NFL Draft 2010 Player Profile: Tim Tebow, Florida Quarterback

SB Nation's Alligator Army takes a look at where a certain former Heisman winner might land.

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Tim Tebow Will Not Attend The NFL Draft In New York

After lots and lots of speculation, Tim Tebow has decided not to attend the NFL draft in New York City.

Because of the new draft schedule, the NFL is inviting both first and second round prospects to the draft. 

Instead, Tebow will watch the draft in Jacksonville.

Don't worry about your Tebow coverage, though. NFL Network will have a camera there with him.


Tim Tebow To The Vikings? 'Virtually No Chance'

A popular pick in NFL mock drafts recently has been Tim Tebow to the Minnesota Vikings with the 30th pick. More and more analysts are coming out and saying Tebow will be a first round pick and the Vikings have Brett Favre for what will likely be one more season so the marriage makes sense on some levels.

However, according to the Pioneer Press, there's "virtually no chance" the Vikings select Tebow in the first round.

Some signs recently have pointed to the Vikings being interested in Tebow.

Head coach Brad Childress chose to work out Tebow and other Gators in early April instead of attending Jimmy Clausen's workout. In addition to Childress, Vikings VP of player personnel Rick Spielman also attended the workout, which is a good sign that the Vikings wanted to learn more about the main attraction, which was Tebow.

Misinformation is flowing at this time of year so we're not sure where to go with this one. If Walters' information is coming from a team source, the possibility of it being a smoke screen has to be considered. Tebow is arguably the biggest unknown heading into the draft and teams aren't likely to tip their hand.


Bills Quarterbacks Coach 'Raves' About Tim Tebow

Breaking: Tim Tebow is an impressive young man.

That's what we're hearing from most of the teams that have met with him so far and that includes the Buffalo Bills.

George Cortez, the Bills quarterbacks coach, coached with Tebow's former high school coach back in the '70s. After Tebow met with the Bills, Cortez called his old friend to "rave" about the former Florida quarterback.

"He said he was so impressed by Timmy's knowledge of the game," Craig Howard, Tebow's former high school coach, said. "He gave me the impression that his visit to Buffalo couldn't have gone better. It sounds like they really hit it off."

But will the Bills even have a chance at him?

Assuming using the ninth overall pick on him is out of the question, there's a good chance Tebow won't be around in the second round. More and more media folks are suggesting that Tebow is unlikely to make it out of the first round.

If that's the case, then Buffalo's only shot at him would have to be trading up. And to do that, they may have to move in front of the Eagles and Vikings, both of whom had workouts scheduled with him.

Check up on all things Bills at Buffalo Rumblings.


Jaguars Not Interested In Tim Tebow?

A few months ago a Florida politician came out and said it would be a good idea for the Jaguars to draft Tim Tebow. Shortly after that, Jags owner Wayne Weaver said the team would give it some thought.

The thought process was that Tebow was such a major draw in the Florida area that he would help the Jacksonville stadium actually sell out a few games. They're among the NFL's worst when it comes to selling out their stadium.

There's one prominent person that feels Tebow won't be going to the Jags -- Peter King of

I think I cannot see Gene Smith, the Jacksonville GM, taking Tim Tebow. First round, second round, any round.

Interesting but not too surprising because the Jags likely won't get a chance to draft Tebow.

He's more than likely not a top ten pick which means the Jaguars wouldn't have a shot to draft him until the second round. The sentiments coming out of NFL folks these days is that Tebow won't make it out of the first round.

I tend to agree with that. Someone, somewhere is going to (or already has) fall in love with him. Look for a contender drafting in the mid-20s and beyond to take a flyer on him.


Tebow Not Sure If He Will Attend NFL Draft In New York

Last week ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the NFL had extended an invitation to Tim Tebow to attend the NFL Draft in New York City. And according to Mortensen, Tebow accepted.

Not so fast, says SI's Peter King, who talked to Tebow over the weekend.

"I've got to figure out what will be more fun for me and best for my family,'' he said. "But I have to say I liked what [Cleveland tackle] Joe Thomas did on the day of the draft a couple of years ago -- he went fishing with his dad.''

King said Tebow "doesn't sound like" he'll be attending the draft and for good reason.

If he gets picked low in the first round, the cameras of ESPN and NFL Network will be on him all night. And if he goes undrafted through the first round, all day Friday -- rounds two and three are scheduled for Friday the 23rd -- will be Tim Tebow Watch.

For some reason I think the 2010 NFL Draft is going to Tebow Watch no matter what.

Read up on all things NFL draft at Mocking The Draft.


Redskins Get First Visit With Tim Tebow

There are reportedly at least five teams interested in working out Florida QB Tim Tebow. The Redskins, who hold the fourth and 36th pick in the draft, are one of those teams.

The Redskins brass including GM Bruce Allen, head coach Mike Shanahan and director of player personnel Scott Campbell flew down to Gainesville to visit with the Florida quarterback.

