NHL Trade Deadline: Full Analysis Of Wednesday's Deals

The NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone. Scroll down for full analysis and reactions to the wealth of deals that went down on Wednesday.

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  • Travis Hair from Five for Howling will then join us to talk about the plethora of moves that the Coyotes made. Must be fun to be a contender, and we will see what Travis thinks about that.
  • To finish off the show we will be joined by Julian from Pension Plan Puppets to talk about all of the moves that the Leafs did (and did not) make.

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Oilers Revamp Blueline With Late Moves

The Oilers attacked their blueline at this years' trade deadline, completely revamping the struggling unit that was seen as the team's strength heading into the season.

The reaction from Edmonton fans at SBN's The Copper & Blue:

Well that was quite the 48 hours. On Monday afternoon came news of the departure of Denis Grebeshkov and the disc problems of Ladi Smid; on Tuesday prospect Cody Wild was sent packing; and today two more high priced defencemen left town while a third has developed a troubling medical condition. In return the Oilers acquired two maturing defencemen, three draft picks, a whole bunch of cap room, and possibly the worst defensive crew in the National Hockey League. Oh yeah, and a physical forward picked up on waivers. Not to mention a very welcome show of the long-rumoured but rarely-seen Katz Bucks.


Blues Quiet At NHL Trade Deadline

From SBN's St. Louis Game Time:

This deadline day sure feels like the Blues are stuck in neutral. They didn't touch one player on the NHL roster. They didn't acquire any draft picks or highly regarded prospects. They didn't cash in any players set to be unrestricted free agents in the offseason. Basically they stood pat. And I can see where that's a good thing. And I can see where that's a bad thing. For a team that has an interim coach and felt like it was in limbo as the Andy Murray era ended, this seems fitting.


Coyotes Make Major Leap On Deadline Day

The Phoenix Coyotes may be the big winners on trade deadline Wednesday. They added several NHL caliber players without giving up too much -- one solid prospect, a few mediocre ones and a few late-round picks. Nothing major.

Travis Hair at SBN's Five for Howling analyzed the Coyotes' moves from a fans perspective.

An excerpt:

Everyone was looking at the Coyotes as buyers of a guy or two at the deadline. We needed another solid defenseman and maybe a forward that could help on the power play a little bit. I don't think there was anyone outside the Coyotes front office that thought the Coyotes would make a total of seven deals getting five NHL level players and a few AHL ones. With the moves they did make though, the Coyotes are certainly even more dangerous than they were earlier this morning.

Click through for a full breakdown of all their moves.


The Newest New Jersey Devil: Introducing Martin Skoula

At SBN's In Lou We Trust, John Fischer has taken an in-depth look at Martin Skoula, the newest member of the New Jersey Devils.

An excerpt:

Combining that statistical suggestion along the way he apparently lost his coaches' confidence, it definitely doesn't suggest that he should be able to step right into New Jersey's blueline or even seriously challenge anyone on the team.  As [general manager] Lou [Lamoriello] said, this is a depth move. 

He's not replacing Mark Fraser or Anssi Salmela unless either starts stinking it up on the ice.  He's definitely not going to be taking Mike Mottau's spot in the lineup.  He's going to be used when the coaches see the need for experience on the third pairing. When Paul Martin returns, he can used to spell players or replace guys who are injured in the run up to the playoffs. To that end, I'm not expecting much.  All I want is that he plays perfectly acceptable, average defense when he does play.

Incidentally, the move for Skoula means someone's got to go down to Lowell when Martin does return. It probably would be Vladimir Zharkov, as he can go back to Lowell without passing waivers.  (Though I don't think Andrew Peters or Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond will be poached on waivers, they'll stick around for better or worse.)

He won't be a regular player, but he's definitely an asset on the Devils roster. Meanwhile, he was just tossed aside by both Pittsburgh and Toronto within 24 hours. One man's trash, another man's treasure.


Thrashers Get Modest Return In Clarke MacArthur

The Thrashers didn't make a big splash in the trade market on Wednesday, but they did make as minor move by swapping a few draft picks with Buffalo for forward Clarke MacArthur.

Here's what SBN's Bird Watchers Anonymous had to say about the deal:

The overall statistical profile suggests that expectations for Clarke MacArthur should be modest. His career suggests that he has 3rd line scoring talent and that is the way he was used in Buffalo. Thrashers Assistant Coach Randy Cunneyworth has worked with MacArthur and perhaps he probably expects to get more out of him than they did in Buffalo. In my opinion there is the chance that he might show more scoring with a change of scenery, but I'm not optimistic that he will suddenly bust out. The price that was paid (3rd and 4th round picks) was also modest. The success rate of picks in that area of the draft are simply not that great. So I don't think the Thrashers overpaid for this player, but I also don't expect him to become a difference maker.


Buffalo Addresses Needs At Deadline

Buffalo was one of the few teams to jump out at the trade deadline and address the needs that the team had, according to Rafal Ladysz at Die By The Blade.

The Buffalo Sabres had two fundamental necessities they had to add heading into this year's trade deadline: an offensive defenseman or a gritty forward. Darcy Regier kept the deals short and sweet by acquiring Raffi Torres from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for Nathan Paetsch and a 2010 second-round pick.

Then, he sent Clarke MacArthur to Atlanta with a third and fourth-round pick arriving for him. Although the puck-moving defender didn't arrive, Regier made two fantastic moves that are sure to assist Buffalo for the stretch drive heading into the postseason and the future.


Capitals Fans React To Busy Deadline Day

The Washington Capitals were won of the busiest teams at the deadline, acquiring four roster players in four separate deals. In general, Caps fans are happy with the moves, if not underwhelmed.

Here's David Getz at Japers' Rink:

Four useful NHL caliber players to be sure, and an effort to generally address some of the team's needs both in style of play and on the depth chart, but not the shiny bauble some fans undoubtedly wanted.  The good news is on the "Out" side of the equation.  Second round picks have some value, but with a solid farm system in place the Capitals don't need them as much as some other teams, and only one NHL roster player was moved (and one who was replaced, on paper at least, by a comparable yet better player).


Ducks Fans React To Losing Ryan Whitney

At SBN's Battle of California, Ducks fans have reacted to losing Olympian Ryan Whitney in favor of Olympian Lubomir Vishnovsky.

Here's BoC's Earl Sleek:

Now we should be clear -- this trade is not an automatic win.  No matter how Ducks fans protest, Ryan Whitney could still become a very good defenseman in this league -- he has a lot more of the tools of a high-promise defenseman, notably size and reach.  Still, at this point in time, I don't know if you can convince me that Lubo isn't even a better straight-up defender than Whitney, and that's not even mentioning Lubo's ability to hit the net with his shot.

Still, the part that floors me most about this deal?  After all the Pronger-plus-Penner Burke-vs-Lowe feuding from a few years ago, I never thought Anaheim would be trading big players with Edmonton again, at least not this soon.  And I never thought the Oilers would be sending us their best defenseman again -- go figure.


Sharks Fans Look Ahead To Playoffs After Team Stands Pat

At SBN's Fear the Fin, San Jose Sharks fans are reacting to general manager Doug Wilson's decision to stand pat at the trade deadline.

Here's an excerpt:

Maybe the price wasn't right. Maybe Doug Wilson felt as if his team was as good as it was going to get. Maybe the fact that San Jose was at the upper limit of the salary cap hampered any potential move.

Whatever the case, the San Jose Sharks will enter the stretch run with the same roster they had yesterday.

Fear The Fin has advocated picking up a defenseman for the better part of the year. It is an issue for the team that I would have liked to have seen addressed as Evgeni Nabokov, in the midst of a Vezina-caliber season, has masked a lot of issues surrounding the unit as a whole. And with a poor Olympic outing from Nabokov now being thrown into the mix with his career playoff numbers, there is the distinct possibility that his play may not reach the level it did before the break.

That being said, the team is still one of the favorites to make some noise in the Western Conference. As they were last season, as they have been since the lockout. A revamped third and fourth lines have done a good job of establishing a rhythm to the Sharks game, and has vastly improved the ability for role players to make an impact on games. Dany Heatley is a premier goal scorer who needs no introduction. Although Wilson did not make a splash today, the team is vastly different than the one who took the ice in April of last season.

