd.s on 235 carries this 
year, scoring 14 TD.s. He is an excellent RB who dominated in the ACC. 
Washingtons current RBs are Clinton Portis who has been injured & 
ineffective the last two seasons, Ladell Betts who has also been 
injured & is over 30, Rock Cartwright who is a special teams player at 
beast & Quintan Gainther who showed some promise at the end of the 
season but is not a #1 RB. I think that Dwyer was one of the best RBs 
in the draft this year & I was very happy to get him in the 2nd rd."

39- Cleveland Browns- Demytrious Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

"The Browns passing attack was bad this year. Brady Quinn didn't have 
a good year, but it is hard to blame him when his only receiver was 
Mohammed Massoqoui, who would be nothing more than a #2 or #3 receiver 
for most teams. Demaryious (sp) Thomas is a very tall and athletic and 
could help in the short and long passing game."

40- New Orleans Saints- Sean Witherspoon, OLB, Missouri

Justin_Bobo: "Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri - The Saints biggest 
defense is their pass rush and they have a very weak linebacking core. 
Scott Fujita will only play a few more seasons, and Scott Shanle is 
not starting material. An obvious gaping hole for the Saints, and Sean 
Weatherspoon's speed and toughness is a perfect fit for this defense."

41- Buffalo Bills- Jean Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida

"A quarterback was strongly considered with this choice, but at the 
end of the day, I couldn't justify taking such a high bust risk like 
Tebow or Snead when a 1st round talent like JPP was still available. 
He's got the frame and experience to play on the left side of the 
defensive line and the athletic ability to be a force.  He's a raw 
player, but I think that's due to a lack of experience and not any 
type of character or work ethic issues.  The Bills aren't a good 
enough team to pass on a potential super star to fill a need."

42- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tyson Alualu, Cal

"This fills the huge gap in the middle of their defence. Hovan and 
Sims just can't get it done. He will be a good starter for the Bucs 
and will also help promising young DT's Dre Moore and Roy Miller. This 
will improve their terrible run defence. Fills the Bucs biggest need 
for the past 2 years."

43- Miami Dolphins- Jahvid Best, RB, Cal

"I strongly considered Brandon LaFell here but Jahvid Best was just 
too much value at this point. With Ronnie Brown set to become a free 
agent (UFA or RFA depending on whether there's a cap in place or not) 
and Ricky Williams planning to retire after next season, RB becomes a 
need for the Fins. Javid Best is the kind of game-changer who the 
Dolphins are lacking. He'll immediately become a weapon in the passing 
and punt return game and eventually settle into the No.2 back role. 
Indentical to Reggie Bush."

44- New England Patriots- Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

45- Denver Broncos- Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida

"Any time you get the opportunity to address an area of concern - as 
the interior of our offensive line was for us going into today - with 
the top prospect at his position and with the value of a fringe first-
round prospect near the middle of the second round, you have to be 
satisfied with the pick.  We expect Maurkice to compete for a starting 
job at his more natural position of center or potentially kick out to 
guard if that would allow us to put our best five blockers out on the 
field at once.  We are thrilled to add yet another exemplary leader to 
our roster and look forward to his contributions to our franchise."

46) Detroit Lions (from NYG)- Brandon Lafell, WR, LSU

47) New England Pats- Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois

48) Carolina Panthers- Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

"Jordan Shipley, though only 6' and 190lbs, is the right kind of 
receiver that Carolina needs. His time in the Texas has given him his 
signature route running skills where he is fast enough to be a key 
slot WR in the NFL. His strong hands also provide another target for 
the Panthers, who need a legitimate other receiving threat other than 
Steve Smith (who happens to be similar in size and speed). He can 
block decently for a team that follows John Fox's "run first" 
philosophy and even offers returning skills for a team that hasn't 
returned a kickoff/punt in a regular season game since 2003."

49) San Francisco 49ers- Mike Johnson, G, Alabama

50) Atlanta Falcons (from KC)- Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan

"Brandon Graham wasnt my first choice of the many DEs that fell to the 
2nd round primarily because I project him as a better fit as a 3-4 
OLB,  but we will rotate him in as a pass rush specialist with Jamaal 
Anderson playing the run very well, from DE but having to move inside 
to DT on 3rd downs."

