Point/Counterpoint: Is Alex Ovechkin A Dirty Player?

Alex Ovechkin's recent hit on Brian Campbell has reignited the debate about his play. Is he a dirty player? SB Nation's Derek Zona and Travis Hughes provide the opposing arguments below.

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Spinal Cord Injuries in Canadian Amateur Hockey: A Study With NHL Implications?

The Copper & Blue takes a detailed look at the three most common reasons for spinal cord injuries in Canadian amateur hockey and the implications on the hits that have become so controversial in the NHL today. Amateur leagues have done their best to get rid of these types of plays and have significantly reduced spinal injuries because of it. Now it's the NHL's turn.


Blackhawks' Brian Campbell Has Broken Clavicle, Rib From Ovechkin Hit

Monday’s report has been confirmed: Chicago’s Brian Campbell has a broken collar bone and rib as a result of the hit from behind he received from Alexander Ovechkin on Sunday. Ovechkin was suspended two games for the illegal hit, which drove Campbell into the boards.

Campbell’s regular season is over, but he could be back sometime in mid-May to join the Blackhawks in the playoffs, assuming they’re still in contention.


NHL Suspends Alex Ovechkin Two Games

The National Hockey League, namely disciplinarian Colin Campbell, has suspended Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin two games for his hit on Brian Campbell (no relation), according to Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post. Ovechkin will miss a game against Florida on on Tuesday evening and one against Carolina on Thursday evening.

He'll lose $234,645.60 of salary. Yikes.

As Yahoo! Sports' Sean Leahy pointed out on Sunday, the suspension was not an automatic one due to the circumstances. League rules call for a player to be automatically suspended two games when they've been given two game misconducts for boarding in one season. Ovechkin's game misconduct for the Campbell hit was his second of the year, the other coming in November for a hit placed on Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta.

Due to a loophole, however, those two suspensions have to be no more than 41 games apart from each other. The game on Sunday was the 42nd game since the Kaleta hit. How timely.

The Campbell hit is at least the third example of reckless play by Ovechkin this year, though, following the Kaleta incident and a knee-on-knee hit on Tim Gleason that also got him suspended. Apparently, the league now believes Ovechkin is a repeat offender, and under Rule 42 for Boarding or Rule 44 for Checking From Behind, they are allowed to suspend a player using their judgment. That's exactly what happened today.


Report: Brian Campbell's Season Possibly Over After Ovechkin Hit

According to Hendricks Hockey, an NHL league sources is reporting that Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell has broken a collarbone and broken rib that could cause him to miss the rest of the season and playoffs. The hit came from Alexander Ovechkin in the Blackhawk’s 4-3 loss to the Capitals on Sunday.

That source claims that Campbell has a broken rib, broken collarbone and a 2nd degree concussion suffered when Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin hit him from behind in Sunday’s first period.

Watch Chicago blog Second City Hockey for updates and confirmations.

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