And they are likely better.


Wild Fans React To Belanger Trade

The Minnesota Wild, a team with not much of a hope to make the playoffs this season, have traded Eric Belanger to the Washington Capitals for a second round pick. Given those slim playoff hopes, fans in Minnesota are happy with getting a draft pick in return.

Here's Nathan Eide at SBN's Hockey Wilderness:

Eric Belanger has been traded to the Washington Capitals for Washington's second round choice in the 2010 NHL entry draft. Frankly, I have absolutely no problem with this move at all. Belanger was an unrestricted free agent and would have likely walked on July 1. He's certainly not irreplaceable, and is a nice role-player on this squad, but is a good fit as a rental down the stretch for a team like the Capitals.

So, let's say good-bye to our second-line center. He was a very streaky guy. He'd have stretches of multi-point games, then vanish for two weeks. Frankly, looking at his numbers this year, his trade value has never been higher. Put him with a guy like Backstrom or Semin, and he's looking at a definite career high in points the rest of the way.


Colorado Fans Welcome Back Stephane Yelle

The Colorado Avalanche brought back on old friend on Wednesday, welcoming Stephane Yelle back into the fold. Fans in the mile high city are welcoming him back with open arms, despite the fact that his role will be diminished this time around.

Here's SBN's Mile High Hockey:

The Colorado Avalanche have re-acquired one of MHH's Top 19 Avs of All Time - #15, Stephane Yelle. Yelle and minor league forward Harrison Reed for Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll and a 6th round draft pick. Yelle really needs no introduction to Avalanche fans, but I'll give a brief freshener anyway. Yelle spent 6 seasons in Colorado and was a key part of both Stanley Cup teams. He was traded to Calgary in the Chris Drury trade and I know most Avalanche fans are going to be ecstatic to have him back in the fold (even if his old #26 is no longer available). Yelle is a depth player at this point - probably 4th line center - but is a great veteran acquisition for the Avalanche.


Islanders Fans React To Team's Inactivity

Many believed that the New York Islanders would be active in the trade market on Wednesday by trading at least one of Dwayne Roloson or Martin Biron. It didn't happen. Why not? The market.

Here's Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey:

This is the market Snow was dealing with. To sell, you need a buyer. To gain, you have to give up. To give up, you have to have something worth buying. The Islanders, sitting in 12th place in the Eastern Conference and 26th overall in the league, don't have much of that -- unless they want to give up an important piece of the rebuild. For now, maybe next year.

Still, the one move the Islanders did move one player in the days leading up to the deadline and as it turns out, they got pretty good value for him. Back to Dominik...

I'll end with one final plea about the price fetched for Andy Sutton: Look around at the defensemen acquired today, and notice how the price went lower and lower: Derek Morris for a 4th. Martin Skoula for a 5th. Milan Jurcina for a 6th. Aaron Ward for a 4th and scraps. The 2010 draft is considered deeper than 2011, and you have a limited number of buyers at this deadline -- therefore a limited number of picks for sale. No 1st-rounders changed hands -- and the one case where a team was holding out for a 1st, for Torres, did not pan out that way.


Florida Ships Away Pending Free Agents, Gains Assets

The Florida Panthers were expected to be one of the most active teams at the deadline this year, but that didn't exactly happen. Yes, they made a few moves -- shipping Dennis Seidenberg to Boston, for one -- but it wasn't the fire sale that many thought was coming.

Still, Panthers fans are generally happy with the day.

Here's Donny Rivette at SBN's Litter Box Cats:

From where I sit, this was a semi-successful day, from the angle of the Panthers getting some decent assets for a departing unrestricted free agent. Lots more could have been done, of course, but as the GM stated, anything less than full value for Florida's current crop of players - love them or hate them - is simply not acceptable. Today's result only ups the ante on Panthers management to perform in a big way at the draft in June.


Bruins Fail To Improve Offense

The Boston Bruins have had one major, glaring need all season. They are in desperate need of a scoring winger, so you would have expected them to make a deal for one  at the deadline. Well, it didn't happen.

As you could expect, Bruins fans are not particularly happy.

Here's what SBN's Stanley Cup of Chowder had to say:

For a team that is last in the league in goal scoring that is still in the playoff hunt not to land a goal scorer is inexcusable. Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins brass sent a clear message: this is not "the year to B here". A Cup run this year was a bit of a pipe dream but I figured the B's would still want to win a playoff series to line Jacobs' pocket with an extra couple games' worth of concession sales. Peter Chiarelli tried to spin it like they were trying to improve for this year, but it is clear that this deadline was all about the future, not the present.

I'll admit that the market for goal scorers was limited this year and I am glad that they didn't overpay or sell the future for a rental player, but I think they could have brought in a player who could help this team offensively. Chasing after Kovalchuk made no sense this year, but they had to have other options to improve up front.


Flyers Hurt Themselves With Lack Of Draft Picks, Bad Contracts

The Philadelphia Flyers would have liked to act at the deadline on Wednesday, but general manager Paul Holmgren hurt himself by not having any assets at his disposal.

From SBN's Broad Street Hockey:

The Flyers did absolutely nothing at the 2010 NHL trade deadline, despite being extremely active on the phones over the last few days. Why weren't they able to pull the trigger on a deal? It all comes back to the same problems that we've seen for the entire season. They have almost no draft picks, no major prospects in the professional ranks, and no cap room.

These results are not surprising.

Paul Holmgren still tried, though. He tried to get Dan Hamhuis. He tried to get Tomas Vokoun. He tried to get Dwayne Roloson, Raffi Torres and Joe Corvo. In the end, he was either outbid by another team or just didn't have enough to give up.


Keeping Hamhuis Gives Predators Excellent Blueline

Dirk Hoag at SBN's On the Forecheck examines the Predators decision to keep defenseman Dan Hamhuis at the trade deadline. General manager David Poile had to decide whether or not to keep Hamhuis for the playoff push or keep him and risk losing him for nothing, because he is a free agent following this season.

Here's Hoag:

Hamhuis has been an excellent defenseman for Nashville in his six seasons, a prime example of the Predators' reputation for drafting and developing quality blueliners (he was a 1st-round selection in 2001, 12th overall). Assuming he hits the free agent market this summer, he could get something around $4 million per season in his next contract. Hamhuis is probably glad to stay put, however, as his wife just delivered their second child recently.

This sets the Predators up with one of the deepest and most talented set of defensemen in the entire NHL as the playoff chase continues.

GM David Poile had stated that he wanted a player in return for Hamhuis that could help the team this year, and typically teams that pick up top defensemen are looking to make a playoff run of their own, and offer up prospects and draft picks in exchange. Several teams were mentioned as having made offers, but none apparently held enough current hockey value.


Kings Fans React To Halpern, Modin Acquisitions

At SBN's Battle of California, Los Angeles Kings fans are reacting to the two trades their team made today, acquiring Jeff Halpern from Tampa Bay and Fredrik Modin from Columbus.

Here's BoC's Rudy Kelly on Halpern:

The acquisition of Jeff Halpern gives the Kings a few more options with their forwards.  As of right now it looks like the line of Alexander Frolov-Michal Handzus-Jarret Stoll will be together for a while (or at least they will be if they create 2 goals like they did last night), so the Kings needed another center to replace Stoll.  Enter Jeff Halpern.  Halpern can either replace Brad Richardson on the third line or he can replace Marc-Andre Cliche on the 4th.  I think we'll see Terry Murray stick with Brad Richardson on the third line for a while but he won't be afraid to mix and match depending on how the Kings are doing; if they're ahead, Halpern will get more ice time and if they're behind, it'll be Richardson.  Or they can move Clune off the third line and roll a Richardson-Halpern-Meat Train line.  Actually, that probably looks the best.  Do that.

In the end, Jeff Halpern isn't the sexy pick but he's a good player that can fill many roles.  He can play on the power play (although we won't need him), he can play on the penalty kill, and he can lead in the locker room.  He's not the hero we want, but he's the hero we need.  Am I saying Halpern is Batman?  Yes.  He is Batman.