51) Houston Texans- Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

"The Texans are an up and rising team with few weakspots. Slaton will 
come off his sophmore slump so Gerhart will be the perfect compliment 

52) Pittsburgh Steelers- Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

53) New England Pats- Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

54) Oakland Raiders- Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse

55) Miami Dolphins (from PHI)- Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida

56) Detroit Lions (from GB)- Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake

57) Baltimore Ravens- Marshawn Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

"Gilyard is the type of home run threat that the Ravens have been 
lacking in the past. A workhorse on and off the field and is the 
definition of a team player. Incredible open field running and 
extremely tough to bring down when the first defender is going to make 
the tackle because of his agility and quickness. A very fast WR, runs 
with his knees high and goes North South as good as any WR in this 
draft. Great person to have on your football team, as he overcame many 
obstacles prior to coming to Cincinnati and was considered the heart 
of the Bearcats for the last 2 years by his teammates."

58) Arizona Cardinals- Perrish Cox, CB, OSU

59) Dallas Cowboys- Vladimir Ducasse, OT/OG, UMass

"OT/OG Vladimir Ducasse has great size, arm length, power, and feet. 
He was also extremely productive and dominated the competition. 
Unfortunately for him that competition was Division II players. 
Moreover, as a recent immigrant  from Haiti he is not that well 
developed and has poor technique.  Despite all of this a lot of 
draftniks like Todd McShay and Scott Wright have him rated as a first 
day prospect (first three rounds) based on his size and potential. 
And with his great work ethic and willingness to put in long hours in 
the film room he should live up to that potential."

60) San Diego Chargers- Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

61) New York Jets- Corey Wotton, DE/OLB, Northwestern

62) Atlanta Falcons (from KC)- Patrick Robinson, CB, FSU

"Patrick Robinson CB, sure FSU had a terrible def. this yr, but 
patrick robinson is currently rated in the first round in:
He is also the #2 corner  and #25 talent for scouts inc (mcshay) and 
the #30 pick in Kipers mock draft. He is big enough, strong enough, 
and dog-gone-it, people like him so, Robinson is the pick here."

63) New Orleans Saints- Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

"This pick was more based on talent than need, but the Saints defense 
could use plugs everywhere. This gives the Saints two great young 
corners with Malcolm Jenkins and Arenas, and solid foundation for the 

64) Indianapolis Colts- Daryle Washington, MLB, TCU

"MLB is an absolutely vital role in the Tampa-2, and it requires a 
special type of player. Not many players have the size and physicality 
to hold down the MLB spot, while at the same time being able to cover 
20 yards deep in the gap between the safeties deep halves. Daryl 
Washington is the type of athlete that can handle the two wildly 
different jobs of a T-2 MLB and has the read-react skills to quickly 
figure out which one he could be doing."

Third round:
65) St. Louis Rams- Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

66) Green Bay Packers (from Lions)- Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

67) Tampa Bay Bucs- Greg Hardy, DE, Ole' Miss.

68) Kansas City Chiefs- Nate Allen, S, South Florida

69) Oakland Raiders- Akwasi Owusu-Anash, CB, IUP

70) Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle)- Chad Jones, S, LSU

71) Cleveland Browns- Ciron Black, OT, LSU

72) Pittsburg Steelers (from Bills)- Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State.

"The reasoning for picking Wilson is that I believe he fell from the 
early 2nd, he could very easily compete with William Gay and Joe 
Burnett for playing time in 2011, add into that he has the ability to 
return punts, he was the obvious choice."

73) Miami Dolphins- Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky

74) Jacksonville Jaguars- Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

75) Chicago Bears- Jason Fox, OT, Miami

76) New York Giants- Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas

77) Tennessee Titans- George Selvie, OLB, USF

"I made the pick because with VandenBosh being a free agent we need a 
good pass rushing DE."

78) Carolina Panthers- Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota

"He was to good to pass up and Shipley projects more as a slot WR. 
Also he's basically a young Mushin Muhammed."

