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Brendan Burke, Son Of Leafs GM Brian Burke, Dies In Car Accident

Brendan Burke, the son of Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, passed away on Friday. Burke made his homosexuality public in December and his bravery helped and continues to help people who suffer through the hardships of living a gay life in sports.

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More Than One Tragedy: Mark Reedy, Friend Of Brendan, Also Dies In Wreck

When people in the spotlight die, it becomes national news. We mourn, we pray and we pass along condolences despite usually never knowing the victim or his family personally. We do this because we feel some bond with those people, though, as is the case with the passing of Brendan Burke.

But too often in situations like this, we over look the life of other victims. That was also the case last night, as Burke’s friend Mark Reedy also died in the tragic two car accident that killed Burke.

SB Nation’s Maple Leafs blog, Pension Plan Puppets, published the words of one of Reedy’s friends on Saturday afternoon. They appear below.

Mark Adams Reedy was one of the most genuinely nice people that I have ever have had the pleasure of knowing. Concerned with the well being of all that he knew, Mark was never on a foul note with any of his acquaintances or friends.

A talented athlete (2 time high school State champion runner up in diving in Michigan and accomplished soccer player), as well as a dedicated student who devoted much of his time to his studies, Mark was a person that many parents can only hope their children can be. An individual that was able to lighten even the foulest mood, Mark was an optimistic person to the core. Such a horrible occurrence could not have happened to a more undeserving person.

His thoughts are with myself and all that knew him, and the love towards him is undying. Being able to know and befriend Mark has been an absolute privilege over the past 12 years. An absolute God-send to humanity, it is truly a tragedy to see such an amazing young man come to such an unfortunate end.

Born on March 25th, 1991, Mark grew up and resided in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for the duration of his life barring the last 6 months in East Lansing. He attended Hickory Grove Elementary School, East Hills Middle School, and Bloomfield Hills Lahser High School, graduating in June, 2009, to attend Michigan State University. He is survived by his loving and supportive family; Clifford, Marcia, Megan, and Michelle (Father, mother, and sisters; respectively).

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