Mock Draft .1

East-West Shrine game is passed, Senior Bowl week is over, the Super Bowl is in 2 days. Time a Mock Draft.

Sorry multiple rounds. I'm not that much of a nut. yet. 

1. St. Louis: Qb Jimmy Clausen ND. Name last team to win the SB without a big time QB? No not the Ravens the Bucs, but the Ravens were the ones before that. There no position that impacts a team like a QB. A great QB can make a team look better than they really are ala Patriots of 06. A bad QB can hold a team back like Tavaris Jackson did. Rams make a big step towards respectability


2. Lions: Ndamukong Suh NEB. Lions get the best DT prospect in awhile. Suh could turn into the best DT since Sapp. Or he could turn into the worst since McCargo. I'm hoping towards the former.


3. Tampa Bay: G Mcoy DT Texas. Could go Berry, but a later round safety can make more of a impact in the passing game with Mcoy in the trenches than Berry with somebody else in the trenches.


4. Washington: Russell Okung  OKST. Shanny know the value of a good O-line like Synder knows how to throw money at people. This pick is going to be a OT, Shanny is being paid too much money for it not to be.


5. Kansas City: Mclain Bama. If Cody shows up at the Combine close to 350 then I could see Williams here. But as of right now they can wait till second and get Cody, and instead get the leader of the D for the next ten years.


6. Seatle: Sam Bradford OK. Hasslebeck hasn't been that good health-wise since 07. They need his successor and you don't skip a potential franchise QB. If the Giants had skipped on Eli NE Patriots would be hailed as the greatest franchise ever. with an asterisk.


8. Oakland: Lets see who is athletic freak? Oh wait I forgot something! 7. Cleveland: Joe Haden FL. In all seriousness Cleveland's secondary sucked. The only one who would say differently would be  Bruce Arians.


8. Oakland: Now some guy with a fast 40 time. Carlos Dunlap FL. two words: AL Davis. enough said.


9. Buffalo: Dan Williams T. If the Bills really are going to the 3-4 then they need abody to play the NT. Thus Williams.


10. Jacksonville: Derrick Morgan GT. The Jags draft two busts at DE two years a go so time to try again.


11. Denver: Eric Berry T. Berry falls out of the top ten? unlikely but that's the way it this mock went. Denver secondary is old adding Berry would could really help beat the Chargers.


12. Miami: Brandon Graham Mich. Pezzy wants out, Talyor is old. Miami pick the best OLB available.


13. San Fran: Anthony Davis Rut. No QB worth taking, OT it is.


14. Seattle. Bruce Campbell Md.  Sweet Holy Moley! not one but two good Tackles fell to them! let the run on Tackles begin.


15. NY Giants: Brian Price UCLA. Or not. Giants dump all those expensive FA they signed a go back to building a team in the Draft.


16. Tennessee: Dez Bryant OKST. Who had the Titans pick Johnson? yeah me neither. Yes I know the Titans picked Britt last year. But you gotta admit Bryant across from Britt with Johnson and Young in the backfield is pretty scary.


17. San Fran: Earl Thomas T. O-line fixed, secondary fixed. Only thing they need is good QB.


18. Pittsburgh: Mike Iupati I. No Nt, safety, OLB, DE, is worth the pick the Tackles are set. Put this Samoan across from another Samoan, Viola O-line fixed.


19. Atlanta: Jason Pierre Paul USF. Some many holes some many possibilities. But a better pass rush would make some of those holes look not so big.


20. Houston: Kyle Wilson. Congrats on your first winning season! Now lets see ya make the playoffs.


21. Cincinnati: for first pick Tim Tebow QB/ everything FL. for everybody else Golden Tate ND. Bengals need playmakers. Tate solves problem. 


22. New England: Brian Bulaga Iowa. It seems almost criminal for Bulaga to fall to them. curse Belichick. course knowing him he could have traded out of the 1st.


23. Green Bay: Sergio Kindle T. Just missed out on Bulaga. Kindle could give them a three headed monster. Or the next Golston.


24. Philadelphia: Everson Griffen USC. Never can have enough pass rushers.


25. Baltimore: Jermaine Gresham OK. Could see Spiller, unlikely though.


26. Arizona: Ricky Sapp Clem. Zona needs LBs to replace Dansby. Maybe TCU Hughes?


27. Dallas: Patrick Robinson FSU. I'm starting to run out of good matches.


28. San Diego: Leigh Tiffen Bama Johnathan Dwyer GT as much as shank Kaeding needs to go nobody drafts a kicker in the first. except Al Davis. Dwyer will have the unenviable task of replacing a HOF like Tomlinson.


29. NY Jest: Jared Odrick Penn. Good WR are available in the second Dwyer is off the board. De's are getting old.


30. Minnesota: Donovan Warren Mich. Almost forgot about him. Best value for what is left.


31 Indy: Charles Brown USC. Colts need to start building for life after Manning. Not saying he will retire after this season just that if he were to retire this season, Colts would have a top 10 pick.


32. NO Sean Weatherspoon Misso. Looked really good at Senior Bowl, Saints LBs need upgrading.


That's it ya'll. for now.              

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