And on Modin:

Modin is a formerly good player that has been beset by injuries.  He is also an assistant captain on the Jackets.  Players of his ilk are like catnip to Dean Lombardi so it's no surprise the Kings picked him up.  Modin is a left winger, is defensively responsible, and has a pretty terrific slap shot.  He's another depth player that can provide a little scoring punch for the Kings and hopefully give the top players a little rest down the stretch.  Assuming he stays healthy, which is not exactly a sure thing at this point.


The Last Trickle Of Trades Come Through The Pipe

With the trade deadline passing about two hours ago, the last few trades that have been accepted are starting to get announced. Let’s run them down:

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired defenseman Chris Peluso from the Pittsburgh Penguins for a sixth round pick. Peluso currently plays for the Bemidji State.

The Nashville Predators have acquired forward Dustin Boyd from the Calgary Flames for a fourth round pick. Boyd had 19 points in 60 games with the Flames this season.

The Phoenix Coyotes acquired Alexandre Picard from the Columbus Blue Jackets for forward Chad Kolarik. Picard has played in nine games this season for Columbus, only registering three assists. Kolarik has spent the past two seasons with the San Antonio Rampage, the affiliate for the Phoenix Coyotes. In those two seasons, he has had 37 goals in 135 games.

The Rangers acquired defenseman Andres Eriksson from the Coyotes for goaltender Mikka Wiikman and a seventh round pick in 2011. Eriksson has three assists in 12 games for the Coyotes this season while Wiikman has played for the Hartford Wolfpack in the past three seasons.

Finally, the Coyotes also acquired Petteri Nokelainen from the Anaheim Ducks for a sixth round pick. Nokelainen had four goals and seven assists in 50 games for the Ducks this season.

All trades are courtesy TSN Tradecentre Tracker


Carolina Sends Stephane Yelle To Colorado

The Carolina Hurricanes have sent Stephane Yelle and Harrison Reed to Colorado for Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll and a sixth round pick according to TSN.

Yelle played seven seasons in Colorado, for a total of 505 games and 143 points. Now in the twilight of his career, he will finish out back where he started. Harrison Reed is an AHL players that has spent the last two seaons with the Albany River Rats. In those two seasons, he has played in 119 games and recorded 15 points.

Heading back to Carolina is Lalonde-McNicoll who is currently playing in the QMJHL.


Edmonton Oilers Trade Steve Staios To The Calgary Flames

The Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames have made their first ever trade with each other. The Edmonton Oilers are sending defenseman Steve Staios to Calgary for Aaron Johnson and a 2010 third round pick, according to TSN.

Staios has seven points on the season and is a -19 on a team that is full of negatives. Johnson has three points in 22 games and has played in a handful of six seasons.


Ryan Whitney Traded To Oilers For Lubomir Vishnovsky

American Olympian Ryan Whitney is heading to Canada. He's been traded to the rebuilding Edmonton Oliers for defenseman Lubomir Vishnovsky, according to TSN.

Ben Massey at The Copper & Blue has a lengthy reaction from the Edmonton perspective.

Here's just a bit of it:

Ryan Whitney is a perfectly acceptable hockey player. I'd rather have him than a healthy Steve Staios or even Sheldon Souray after he gets his hand amputated and plays with a claw shoved into a glove. In 2006-07 he recorded a 59-point season, although that was on a team with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Sergei Gonchar causing havoc. His QUALCOMP is right in the middle of the Ducks regular defensemen, as is his QUALTEAM. He's more-or-less replacement level in terms of relative +/- and he baaaaarely gets outscored at even strength. His PDO number is bang-on the median for the Anaheim Ducks.

He is spectacularly average on a team two games below .500. He's not crummy. And at 6'4" he brings some size to the team. He doesn't play hard but he plays harder than Lubomir Visnovsky did. If I woke up this morning and learned that Ryan Whitney was an Edmonton Oiler, in isolation, that wouldn't be bad.

But here are the problems. First, Ryan Whitney is 27, bang-on in his prime. Being bang-on in your prime isn't great when this team is, in all probability, going to be in the lottery in 2010-11 and will at best just miss the playoffs in 2011-12. By the time this team is ready to win a round or two - assuming Steve Tambellini ever gets this team ready to win a round or two - Whitney will be, what? 31? 32? He'll be Steve Staios? Is that really worth the downgrade in the short term from Lubomir Visnovsky?

Second, the money. Per the gurus at CapGeek, Whitney has three full seasons left on a cap hit of $4 million per year before going unrestricted. He will bank a total of $15 million over those three years. That's a hell of a lot of cap space to tie up on a perfectly average defenseman. The cap hit is an improvement of $1.6 million over what Visnovsky will make; both contracts expire the same year. And Visnovsky, who has been an excellent player on a terrible team instead of an average player on a slightly-below-average one, is far better value per dollar than Whitney.

Whitney has recurring foot problems, Visnovsky also gets hurt fairly frequently of late: let's call the injury history a wash. This trade isn't brutal. Not Grebeshkov-for-a-second brutal. But we're downgrading in the short term and not particularly getting anything long-term. We're markedly reducing our cap efficiency. Ryan Whitney is instantly the Oilers' second-best living defenseman behind Tom Gilbert. It's a loss, but it's not a huge loss.


Columbus Trades Mathieu Roy To Florida

The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded defenseman Mathieu Roy to the Florida Panthers for prospect Matt Rust, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Roy has 11 points on the season in 31 games for the Blue Jackets while Rust is ranked 12th among the Florida Panther prospects according to Hockey’s Future.


Toronto Trades Joey MacDonald To Anaheim

The Ducks have made another trade involving a goaltender today, their third of the day, by obtaining Joey MacDonald from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a seventh round pick.

This is the third goaltender that has moved around with the Ducks, they sent Pogge to Carolina in the Aaron Ward trade, swapped backups with Calgary and now this one.


Fredrik Modin Heads To Los Angeles

Former Stanley Cup winner Fredrik Modin has been traded from Columbus to the Los Angeles Kings according to Sportsnet. Columbus will receive the always ambiguous "future considerations" in the deal.

Modin battled injuries constantly in Columbus and it'll be interesting to see if he can stay healthy with the Kings.


Carolina Trades Joe Corvo To Washington Capitals

The Carolina Hurricanes have traded defenseman Joe Corvo to the Washington Capitals for Brian Pother and Oskar Osala and a second round pick, according to TSN.

Corvo has 12 points on the season in the 34 games he has played this season. Corvo is set to make $2.625 million against the cap and is an unrestricted free agent after this season.

What the Capitals gave up was a defenseman in Pother with 11 points in 41 games and a +12 on the season and a forward in Osala that has spent the past two seasons with the Hershey Bears and has 29 points in 53 games there this season.


Andrew Alberts Traded To Vancouver

According to The Fourth Period, big defenseman Andrew Alberts has been traded from Carolina to Vancouver in exchange for a third round pick.

Alberts is a solid defenseman who can help the Canucks as they head for the playoffs, while Carolina is likely continuing to dump salary as they rebuild.


Lee Stempniak Traded To Coyotes For Picks

Lee Stempniak has been traded from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Phoenix Coyotes, who keep on adding players today as they make a run toward the playoffs. Two draft picks, a fourth rounder and a seventh rounder, will be heading back to the Leafs in exchange for Stempniak.

Phoenix may be the big winners today.


Sheldon Souray Not Being Traded; Out For Season

With all of the speculation that Sheldon Souray was going to be traded, Rogers Sportsnet is reporting that Souray is hospitalized with an infection in his hand and will be out for the rest of the season.

This is a blow to the Oilers just because they are trying to rebuild and salvage some part of this season and Souray is one of their better defenders.


Dan Hamhuis Staying In Nashville

After entertaining offers for three days, Dan Hamhuis is staying in Nashville. The defenseman is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, but apparently the Predators believe that they weren't offered enough to make a deal.

The news was broken by TSN.

He'll make a run in the playoffs with the Predators, who are now very strong on defense, keeping Hamhuis and following the acquisition of Denis Grebeshkov on Monday.