79) San Francisco 49ers- Reshad Jones, S

80) Denver Broncos- Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

"We did not go into this draft expecting to invest an early pick in 
the quarterback position, but that's only because we never imagined we 
could acquire a player of Tim's caliber at this point.  I think his 
record speaks for itself, but I'd like to reiterate some of it's 
implications: he's the consumate leader, supremely accomplished, as 
physical as anyone at his position ever and dedicated to becoming the 
best player he can be.  What he has can't be taught and what he lacks 
can be learned.  We fully expect him to contribute in a limited role 
immediately and develop into a starter over time."

81) Kansas City Chiefs (via trade with falcons)- J.D. Walton, C, Baylor

"J.D. Walton from Baylor is a great run blocker and a solid 
centerpiece for the Chiefs to continue their rebuild of their 
offensive line.  Walton will provide competition for Rudy Niswanger at 
the very least ,and if he lives up to his potential, he will become a 
solid starter for years to come.  Walton and Iupati create a dominant 
inside presence allowing Jamaal Charles to continue to prove he is one 
of the best in the league and to help Matt Cassel in his development 
into a great quarterback."

82) Buffalo Bills (from Steelers)- Jevan Snead, QB, Ole' Miss

"The Bills don't have a QB on their roster who even resembles an 
option as a starter and Jevan Snead might have the single best pure 
arm in the draft and that alone makes him a good fit in Buffalo's 
cold, windy stadium.  People view Ole Miss as a really good team, but 
Snead didn't really have great options to work with this past season. 
Dexter McCluster is dynamic, but not a WR.  He didn't have options to 
throw to outside of Shay Hodge and I believe that most of his INTs 
were a result of forcing throws to Hodge or other covered WRs as 
opposed to being unable to read a defense and not seeing LBs and 
safeties moving into passing lanes.  Snead also has rather underrated 
footwork and throwing mechanics."

83) Houston Texans- Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma

84) Cincinnati Bengals- Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas

"The Bengals need a SS with Roy Williams contract expiring, and our 
safties were our holes this season."

85) Cincinnati Bengals- Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri

"With the addition of Damian Williams we need a have a good recieve 
core. Alexander will take the role of the late Chris Henry."

86) Green Bay Packers- Jermaine Cunningham, DE/OLB, Florida

87) Philadelphia Eagles- AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa

88) Baltimore Ravens- Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, Cal

"Thompson has a nose for the ball and great timing on breaking up 
passes. Even though he is slightly smaller than what most teams want 
in a CB, he is fearless and willing to throw his body out at any time 
to make a play on defense. A better 1 on 1 tackler then people give 
him credit for. Ravens get depth at CB and one of the best athletes in 
the draft playing in their Nickel and Dime packages."

89) Arizona Cardinals- Pat Angerer, ILB, Iowa

90) Dallas Cowboys- Devin McCourty, CB, Rugters

"This pick was more of a BPA pick.  I had CB Devin McCourty rated much 
higher than anyone else so I took him.  He has the potential to be a 
very good starting caliber corner, and in today's passing league you 
can never have too many good corners.  Plus our CB depth chart is kind 
of sketchy.  You have Newman, whom is old, Mike Jenkins, Orlando 
Scandrick, then Alan Ball who splits time between safety and corner. 
McCourty will compete with Scandrick to be Newman's successor, and in 
the mean time help the team on special teams, as he played on every 
special teams unit at Rutgers."

91) San Diego Chargers- Torrell Troup NT, UCF

92) Cleveland Browns- Major Wright, S, Florida

93) Kansas City Chiefs- Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane

"Jeremy Williams from Tulane is a smaller school prospect with an NFL 
body, mentality, and skill set.  Williams should become a solid second 
receiver while being trained behind Chris Chambers and will hopefully 
complement Dwayne Bowe.  A possession receiver with good hands, 
something the Chiefs desperately need, Williams also doubles as a 

94) New Orleans Saints- John McNeil, C, Tennessee

95) Indianapolis Colts- Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale

"The Colts finally get the OT help that they need. Veldheer will need a bit of adjustment time, but has great potential. At 6'8" 320lbs with excellent athleticism he could develop on either side of the OL."

Round 4:
96) St. Louis- Roddrick Muckelroy, LB, Texas

"The Rams fill arguably their 2nd biggest need in the fourth round 
with an active Sam LB whom will be good in coverage as well as a rush 

97) Detroit Lions- Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

98) Tampa Bay Bucs- Roger Saffold, OT, Indiana

"Tampa needs some decent players at tackle. Saffold played great in 
the East-West Shrine game against some tough competition. He should 
try to fight for the starting job at RT with Jeremy Trueblood."

