12 Out Of 12: An Interview With Scott Speed

Usually, our weekly interview series features 12 questions with NASCAR drivers who aren't currently in the top 12 of the Sprint Cup Series. But in the time between our interview with Red Bull Racing's Scott Speed and today, Speed tried to screw everything up by actually making the top 12. Jerk. We decided to go ahead and publish the interview anyway.

What's the best race you ever drove?

SS: I'll try to think of a recent one – I'm going to go with California (a few weeks ago). My best race I ever drove was for sure in an open-wheel car, but no one would be interested in that. [SBNation: Sure, that counts.] OK, well then it was Monaco, the last time I was there. I finished ninth (the top eight in Formula One score points). We were bad ass!

If a new driver was coming in the series and you were going to tell them one person to learn from and one not to learn from, who would it be? NOTE: The following question was asked BEFORE the Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski incident at Atlanta.

SS: You'd learn from Jimmie Johnson and you wouldn't learn from Brad Keselowski. Because he's about to learn what life is the hard way, I think. You can't go into a series with 43 guys and piss half of 'em off right away.

When is the best time for a fan to get a Scott Speed autograph?

SS: My guys give away autographed stuff at the merchandise hauler where I do signings, and that's the best time because I can actually take time and meet everyone.

What's one thing people don't understand about you?

SS: That list is very long. I'm not a man's man. Working on cars, getting dirty and all that, that's kind of not my thing. I've never been very good at that.

What's the worst track to visit?

SS: That one's by a landslide, but I forget which one it is. (Turns to wife Amanda) What's the worst track we go to? Oh yeah, I got to go with Pocono.

If you ran NASCAR, what's one thing you would change?

SS: Put bikini girls on the grid.


How long do you see yourself driving?

SS: As long as Amanda keeps shopping. (Amanda: "Hey!") I'm just kidding. You got to put in parentheses that Amanda never shops. (Amanda never shops)

When you get home from a race, what's the first thing you do?

SS: Try to convince Amanda to unpack my bag for me. I immediately start negotiating: 'C'mon baby, you're already doing yours!'

Are you superstitious?

SS: (Shakes head while shoveling Fruit Loops into his mouth) Superstition's for the birds.

Who wins the Sprint Cup in 2015?

SS: Kyle Busch. He'll be getting to his prime then. He's going to keep getting better as he grows up.

Would you rather be known as a great race-car driver or a great person?

SS: Great person by a [frickin] mile! I could care less if I'm a good race-car driver. That doesn't define you as a person!

Any other important stuff we should know?

SS: That rumor that I've been posting in the women's bathroom? That's true: It really is eight-and-a-half inches.

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