Milan Jurcina Headed Back To Capitals

The Washington Capitals traded Milan Jurcina to the Columbus Blue Jackets on December 28th. Two months later, he's a member of the Capitals again. According to TSN, the Capitals have acquired Jurcina, who was a healthy scratch at times in Columbus, for an unknown return.


Buffalo Trades Clarke MacArthur To Atlanta

The Buffalo Sabres have sent forward Clarke MacArthur to the Atlanta Thrashers for a third and fourth round pick in 2010, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. MacArthur has 13 goals and 26 points for the Sabres this year and has been second and third line player for most of his career in Buffalo.


Columbus Blue Jackets Trade Raffi Torres To Buffalo

Rogers Sportsnet is reporting that the Columbus Blue Jackets have sent forward Raffi Torres to the Buffalo Sabres for a second round pick and defenseman Nathan Paetsch.

Torres would be the leading goal scorer for the Sabres with his 19 goals. Currently Thomas Vanek has 18 goals for Buffalo. In return the Sabres send Paestch who is a defenseman that has experience at forward as well.


Report: Leafs Will Keep Tomas Kaberle

According to Rogers Sportsnet, the Toronto Maple Leafs will not be trading Tomas Kaberle on Wednesday.

Leafs GM Brian Burke tells Sportsnet he has not asked Kaberle to waive his no-trade clause and expects nothing to happen

Looks like we'll be hearing rumors about him at next year's deadline, too.


Islanders Expected To Hold Goalies Roloson And Biron

According to Islanders beat reporter Katie Strang of Newsday, the Islanders are expected to keep both Dwayne Roloson and Martin Biron beyond the 3 PM trade deadline.

From Strang on Twitter:

According to good source, Roloson and Biron both expected to still be Islanders when deadline expires at 3 p.m.

It seems that the Isles just don't think that they're being offered enough to give up either goaltender.


Calgary Sends Curtis McElhinney To Anaheim For Vesa Toskala

The Calgary Flames and Anaheim Ducks are making a backup goaltender trade with the Flames sending Curtis McElhinney to Anaheim for Vesa Toskala, according to TSN and Sportsnet.

McElhinney has a 7-3-4 record for the Flames this season while this will be Toskala’s third team this season. This trade shouldn’t make much of a difference for either team though.


Flyers Out Of Goaltender Talks, In On Kaberle?

Many people expected the Philadelphia Flyers to go after a goaltender this deadline day, given that, with the team they have now, Michael Leighton would be their playoff goaltender.

From Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly:

Flyers focus shifting to "depth" at forward and defense. Goalie upgrade is off the boards. Price was too steep for Vokoun, complicated cap

With the Flyers not after a goaltender today, that leaves Washington and Chicago as the two other teams who could potentially think about going after Tomas Vokoun or Dwayne Roloson.

Also out of Philadelphia, the team could be in on talks for Toronto's Tomas Kaberle. They almost acquired him last trade deadline season for Jeff Carter, but Kaberle reportedly didn't accept the trade, invoking his no trade clause.

Still, Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News joins Panaccio in saying that the Flyers are at least asking about Kaberle this year.

The #Flyers are among teams talking about Kaberle, I am told... guess they still like him after all this time

I am told the Flyers are just kicking the tires on Tomas Kaberle to make sure he isn't going for something cheaper than what they could do


Tomas Kaberle Willing To Waive No-Trade Clause

Tomas Kaberle has a no-trade clause that has prevented a trade over the last few seasons. This year, he's willing to waive that clause, but he has an interesting little deal going with Toronto general manager Brian Burke.

According to TSN, Burke will come to Kaberle with each deal that's offered and each offer that's made, and they will decide a course of action from there. It's certainly a unique little note on this deadline day, but it goes to the reputation Burke has of being an honorable man. Kaberle has reportedly echoed those same sentiments today.


Eric Belanger Traded From Minnesota To Washington

As the trades start piling up, it is now announced that the Washington Capitals have traded for Eric Belanger from the Minnesota Wild for a second round pick, according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie.

Belanger has 35 points for the Minnesota Wild this season and is another good center for the Washington Capitals this season.


Kings Acquire Jeff Halpern From Lightning

The Los Angeles Kings, a team with a lot of cap space who could make a big splash today, have made a move today, but it's not the big deal people thought they were going to make.,

Jeff Halpern, a 33-year-old forward, is now a member of the Kings after being traded by the Lightning, according to The Fourth Period. Teddy Purcell and a third-round pick are heading to Tampa Bay.

Halpern is a former captain who has a ton of leadership ability. He's a very strong defensive forward and the deal is a good one for a Kings team expected to partake in the playoff festivities this season.


Colorado Fans React To Wolski-Mueller Swap

Colorado fans aren't completely sold on the trade that saw Wojtek Wolski head south to Phoenix. The Avalanche picked up Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter in return.

Here's David Driscoll-Carignan of SBN's Mile High Hockey:

I figured Wolski was going to be on the move. I'm sorry to see him go - I've always been a big fan - but I do feel it was time to make a change. I don't know a ton about Mueller and Porter, but my initial reaction is that I would have liked to see the Avalanche get a bit better return. Wolski is the best player in this deal now and it will take a big turnaround to change that status down the road. Amazingly, the Avalanche get even younger with this deal and shed some cap space - neither of those were hugely important, though.  Mueller and Porter are both intriguing players, and this can become a solid deal for the Avs if either - or both - blossom under Joe Sacco as so many other youngsters have done.


Mathieu Schenider Traded To Phoenix

The Vancouver Canucks have sent defenseman Mathieu Schneider to the Phoenix Coyotes according to Dave Pagnotta of The Fourth Period for Sean Zimmerman and a sixth round pick.

This is the third trade for the Coyotes after picking up Derek Morris and Wojtek Wolski.


SB Nation Reacts To The Recent Trades

With the handful of recent trades that have gone down, we take a look at the instant reactions from around the community.

Stanley Cup Of Chowder feels that Dennis Seidenberg is going to be an upgrade over the recently traded Derek Morris:

I think Dennis Seidenberg is an upgrade over Derek Morris, especially when you consider that Seidenberg makes $2.25 million compared to Morris’ $3.3 million. He currently leads the NHL with 179 blocked shots. That’s a not of rubber and black and blues. Seidenberg is a guy that can move the puck, but isn’t really an offensive threat. He isn’t a very physical player, but he plays a sound defensive game.

Canes Country has this to say about sending Scott Walker to Washington:

Walker recently had shoulder surgery and had missed the previous 21 games before suiting up in Toronto last night. The Canes are in full blown cost-cutting mode and will save the balance of his 2.5 million dollar salary, as well as Ward’s.

Nucks Misconduct feels that Yan Stasny is a good pickup, but not the splash they were looking for:


  • An “honest worker” with his limited ice time
  • Cheap ($500,000)
  • Can play center or wing
  • Comes from a notable hockey family that includes father Peter, uncle Anton or brother Paul


  • He’s a combined -20 for his career
  • He’s only played in four games this year and his career best is only 34 (last year).
  • He’s a reserve forward at best

We will have more reactions as they keep coming.


Peter Mueller, Kevin Porter Traded To Colorado For Wojtek Wolski

The Denver Post has confirmed that Peter Mueller has been traded from Phoenix to the Colorado Avalanche along with young center Kevin Porter. Wojtek Wolski, who we said earlier could be on the move today, is heading to the Coyotes in the deal.

It's a trade of two young players who have a lot of upside but may have needed a change of scenery in Wolski and Mueller, but the addition of Porter in the deal makes this a very strong addition to the Colorado lineup.

Here's what Hockey's Future has to say about Porter:

With a tremendous amount of ability and skill, Porter has continued to transform into on of the top two-way players in the nation. He’s a top-six forward in the collegiate level, who may be able to make an equal transition as a pro. He has good hands, great vision and a great flow to his game. He can find ways to score, but does a better job setting up his linemates. He is a confident player, makes good decisions and has a solid work ethic.