99) Atlanta Falcons (from KC)- Harry Coleman, S, LSU

100) Washington Redskins- Sergio Render, OG, Virginia Tech

"I drafted Sergio Render because I feel that he is a very good fit in 
Shannahans ZBS. I think that he will be a good solid addition at the 
Guard position. He is intelligent, a leader & IMO undervalued. At 6-3, 
319 lb.s he is good sized for a guard but still has good speed at 5.20 
in the 40. He was 2nd team All ACC & ACC Lineman of the week in week 
12. The Redskins O-Line is easily one of the worst in the league & tho 
unspectacular I think that Sergio Render would be a good pick & a 
solid player"

101) New Orleans (from SEA)- Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke

102) Cleveland Browns- Mitch Petrus, OG, Arkansas

103) Cinncinati Bengals (from Oak)- John Jerry, OG, Ole' Miss

"With Bobbie Williams getting up in and age and with an expiring 
contract the Bengals need to develop someone for the future."

104) Buffalo Bills- Mike Neal, DT, Purdue

"Aside from an aging Marcus Stroud, DT isn't really a big need for the 
Bills.  Yes, they had a terrible run defense, but Kyle Williams is a 
Pro Bowl alternate for a reason and Marcus Stroud still has a little 
gas in the tank after a great career.  But the strongest player on 
Purdue's roster represents good value for a Bills team that is in 
complete rebuild mode.  It's time for Buffalo to invest in the 
trenches and Neal is a DT who can contribute against both the run and 
the pass."

105) Minnesota Vikings (from JAC)- Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida

106) Chicago Bears- Austin Lane, DE, Murray State

107) Miami Dolphins- Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas

108) Tennessee Titans- Myron Rolle, S, Florida State

"I picked Myron Rolle because he is a good overall athlete and can 
play basically anywhere on defense."

109) Carolina Panthers- Alex Carrington, DT, Arkansas St.

110) San Francisco 49ers- Brandon Lang, DE/OLB, Troy

111) Denver Broncos- Joe McKnight, RB, USC

112) Green Bay (from NYG)-  O'Brien Schofield, DE/OLB, Wisconsin

113) Buffalo Bills (from Pitt)- Shawn Lauvao, OG, Arizona State

"Lauvao is yet another strength/athleticism freak of Samoan decent. 
Buffalo had serious injury issues along the OL and Lauvao is 
potentially a talent upgrade as well.  The Bills have Andy Levitre 
entrenched at guard, but the other guard spot is up for grabs after 
Eric Wood's devastating broken leg.  The Bills also lack a long term 
solution at center, so a healthy Wood could move back to his college 
position, avoiding a log jam at guard."

114) Atlanta Falcons- Dennis Pita, TE, BYU

115) Houston Texans- Jeff Byers, OG, USC

116) New England Patriots- Montorio Hardesty, RB, Tennessee

117) Cincinnati Bengals- Anthony McCoy, TE, USC

"If you watched any Bengals football this year you would have known 
that the TE was our downfall virtually elimating that from the offense."

118) Philadelphia Eagles- LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon

119) Atlanta Falcons (from GB)- Darryl Sharpton, ILB, Miami

120) Baltimore Ravens- Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

121) Arizona Cardinals- Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

122) Dallas Cowboys- Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina

"Cam Thomas is the prototypical big body NT.  He showed up at the 
Senior Bowl weighing 331, but carried his weight well and tied Odrick 
with the longest arms among the d-lineman.  He may have to be coached 
up on his technique some, but he can hold up against double teams and 
despite his weight he is good on his feet.  He should come in and 
immediately replace Siavii as the backup NT, and maybe eventually 
allow Ratliff to move to DE."

123) San Diego Chargers- Myron Lewis, S, Vanderbilt

124) Philadelphia Eagles Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida

125) Minnesota Vikings- Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State

126) New Orleans Saints- Dekota Watson, OLB, Florida State

127) Indianapolis Colts- Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

"Former 2nd round pick Tim Jennings never lived up to his potential 
for more than brief flashes. Former 1st round pick Marlin Jackson is 
coming off torn ACLs in back to back seasons. Both will hit free 
agency this offseason leaving the Colts with absolutely nothing behind 
established #1 Kelvin Hayden and promising rookies Jerraud Powers and 
Jacob Lacey. Spievey could play the dime or nickel from day one in a 
cover-2 scheme and is a great special teamer."

