Rob Gronkowski NFL Draft scouting report

Rob Gronkowski

6'6 1/4, 264 pounds | Tight end | Arizona

Acceleration: Shows incredibly quick feet. Has a good burst into and out of his breaks. Doesn't possess the kind of acceleration that gets him up to top speed quickly.

Agility: Even though he shows some agility, Gronkowski won't make a lot of people miss in the open field. May not have the best vertical leap, but he's an intelligent player who can high-point the ball.

Blocking: Is a much better blocker than he often gets credit. Is big and powerful and can neutralize smaller defensive ends. Is a much better blocker when he's coming out of a two-point stance.

Body Control: Has the strength to shrug off defenders and not lose a step when he has the ball. Can out-muscle defenders when the ball is in the air.

Hands: Shows great concentration and hands while going over the middle. Nicely snatches the ball outside his frame, much more so than other top tight ends Jermaine Gresham and Aaron Heranandez.

Release: Surprisingly has some issues getting off the line against bigger linebackers. Needs to fight with his hands better. Will need to learn how to play out of the three-point stance more after being split out a lot.

Route Running:
Even though Gronkowski doesn't have the best speed, he is a solid route runner. Used mostly on slants and short comebacks at Arizona.

Separation: Doesn't have the best speed, but knows how to get himself open in other ways. Quickly flashes head moves to fake defenders. Uses his length to his advantage to get above an opponent and high-point the ball.

Size: Gronkowski has great size. He's tall and lanky and uses those assets to his advantage. He also has good bulk and power. Hands measured as the second biggest for tight ends at the combine.

Vision: Doesn't have the best speed or elusiveness to make a big difference after the catch. This is an area that puts him behind Gresham.

Final word: Gronkowski infamously has only played two seasons of college football. A lingering back injury prior to the 2009 season required surgery. Despite missing the season, Gronkowski still opted to enter the draft.

His injury history will be heavily scrutinized and make totally knock him off some teams' boards.

When he's healthy, Gronkowski is an excellent tight end with good all-around skills. He's big and physical at the point of attack, but agile enough to be a sound receiver.
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