Vancouver Picks Up Yan Stastny

According to The Fourth Period, Yan Stastny is a Vancouver Canuck. Or, at least a Manitoba Moose. He's been traded to the organization from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for forward Pierre-Cedric Labrie.

Not much to see here, really. It's just a minor, depth trade with no real impact on the rest of the season.


Capitals Acquire Scott Walker From Hurricanes

The Washington Capitals are officially active on deadline day, acquiring winger Scott Walker from the Carolina Hurricanes for a seventh round pick, according to TSN.

Walker is a gritty, tough forward who adds some toughness and some character to the Capitals lineup. The biggest need in DC is a defenseman, so they may not be done today, but Walker is a nice piece to add to the team. He's a solid locker room presence that should help out the Caps in the playoffs.


Carolina Sends Aaron Ward To Anaheim

The Carolina Hurricanes have sent defenseman Aaron Ward to the Anaheim Ducks for a fourth round pick and goaltender Justin Pogge according to the News and Observer’s Chip Alexander.

Ward has 11 points this season in 60 games and is a -17 which is second worst on the Hurricanes behind Rod Brind’amour.

Justin Pogge has been apart of three NHL teams, starting with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Pogge hasn’t played in an NHL game this season.


Florida Sends Dennis Seidenberg To Boston

The Boston Bruins have made their second deal of the day, acquiring defenseman Dennis Seidenberg from the Florida Panthers. The deal replaces Derek Morris on their blue line, after trading him to Phoenix earlier in the day.

Young defenseman Matt Bartkowski is heading to Boston in the deal. The Panthers receive Craig Weller, Byron Bitz and Tampa's 2nd round pick this upcoming season. 

In Florida, fans are generally pleased with the deal. At Litter Box Cats, they're happy with the the fact that their team seems to be stockpiling draft picks.


Sheldon Souray Will Agree To Waive No Trade Clause To Most Of NHL

With the deadline coming in three and a half hours, talks are heating up that Oilers defenseman Sheldon Souray may be moved as well. Souray has a no trade clause in his contract and is under contract until 2011-12. He has softened his no trade clause according to Darren Dreger of TSN:

To encourage a trade, Sheldon Souray has softened…won’t go to a CDN team, but will waive for 19 other teams.

It will be interesting to see who will pick up Souray because he is still injured with a broken hand and only has played in 37 games this season.


Deadline Day: Why It's Slow Before Noon

It always seems to be slow on trade deadline day before 12 PM. Deals really begin to pick up around 1 PM ET and we usually get things rolling in all the way through 3 PM and beyond as the league hands out deadline extensions and things like that.

One of the reasons it’s slow before noon, though, are because waivers clear at noon. In the salary cap world, teams have to clear space under the cap to make moves more often than not, and one way they do that is by putting players on waivers.

Players clear the waiver wire at 12 noon ET each day, so when that happens, the cap space becomes available and teams can continue rolling the ball on deals.

It’s slow now, but just wait an hour or so.


Skoula Traded To New Jersey

Martin Skoula was a Toronto Maple Leaf for less than 12 hours. After being traded from Pittsburgh to Toronto in the Alexei Ponikarovsky trade on Tuesday night, the Leafs have flipped him to the New Jersey Devils. The deal has been reported by TSN.

This was expected. The Leafs never really wanted Skoula in the first place, but had to take him to make the salary work in the Ponikarovsky deal.

The Leafs received a fifth round pick in the deal.


Fans React As Derek Morris Returns To Phoenix

It's the second year in a row that Derek Morris has been involved in a deadline day trade with the Phoenix Coyotes. Last year, he was traded from Phoenix to the New York Rangers, and today the defenseman was traded from the Boston Bruins back to the Coyotes. In the desert, fans are happy.

Travis Hair, writer at SBN's Five For Howling, is no exception:

Morris was a fan favorite here in the valley and should be another solid defender that will easily slot into the defensive lineup without disrupting the current system.

I can't believe that all it took to get Morris was a 4th round pick in next year's draft. That's an outstanding move to get a guy that we never wanted to trade away in the first place. Basically that move to trade him means we get him and Petr Prucha for a 4th. Who wouldn't take that?


The Goalie Rumors: Who's Looking, Who's Moving?

Perhaps the biggest name on the trade deadline this year is Florida Panthers goaltender Tomas Vokoun. He has a no-trade clause, but as mentioned before here, he's open to waiving it.

So will he be on the move today? George Richards at the Miami Herald doesn't think so.

It appears that the Panthers are not only sellers, but they will refuse no reasonable offer. Everything must go. I know I said yesterday that I didn't think Tomas Vokoun would be heading out the door and I still don't.

But that's because I believe Randy and Cliff and Stu when they say they want to build for the future and want to get top assets. I don't think they can get the top assets for Vokoun today.

That doesn't mean they aren't talking with teams, though. Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly says that the Flyers are interested in Vokoun's services, but that they'd have to get a high-profile player to waive a no-trade clause to make a deal possible. Here are a few Twitter messages from Panaccio.

To get Vokoun you'd have to get hartnell, gagne or briere to waive NTC

Source in fla says they want carter for vokoun. Vokoun would waive NTC for flyers

Flyers will NOT move Carter I am told

The art of negotiation.

The other goaltender making waves on this deadline day is in New York, specifically Long Island. Rumors have it that Dwayne Roloson could be on the move, but the offers apparently haven't been up to par just yet.

Here's Chris Botta of NYI Point Blank:

Point Blank has learned that the best offer for Roloson as of late Tuesday night was a third round pick. Unless the proposals improve, Roloson will remain an Islander.

It makes little sense to move Roloson - arguably the Islanders’ most valuable player this season, showing no signs of slowing down at age 40 - for just a third round pick.

With more cap space than every Cup contender combined, Snow also has the option of using it to his team’s advantage. (The Cristobal Huet option I wrote about on the blog on Feb. 25 certainly has taken on a life of its own on Twitter).

My friend Elliotte Friedman of "Hockey Night in Canada" has written that the Blackhawks really want Tomas Vokoun from Florida, but Snow could benefit by giving Chicago cap relief in a separate deal.

The more complicated deals get as 3:00 pm EST approaches, the more likely they are to crater.

If a Roloson trade does not work out, the Islanders will consider their highest bids for Martin Biron. Snow will not give Roloson or Biron away.

Speaking of Huet, the Blackhawks are reportedly trying to replace him in their net as they make a run to the Stanley Cup.

Here's what The Fourth Period has to say on that front:

According to several published reports, the Blackhawks are feverishly trying to obtain another starting goaltender before today's 3pm ET trade deadline.

The Hawks have been continuously linked to Florida Panthers netminder Tomas Vokoun, who appears willing to waive his no-trade clause, but was not approached yesterday by Panthers management about it.

Citing multiple sources, the Chicago Daily Herald claims the Hawks have been trying to trade Cristobal Huet and his $5.625 million salary cap hit.

One rumor making the rounds late Tuesday involved Huet being dealt to the New York Islanders, Vokoun heading to Chicago, and Isles netminder Dwayne Roloson ending up in Florida, with more players believed to be involved.


First Deal Of The Day: Derek Morris Heading Back To Phoenix

The first deal of the day is seeing forward Derek Morris heading back to Phoenix for a fourth round pick in 2011 as reported by The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch and TSN’s Bob McKenzie.

Morris spent most of five seasons with the Coyotes and was traded at the deadline in 2008 for Dmitri Kalinin, Petr Prucha, and Nigel Dawes. Morris played 288 games in his first stint with the Coyotes.

Reactions and more on this trade soon.


Wojtek Wolski On The Block In Colorado

Over at Mile High Hockey, SBN's Avalanche blog, they're saying that they won't be surprised if Wojtek Wolski is a member of another team come 3 PM.

Here's MHH's David Driscoll-Carignan:

While many of the players rumored to be available for tomorrow's deadline skew towards old, underperforming and overpaid, Wolski just turned 24, is on pace to score 60 points and has a cap number of just $2.8 million this season. No wonder everyone and their brother is pitching trade offers for him on Twitter.

So what will the Avs command for Wolski?