5th Round:
128 – St. Louis – Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon
129 – Detroit – Zane Beadles, OT/OG, Utah
130 – Cleveland- Jason Worlids, DE/OLB, Virginia Tech
131 – Washington- Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech
132 – Kansas City- Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State
133 – Browns- Walther Thurmond, CB/FS. Oregon
134- Cincinatti- Dan Lefevour, QB. Central Michigan
135- New Orleans- Ben Tate, RB. Auburn
136- Pittsburgh- Brandon Carter, OG.Texas Tech
137- Chicago- Reggie Stephens, OG. Iowa State
138 – Kansas City- Charles Scott, RB. LSU
139 – Jacksonville- Dexter Mccluster, RB. Ole Miss
140 – Kansas City- Colin Peek, TE. Alabama
141 – San Francisco- Freddie Barnes, WR. Bowling Greens
142 – Detroit- Matt Tennant, C. Boston College
143 – Tampa Bay- D’Anthony Smith, DT. Louisiana Tech
144 – Tennessee- Perry Riley, OLB. LSU
145 – Atlanta- Jacoby Ford, WR. Clemson
146 – Houston- Andre Roberts, WR. Citadel
147 – Pittsburgh- Joe Pawelek, ILB. Baylor
148 – Cincinatti – Alterraun Verner. CB. UCLA
149 – New York Giants- Eric Olsen, C/G. Notre Dame
150 - Green Bay- Larry Asante, S. Nebraska
151- St. Louis- Willie Young, DE, NC State
152 – Baltimore- Ted Larson, C, NC State
153 – Arizona- Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State
154 – Oakland- Thomas Austin, OG, Clemson
155 – San Diego- Jamar Chaney, ILB, Michigan State
156 – Cleveland- Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State
157 – Jacksonville (from MIN)- Barry Church, SS, Toledo
158 – New York Jets- Devin Ross, CB, Arizona
159 – Indianapolis-T.J. Ward, S, Oregon

6th round:
160- St. Louis- Cameron Scheffield, OLB, Troy
161- Detroit- Lindsay Witten, DE, UConn
162- Tampa Bay- Taylor Price, WR, Ohio
163- Miami- Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
164- Miami- Boo Robinson, NT, Wake Forest
165- Carolina- Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State
166- Seattle- Sherrick McManis, CB, Northwestern
167- Cleveland- Blair White, WR, Michigan State
168- Buffalo- Rennie Curan, OLB, Georgia
169- Miami- Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State
170- Jacksonville- C.J. Wilson, DE, East Carolina
171- Chicago- Joique Bell, RB, Wayne St.
172- San Francisco- Stephan Virgil, CB, Virginia Tech
173- Denver- Brian Anderson, WR, Central Michigan
174- Detroit (from NYG)- James Starks, RB, Buffalo
175- Tennessee- Earl Mitchell, DT, Arizona
176- Cleveland- Javarris James, RB, Miami
177- Houston- Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia
178- Pittsburgh- Koa Misi, OLB, Utah
179- Atlanta- Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia
180- New England- Chris Cook, CB, Virginia
181- Cincinnati- Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
182- Buffalo- Dorin Dickerson, FB/TE, Pittsburgh
183- Green Bay- Brandon Banks, WR/KR, Kansas St.
184- Baltimore- Jammie Kirlrew, DE, Indiana
185- Arizona- Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa
186- Dallas- Ed Wang, OT, Virginia Tech
187- Houston- Jay Ross, NT, East Carolina
188- New York Jets- Shay Hodge, WR, Ole Miss
189- Miami (from Jac)- Robert Johnson, FS, Utah
190- Seattle (from NO)- Daniel Teo Neshiem, DE, Northwestern
191- Miami (From Philly)- Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse

7th Round:
  192. St. Louis- Stafon Johnson, RB, USC
  193. Giants (from DET)- Chris Scott, OT, Tennessee
  194. Giants (from TB)- ReShawn Jackson, FB, Virginia
  195. Washington- Josh Hull, ILB, Penn State
  196. Jaguars (from Mia)- John Estes, CB, Hawaii
  197. Seattle- Kerry Meirer, WR, Kansas
  198. Cleveland- Dexter Davis, OLB, Arizona St.
  199. Oakland- Mahall Newhouse, OG, TCU
  200. Buffalo- Stephen Williams, WR, Toledo
  201. Giants (from TB)- Rico McCoy, OLB, Tennessee
  202. Chicago- Patrick Stoudamire, CB, Western Illinois
  203. Jaguars (from MIA)- Clinton Snyder, OLB, Sanford
  204. Denver- Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina
  205. New York Giants- Chris Marrinelli, OT, Stanford
  206. Tennessee- Marcus Easley, WR, UConn
  207. Carolina- Garrett Graham, TE, Wisconsin
  208. San Francisco- Max Hall, QB, BYU
  209. Pittsburgh- Damon Cromartie-Smith, CB, UTEP
  210. St. Louis (from ATL)- Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas
  211. Houston- Chris Carter, WR, UC Davis
  212. Cincinnati- Antonio Coleman, OLB, Auburn
  213. New England- Trindon Holliday, WR/KR, LSU
214. Green Bay- Donald Butler, ILB, Washington
  215. New England (from Phi)- Doug Worthington, DE, Ohio State
  216. Baltimore- Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma
  217. Arizona- Joe Thomas, OT, Pittburgh
  218. Dallas- Hunter Lawrence, K, Texas
  219. San Diego- Chris Hall, C, Texas
  220. New York Jets- Ekom Udofia, DE, Stanford
  221. New Orleans- Van Eskridge, S, East Carolina
222. Jaguars (from Minn)- Armanti Edwards, WR/KR, Appalachian State
  223. Indianapolis- Kavell Conner, OLB, Clemson


Undrafted Free-Agent Claims:


Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama

Jan Jorgensen DE, BYU

Kenny Alfred, C, Wash St.


Lyle Hitt OG, LSU.

James Williams, OT, Harvard

Robert Vaughn, S, Uconn


CB, Crezdon Butler, Clemson

DT, Demarcus Granger, Oklahoma

QB, John Skelton, Fordham


Keith Toston RB Oklahoma State

 Kyle McCarthy S Notre Dame

Phillip Dillard ILB Nebraska


David Pender CB Purdue

Kurt Coleman SS The Ohio State University

Jim Cordle C from The Ohio State University


TE – Nate Byham – Pitt

WR – David Gettis – Baylor

FS – Jordan Lake – Baylor


P Zoltan Mesko, Michigan

DE John Fletcher Wyoming


WR Emanuel Sanders SMU
C Sean Allen
SS/FS Kendrick Lewis


Reggie Carter, ILB, UCLA

Cord Howard, OL, Georgia Tech

Terrell Skinner, FS, Maryland


QB Juice Williams Illinois

WR Chris Bell Norfolk St.

G Robert Okeafor Florida A&M


Mike Tepper OT Cal

WR Seji Adjirotutu, fresno state

RB Shawnbrey McNeal, SMU

Jamar Wall – CB – Texas Tech

Jeffrey Fitzgerald – DE – Kansas St.

Michael Hoomanawanui – TE – Illinois

Jacob Hickman, C, Nebraska
Cory Jackson, FB, Maryland

Chris McGaha, WR, Arizona State

Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn

Malcolm Sheppard, DL, Arkansas

Brandon James, KR, Florida

Dedrick Epps TE Miami

Brandon Hogan CB West Virginia

Darryl Clark Utilty Penn State

Kion Wilson ILB USF

Curtis Steele RB Memphis

Doug Palmer G East Carolina

OG- Shelley Smith Colorado ST

WR/QB- Joe Webb UAB
Jeremy Boone Penn St

NT Martin Tevaseu UNLV

C Colin Baxter
FB John Conner Kentucky

LeMarcus Coker, RB, Hampton
Raheem Alem
Naamen Roosevelt  WR

Roy Upchurch, RB, Bama
Boris Lee, ILB, Troy
Quentin Scott, FS, Northern Iowa

If i'm missing anything, please let me know. Thanks!

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