According to, the private workout was conducted on Saturday.

Tebow is rated as a second- or third-round quarterback choice by most analysts, but helped his stock Wednesday when he unveiled a new (and improved) throwing motion at Florida's pro day. The Redskins' regional scout was at the session attended by close to 100 NFL coaches, executives and personnel types. Now Shanahan and Allen will check out what the buzz is about.

The Redskins are also reportedly hosting Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford for a private workout on April 15th.

Read more about the Redskins draft plans at Hogs Haven.


Patriots Interest In Tebow Just A Smokescreen?

The Patriots are one of five teams that will reportedly host a private workout with QB Tim Tebow. SB Nation's Pats community, Pats Pulpit, wonders if this is a smokescreen ala Pat White in 2009.

We're doing the same thing again. If we show that we're "interested" in Tebow, and Tebow is invited to the draft, that means that we'll probably "use" a 2nd round pick on him. That means that whoever wants him will have to use an early 2nd round pick to grab him- a high risk move by that team, but a "necessary" one if they wish to grab the player they want. This not only potentially weakens an opposing team, but leaves an additional player on the board that the Patriots may be interested in.

At this time of year, nearly every team is throwing out some sort of smokescreen whether it's intentional or not.

Read more about the Pats and Tebow at Pats Pulpit.


Five Teams Hosting Tim Tebow For A Private Workout

A handful of teams held a private interview with Tim Tebow as the Senior Bowl and at least a handful more will kick the tires in a private workout with the Florida quarterback, according to Matt Hayes of The Sporting News.

He has five team-specific workouts in the coming weeks -- with the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins -- and another five weeks to continue honing his new mechanics before the draft.    

Four of those teams could be targeting a quarterback in the draft and four of them pick in the top 10.

Seattle recently moved back from the 40th pick so unless he falls, they're probably out of the running. The most interesting team on there, in my mind, is Buffalo who employs a head coach (Chan Gailey) that actually made a non-traditional quarterback look good (Tyler Thigpen).

The Patriots have always been viewed as a wildcard for Tebow so their interest shouldn't be discounted.

Read more at our draft blog, Mocking The Draft.


Tim Tebow Invited To Attend The NFL Draft In New York City

Generally the NFL invites less than a dozen prospects to the actual NFL Draft held in New York City. And generally those prospects are among the elite expected to be picked in the top half of the draft.

With the change in the draft schedule this year -- first round on Thursday and rounds two and three on Friday -- the NFL has doubled its usual invitation list.

And Tim Tebow is on the list.

Tebow, who unveiled his new throwing motion for scouts, coaches and general managers in his workout, has accepted the invitation from the league, according to an official. Two NFL personnel men told ESPN that Tebow's workout on Wednesday boded well for the Gators quarterback, especially with those teams that were considering him as a high draft prospect.

Read more about Tebow-mania SB Nation's draft blog, Mocking The Draft.


NFL Draft 2010 Player Profile: Tim Tebow, Florida Quarterback

Size and Statistics: 6-foot-3, 245 pounds. 2947 rushing yards, 57 rushing touchdowns. 661-995 passing (66%), 9285 yards, 88 touchdowns, 16 interceptions. Three-time Heisman finalist, 2007 winner. 2008 Manning Award (best passer), Maxwell Award (best player), Sullivan Award (best amateur athlete). 2007 AP All-American, Davey O'Brien Award (best QB), Maxwell Award.

In 140 characters or less: The Greatest College Football Player of His Generation. But he may never be a successful pro.

Strengths: Wants to win at all costs. One of college football's most fierce and driven players ever. Has a strong arm and has played in an offense with multiple looks. Can run well and has learned to protect himself, but it took a concussion to do it.

Weaknesses: Terrible mechanics that were hidden by a great offensive line and even better receivers. Tebow is also not throwing at the Combine. He has not played in a pro-style system since middle school and is not used to reading coverages from under center. Tebow also struggled with pro-style coverage and blitz packages in 2009 (Tennessee and Alabama especially).

Character: The kid has done nothing wrong. Ever. He is probably the first SEC quarterback to graduate as a virgin, despite coming out of the same program as "The Sex Cannon" Rex Grossman, and "The Bachelor" Jesse Palmer. The only criticism of his character is to accuse him of not wanting to be an NFL quarterback. It's a stretch to accuse, but between the speaking engagements and never taking the time to fix his throwing motion, it is a lot of instances of not preparing for the pros.

Where will he go: Jacksonville at 11 or in a trade down. (Jax can't pass up another North Florida boy, C.J. Spiller, if he gets to 11.) If the Jags don't pick Tebow, take it as a sign owner Wayne Weaver has put a FOR SALE sign on the team. Also, with round 1 on Thursday and round 2 Friday, it is possible Tebow won't know where he is going until Saturday. It is likely Tebow won't fall that far, but anything is possible. The only way that happens is if in interviews, Tebow can't diagram a defense.

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