Will the Avalanche just give Wolski away? Not a chance. But are they exploring their options right now? Absolutely. Wolski is young, talented, 3 years away from unrestricted free agency and is going to set a career high in points, goals, assists and +/- this year. Oh, and he's also a very capable center (arguably a better center than a left winger). His trade value is potentially at an all-time high right now, and Avalanche GM Greg Sherman would be crazy not to kick the tires on potential deals. The Avalanche are already a bit thin up front - especially on the left side - so the Avalanche would likely be looking to get a roster player back for Wolski (instead of picks or prospects).


Blues Acquire D'Agostini From Montreal In Late Night Deal

The St. Louis Blues have acquired forward Matt D'Agostini from the Montreal Canadians in exchange for prospect winger Aaron Palushaj, according to James Mirtle of The Globe & Mail.

The 23-year-old D'Agostini had struggled in 40 games with the Canadiens this season, scoring just two goals and two assists. He's not an extremely potent scorer as it is, but when compared to last season's 12 goal, 53 game output, it's a significant drop off. D'Agostini has a two-way contract, meaning he can shift between the AHL and NHL without having to clear waivers, and his cap hit comes in at a cheap $500,000. He'll be a restricted free agent after this season, though.

Apparently, the Blues feel that they can help D'Agostini turn into a solid NHL player, because the organization was pretty high on the guy they gave away to get him. Palushaj, 20, played two seasons at the University of Michigan before making the jump to the professional ranks.

This year is his first full year with the AHL's Peoria Rivermen, where he's notched four goals and 17 assists in 44 games. It's assumed that he'll report to Montreal's AHL affiliate, the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Here's what Hockey's Future has to say about Palushaj:

Palushaj boasts a good all-around game. He can snipe goals with his quick shooting, and his stickhandling and playmaking abilities are also strong. He doesn't mind physical play, willing to dig in the corners to win the puck.


Ponikarovsky Officially A Penguin; Fans React

Alexei Ponikarovsky is officially a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins pending a trade call with the league, according to TSN. Pittsburgh sends prospect Luca Caputi and expiring contract Martin Skoula to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for his services.

Ponikarovsky will be a free agent at the end of this season and it's a strong possibility that he'll just be a rental player for the Penguins. At the same time, he's the perfect compliment to their offense and should fit in quite nicely as they look to defend their Stanley Cup title.

Caputi is a highly touted young prospect who is projected to be a second line forward in the NHL. At just 21 years old, he's had a lot of success at the AHL level and will likely make the jump to the NHL sooner rather than later, and he could even potentially step into the Leafs lineup right away.

With Skoula, the Penguins are happy to get rid of his contract. He has a small cap hit of just $575,000 but he's essentially worthless on that team. TSN's Bob McKenzie is also reporting that the Leafs might try to flip him immediately in another deal.

Frank D, editor at SBN's Pensburgh, summed up his feelings in an email conversation with SB Nation.

I've wanted to see Poni in a Pens uni since it was tossed out as a hypothetical trade a month or so before the deadline. Giving up Luca Caputi, one of [AHL affiliate Wilkes-Barre/Scranton's] leading scorers and likely an NHL-caliber player next season hurts, but getting rid of Skoula in any capacity is an upgrade worthy of another pat on the back for Ray Shero.


Alexei Ponikarovsky Set To Be Traded To Pittsburgh

According to TSN, the Pittsburgh Penguins will acquire forward Alexei Ponikarovsky from the Toronto Maple Leafs for prospect Luca Caputi. The deal will be complete once the Penguins free up the necessary cap space to fit Ponikarovsky in their lineup.

The deal is not official and a draft pick or something similar could be heading to Toronto as well. Once Pittsburgh clears the necessary cap space, we will learn more.

According to Damien Cox of the Toronto Star, the Leafs are likely to take on the contract of Martin Skoula along with Caputi. That would put the Pens under the cap and allow the deal to go through.

We'll have more as it happens.


Alexei Ponikarovsky Held Out Of Toronto Lineup

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Alexei Ponikarovsky may not be a member of that team for long. On the eve of the trade deadline, Ponikarovsky has been held out of the Leafs lineup, according to Nick Kypreos of Roger's Sportsnet.

Reports said that Ponikarovsky left practice with a bit of a limp on Tuesday, but Leafs broadcasters have assured tonight that he's not injured. So, they could be holding him out as a precaution because they're trying to finalize a deal for him, or he could be out of the lineup because he's already about to be traded.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.


A Couple Minor Trades Highlight Trade Deadline Eve

On trade deadline eve, two trades have gone down that involve minor league players.

First, the Edmonton Oilers have sent prospect Cody Wild to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Matt Marquardt. Wild has spent most of this season with the Springfield Falcons but most recently was sent to the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. Marquardt has spent the whole season in Providence.

Our Oilers site, Copper and Blue, had this to say about the Wild deal:

So, Wild is gone to Boston and Taylor Chorney will be groomed for the rest of the season to replace the recently-departed Denis Grebeshkov. a move that makes sense, I guess, given Chorney’s struggles with the professional game at the AHL level. Send out two defensemen who seem to be getting it to make way for the one that’s not is…to quote the great Harry Doyle: “Christ, I can’t find it. To hell with it!”

The second deal of the night saw the Chicago Blackhawks getting Nick Boynton from the Anaheim Ducks for future considerations. Boynton has played 42 games this season for Anaheim, but has already been assigned to the AHL.


Kirk Maltby Is Out For Season; Red Wings Now Looking For Another Forward

The Detroit Red Wings have announced today that forward Kirk Maltby will not be returning this season; his shoulder simply has too many injuries, the Detroit Free Press is reporting. Maltby played in 52 games this season and only had six points. This leaves the Red Wings now with just 12 healthy forwards. This from the Free Press:

Holland said he is exploring whether he can add to the front line via a trade before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. deadline, but he’s somewhat hesitant to trade the two assets the Wings have — defensemen Brett Lebda and Derek Meech

It will be interesting to see what the Red Wings will do with the deadline less than 24 hours away.


Ray Emery Is Out For Season; Do The Philadelphia Flyers Make A Move Now?

The Philadelphia Flyers have officially announced today that starting goaltender Ray Emery will be out for the rest of the season as he will have surgery done on his right hip:

“He is suffering from avascular necrosis and will have a bone graft done to alleviate his hip issues,” general manager Paul Holmgren said in a statement.

This opens up all sorts of speculation on whether the Flyers are going to make a move for a goaltender. Currently, they have Michael Leighton, who has a 13-7-1 record this season, and Brian Boucher on their roster and are currently sitting sixth in the Eastern Conference, four points ahead of ninth.

The Philadelphia Daily News is speculating that the Flyers are interested in New York Islanders goaltender Dwayne Roloson. They had this to say on the situation:

At this point, the interest is preliminary. Roloson will be in net tonight for the Islanders, meaning a trade before the game would be unlikely. It may be something to keep in mind if the Flyers’ other lines in the water hit snags.

Here’s why that move may make sense: Roloson carried the Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006 and he is well-liked in the locker room.

The Islanders are currently without Rick DiPietro who is experiencing issues with his surgically repaired knee and Martin Biron who has struggled mightly this season. The Islanders are six points out of the playoffs and need some help sitting in 13th in the Eastern Conference, but trading Roloson at this point gives the effect of throwing in the towel. Whether they do this is yet to be seen.


Will The Panthers Move Tomas Vokoun?

Tomas Vokoun has talked with Florida Panthers general manager Randy Sexton about his no-trade clause and a potential move at Wednesday's trade deadline, according to George Richards at the Miami Herald.

We spoke to T-Vo today after the morning skate at Taco Mac Arena and he said he had spoken to GM Randy Sexton regarding the trade rumors and his stance on dropping his no trade.

Vokoun says he had not told Sexton that he would not waive the no trade as I had read somewhere and he knows there are potential deals out there. The Twitterverse is, ahem, a-twitter with rumors that he might be going to Philadelphia.

Which would make for an uncomfortable night come Wednesday what with the Panthers playing host to the Flyers and all.

Many of those Philadelphia rumors on Twitter are stemming from the usually never-reliable Eklund, infamous for simply making rumors up more often than not. But whether he could be going to Philadelphia or somewhere else, Vokoun is at least aware that he may be moved.

With a no-trade clause, the ball is in his court, but according to a Q&A transcript Richards posted on his blog, Vokoun has not said that he will flatly reject any trade.

Vokoun, via Richards:

It's more like, if there's a deal in place, [GM Randy Sexton will] let me know. Ultimately it's my decision, yes or no.


Ryan Jones Placed On Waivers; Nashville Prepping For A Move?

The Nashville Predators have been involved in trade talks more than perhaps any other team in the last two days. After acquiring defenseman Denis Grebeshkov from Edmonton on Monday, they've gone ahead and placed winger Ryan Jones on waivers today in what could be the precursor to another move.

Here's SBN's Predators writer Dirk Hoag:

Jones has struggled to make a consistent impact with the Predators since signing a two-year contract over the summer, and this move presumably opens a roster spot for one of two things:

  1. The return of Cody Franson from Injured Reserve, and/or
  2. A trade in the works

If I had to guess, I'd put my money on Option 2. If Franson rejoined the lineup, the Predators would have 8 active defensemen. Considering that they usually run with 7 (and sometimes 6, relying on Wade Belak as an emergency backup), I don't see that happening. Since Franson is expected back any day, however, you'd have to think that a defenseman is on his way out the door, and all signs on that front point to Dan Hamhuis, with a forward coming back in exchange. Otherwise, they would have sent either Franson or Alexander Sulzer down to Milwaukee, without the need to move Jones.

One extra point worth noting is that if moving Jones down to Milwaukee is indeed required for a trade to be completed, we're going to have to wait until tomorrow at noon Eastern to see if his waiver claim goes through, first. So if a big trade is in the works, I doubt we'll see it today.


Ottawa Senators Grab Andy Sutton From Long Island

According to TSN, the Ottawa Senators have acquired defenseman Andy Sutton from the New York Islanders with a second-round draft pick going the opposite way. With 12 points in 54 games this year, it's obvious Sutton isn't very useful for his offensive credentials but rather he's a threatening figure who plays a physical brand of hockey while shutting forwards down.

Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey offers his opinion on the deal:

This is not a thrilling trade by any means: Just cashing in your UFA for an extra pick this summer. Some fans already wish Sutton had been re-signed instead, but we don't know what kind of offers and terms were exchanged between Snow and Sutton's agent. Sutton will be 35 next month, so that's an area where you'd wisely tread lightly -- particularly if his injury history concerns you. During Sutton's lucrative three-year contract here, the most games he played in a single season was 58 -- a total he was four games from equaling this season.

Silver Seven's DarrenM weighs the pros and cons of Sutton's addition to Ottawa:


  • Ottawa badly needed some defensive help for the playoff run, and they got it without losing any roster players.
  • As you can see from what has been provided, Andy Sutton is a hulking defensive defenseman (6'6"! 245lbs!). He leads his team by a huge margin in blocked shots (153) and hits (155). In case you're curious, that's more blocked shots and hits than Anton Volchenkov. He's second in blocked shots to only Dennis Seidenberg. Yeah, this guy is a warrior.
  • He averages over 20 minutes of time on ice per game.
  • If you compile his last four years, he has an even plus/minus, despite playing on the Atlanta Thrashers and New York Islanders during that span. Not bad.
  • New York Islanders fans seem to think that they did not get nearly enough for Sutton, which makes me feel good inside.
  • Cons:
  • The Ottawa Senators have now burned two second round draft picks on UFAs (Matt Cullen being the other one). It's a fairly high price for Sutton, and it's bad news for a team that is already lacking in surefire prospects. It's even worse news for the AHL's Binghamton Senators who continue to struggle.
  • Ottawa already has Matt Carkner, Chris Phillips, and Volchenkov as stay-at-home defensemen, and may have been better off with a more versatile player.
  • Sutton is not very quick on his feet, which can be dangerous in the playoffs.
  • The last time the Ottawa Senators grabbed a defenseman from the New York Islanders at the deadline, it was Chris Campoli.  

Report: Nashville Unlikely To Trade Dan Hamhuis

After several credible rumors said yesterday that the Nashville Predators were close to a deal that would send defenseman Dan Hamhuis to Philadelphia, it appears that, as of now, general manager David Poile will hold on to the 27-year-old soon-to-be free agent.

From Tim Panaccio at CSN Philadelphia:

“Three teams have made offers on Hamhuis, and they have not been accepted,” said a source close to the situation. “Dan wants to stay in Nashville. At this point, it looks like the Predators are going to keep him.”

The sources said that Poile told three clubs – believed to be the Flyers, Boston and either New Jersey or Toronto – that unless someone “knocks his socks off,” he would not move Hamhuis.

Nashville has inquired about [Flyers defenseman] Ryan Parent but likely wants something else that the Flyers don’t have: a draft pick.

“Nashville is in more of listening mode,” the source said. “The feeling is, they’ve turned the Flyers and everyone else down. There are reports out there saying it’s close, but that’s not the case. There doesn’t appear to be a deal close to being completed with anyone.

Will somebody knock Poile's socks off? We'll know by 3 PM Eastern on Wednesday, that's for sure.


What Will The Senators Do With Anton Volchenkov?

Ottawa fans want defenseman Anton Volchenkov in their colors. By all accounts, Senators management wants Volchenkov in their colors beyond this season. With the trade deadline nearing, however, general manager Bryan Murray is running out of time and options.

Our Senators blog, Silver Seven, runs down the options as time ticks off the Volchenclock:

Seconds on the Volchenclock are ticking away. The Ottawa Senators want to retain the services of the shutdown defenceman (Sens fans want him re-signed even more than that), and Anton Volchenkov wants to cash in. Can't blame Volchenkov for looking to get his money: He plays a style that takes its physical toll, and he's got to make sure his next contract gets him a nice nest-egg to put away for retirement. At the same time, the Senators need to be careful: That very style Volchenkov plays makes it difficult to commit to him long-term, because who knows when one of those shots he blocks will damage the Android irreparably.

The three options, according to Silver Seven? Give him what he wants, keep him and try to re-sign him before July, or trade him at Wednesday's deadline. Click over to read the entire piece.


Oilers Fans Irate With Grebeshkov Trade

Oilers fans are just simply not happy with Monday evening's trade of defenseman Denis Grebeshkov to Nashville.

Ben Massey at The Copper & Blue summed things up quite nicely in a post this evening. The highlights:

What can't this guy screw up? What can Steve Tambellini possibly get right in this world? The catastrophically imbecilic Nikolai Khabibulin signing? The complete clusterbeep that was the Oilers' roster from day one? The closest things we've had to pleasant surprises - Ryan Potulny, Sam Gagner, and Gilbert Brule - were all Kevin Lowe moves.

Remember when we panned Kevin Lowe? I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of Kevin Lowe these days.

And the latest. Denis Grebeshkov for a second-round pick. To the Nashville Predators, a team rocketing up the NHL standings. It's inconceivable that this pick will be earlier than fifty-fifth overall in the shallowest draft year for some time. Essentially, we gave Denis Grebeshkov away. Gave him away.

There was no reason not to keep Grebeshkov! None! If it takes us five years to relentlessly rebuild, well, then, by god, Grebeshkov will be 30 and just on the tail-end of his prime in time to contribute to a winning team! He presumably won't be that expensive and, with restricted free agency on the horizon, the Oilers hold all the cards unless somebody makes him an offer sheet (and if somebody made him an offer sheet then we'd get a lot more than a second-rounder for our trouble). If we were going to trade him, the return should bear that in mind: there aren't a lot of useful pieces on this roster but Grebeshkov was one of them.

Nope. Late second-rounder. Thanks, Tambellini. Thanks a bunch.

Here's the remarkable thing. It might get worse. You've heard the rumours? We're supposed to be giving up Sheldon Souray for a package centred around Wade Redden. Or Lubomir Visnovsky for Brad Marchand and a draft pick. There's a very real possibility that, by this time next week, Jason Strudwick will be our third-best defenseman. I mean actually our third best defenseman, not just Pat Quinn thinking he's our third-best defenseman.

This isn't a rebuild. This is a fire sale. The way Steve Tambellini is going, the 2010-11 Edmonton Oilers could be the worst team in NHL history.

C&B also broke the trade down by the numbers this evening. When quantifying things, does the deal look as bad?

Apparently, Denis Grebeshkov has been traded to the Nashville Predators in exchange for a second round pick in 2010.  This past summer, I was critical of the Oilers handling of Grebeshkov's contract situation.  At the time, it seemed to me like the deal wasn't outright terrible, but that they could've done a lot better.  With this trade, they've taken the extra step.  Not only could they have done a lot better, they've done something terrible!  After the jump we'll take a look at the extent of the stupidity.


Atlanta Thrashers Get Evgeni Artyukhin From Anaheim Ducks

The Atlanta Thrashers and Anaheim Ducks have made another minor trade on Monday with the Thrashers getting winger Evgeni Artyuhkin from the Anaheim Ducks for Nathan Oystrick and a conditional pick in 2011 according to Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Artyuhkin has a total of nine points in 37 games for the Ducks while Oystrick has 37 games of NHL experience last season, but has been playing with the Chicago Wolves, Atlanta’s AHL affiliate, this season. Oystrick has seven goals and 23 points for the Wolves, second among defensemen.


Blue Jackets, Islanders Complete Minor Trade

The Columbus Blue Jackets and the New York Islanders have completed a minor trade this evening, according to the Jackets official Twitter feed.

New York will send center Greg Moore to Columbus in exchange for defenseman Dylan Reese. Moore will report to the AHL's Syracuse Crunch while Reese will likely be playing with the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers for the rest of the year. Both players were originally drafted in the late rounds of the 2003 draft.


Nashville Acquires Denis Grebeshkov From Edmonton

In one of those moves that could lead to more moves around the league, the Nashville Predators have acquired defenseman Denis Grebeshkov in exchange for a second round draft pick, according to TSN.

Dirk Hoag, SBN's writer at our Predators site, On the Forecheck, believes that the deal could be the precursor to the team trading soon-to-be-free-agent defenseman Dan Hamhuis.

Here's Hoag:

This is a significant addition to the Nashville defense corps, and likely clears the way for a Dan Hamhuis trade heading into Wednesday's deadline. Preds GM David Poile has often said that moving Hamhuis (who will be a free agent this summer) would be predicated on acquiring a veteran defenseman to fill his role.

Grebeshkov, who makes just over $3 million this season and will be a restricted free agent this summer, is a dynamic defender who might be able to add punch to what has been a lifeless Nashville power play.

As mentioned here earlier, the Flyers are rumored to be in the running for Hamhuis.

We might be able to presume that Edmonton fans won't appreciate the return they're getting for Grebeshkov. Earlier this morning before the deal was made, Derek Zona at SBN's The Copper & Blue said the following about Grebeshkov's trade value:

High.  High round pick, impact roster forward, high-end prospect

A mid-second round pick is not the return Zona and Oilers fans were hoping for, it appears.


Flyers Waive Tough Guy Cote; Deal In The Works?

According to several sources, including the Philadelphia Daily News, the Flyers have waived tough guy Riley Cote. It was just the first of the small roster moves today for the club, however, as they also put goaltender Ray Emery on long-term injured reserve, likely ending his season.

The moves clear close to $2 million off their cap, causing many to believe the Flyers are preparing to make a deal.

Here's Frank Seravalli, beat writer at the Daily News:

NOW, with the deadline just 48 hours away, I am hearing from league and team sources that the Flyers are talking shop with the Nashville Predators.

That’s not surprising… the Flyers have connections to Nashville GM David Poile, they play in the West, and they nabbed Peter Forsberg from the Flyers a few years back.

The name I keep hearing is Predators defenseman Dan Hamhuis.

Hamhuis, 27, is due to be an unrestricted free agent come July 1. His current cap hit ($2 million) is pretty manageable to fit this season.

Interestingly enough, I’m hearing that the Preds would like to re-aquire Ryan Parent. Nashville drafted him 18th overall in 2005. Parent was part of the Forsberg to Philly swap, even though the Flyers knew about his back problems.

Here's what Geoff Detweiler, a writer at SBN's Flyers site, Broad Street Hockey, had to say about Hamhuis:

Hamhuis was discussed around here a month ago, and I must say I’m a fan. For the right price – I hypothesized something similar to Syvret/Nodl or Parent/Asham – I would definitely make this trade, then pick one of him or Coburn to resign this off season ... .


Blackhawks, Blues Make Minor League Trade

The St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks have made a minor move today, swapping a few AHL players.

Goaltender Joe Fallon heads to the St. Louis organization, where he will play with the AHL's Peoria Rivermen. In 29 games this season with the AHL's Rockford IceHogs, Fallon has a 15-10-1 record, a 2.64 GAA and a .912 save percentage.

In return, the Chicago organization receives goaltender Hannu Toivonen and defenseman Danny Richmond. Toivonen almost broke into the NHL back in 2006 with the Boston Bruins, but he was beat out for the starting job by eventual Vezina Trophy winner Tim Thomas.  After heading to Finland a year ago, he returned to North America this year. In 26 games with the Rivermen, Toivonen has a 2.73 GAA and a .906 save percentage.

Richmond, a former member of USA's junior national team, is a small defenseman with some power play ability. He's familiar with the Blackhawks organization, having played 29 games with their big club between 2006 and 2008. Both players acquired by Chicago will be sent to Rockford.

At our Blues site, St. Louis Game Time, their resident prospects expert had this to say about the move.

Blues trade Peoria's best goaltender -- yeah, that's what I said -- and penalty minute leader for a decent goalie.

I don't mind this move, but it leaves the Rivermen a little short on the blueline with the departure of Richmond. Is this a prelude to Ian Cole signing and reporting to Peoria after Notre Dame's season is over? Stay tuned...


What Should The LA Kings Do At The Deadline?

Our Los Angeles Kings blog, Jewels From The Crown, took up the task of trying to decide what their team should do as the 2010 NHL trade deadline approaches.

Here's some of what they had to say:

The Kings are likely to make the playoffs and find themselves in one of the middle seeds (4-5). Only a total collapse (worse than 3 games below .500 from here on) will result in missing the post-season. So we have to assume [general manager Dean] Lombardi will be in a mood to do some shopping armed with a very specific shopping list. Me, I want to figure out two things, what I would do if I were Lombardi, and what Lombardi would do if he were Lombardi. Which of course, he is.

They then go on to provide a complete laundry list of items that Lombardi could have on his agenda. Click through for the entire list.


NHL Trade Deadline: Movement Begins As Leopold Heads To Pittsburgh

The NHL's Olympic trade freeze ended Sunday night at midnight, and while some who stayed up in anticipation of a middle-of-the-night deal were left with disappointment, we didn't have to wait long into Monday to get the first player movement of the 2010 deadline.

Jordan Leopold has been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a second round pick in this years' draft, according to TSN. The 29-year-old defenseman will be an unrestricted free agent when his contract expires in July. He has a limited no trade clause, according to capgeek.com, so he may have had to accept the trade to Pittsburgh.

Leopold has a cap hit of 1.75 million dollars.

SBN's Florida Panthers site, Litter Box Cats, is happy with the deal:

I'm calling this a steal for the Cats; another soon-to-be UFA has been converted into a decent spot at this year's draft. Solid.

In Pittsburgh, SBN writers at Pensburgh wonder about the salary cap implications of such a move:

Leopold is an impending UFA with a salary of $1.75 million.  That number will be prorated for the rest of the season but even then the Penguins must be very near the cap.  If they are going to make another move, a roster player will have to be made or someone will get demoted to the AHL.

Speaking of possible demotions, Leopold gives the Penguins eight defensemen.  Is Martin Skoula soon to be on waivers?  Will "the next shoe" soon drop on another deal?

Buckle up, everybody, it might be about to get a little bumpy.

Buckle up is right. The 2010 NHL trade deadline is officially underway, folks.

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