Selection Sunday: Kansas, Kentucky, Duke And Syracuse Tabbed As No. 1 Seeds

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Burnt Orange Nation: Ken Pomeroy Ratings For 2010 NCAA Tournament Teams

Texas blog Burnt Orange Nation went to all the trouble of organizing the Ken Pomeroy Ratings for each team in the NCAA Tournament by bracket. They also make some observations on the brackets and how the ratings shake out.

For the East Regional, I wasn’t surprised to find that both the median rating and average rating of the Top 10 seeds are the highest of any of the four regions. My initial reaction after my first glance of the bracket was that the East and South stood out as markedly deeper, more challenging groupings.

With that said, I will say that that is one nasty, nasty top four atop the Midwest region. St. Louis will be a very interesting place to be should Kansas, Ohio State, Georgetown, and Maryland all make the Sweet 16.

Syracuse fans should be giggling right now. The two seed in their bracket (K-State) is not a team that’s well-geared to giving them trouble, the 3-seed (Pitt) is the seeded far too high, and their toughest challenge might prove be the winner of Butler-UTEP-Vandy.


2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Bracket

Bracketology is over, bubbles have been popped and Joe Lunardi is slowly climbing back into his cave until he reappears next year (Mel Kiper lives there when Lunardi's not using it) -- all that can only mean one thing: the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket is complete.

View the entire bracket here: 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket

Still to come in this StoryStream, reaction and analysis to all of the seedings, snubs and surprises. In the meantime, let us know what you thought. Does Duke have the easiest road? Should West Virginia have been a No. 1 seed? Did Virginia Tech get left out? Share it in the comments.


2010 NCAA Tournament South Region: Duke Finally Catches A Break

Duke already received a surprising No. 1 seed Sunday night, and now they catch another break with arguably the easiest draw in the tournament -- they miss West Virginia and instead get a slumping Villanova as the No. 2 seed in their bracket.

1 Duke v.16 Arkansas-Pine Bluff/Winthrop

8 California v. 9 Louisville

5 Texas A&M v. 12 Utah State

4 Purdue v. 13 Siena

6 Notre Dame v. 11 Old Dominion

3 Baylor v. 14 Sam Houston State

7 Richmond v. 10 St. Mary's

2 Villanova v. 15 Robert Morris

Expect plenty more reaction to the complete filed here in this StoryStream throughout the night from our team of bloggers, including our resident Bracketology expert, Chris Dobbertean of Blogging the Bracket (who correctly predicted all but one of the at-large teams).


2010 NCAA Tournament East Region: Kentucky And West Virginia Put In Same Bracket

The East Region has been released, and Kentucky, the second-best No. 1 overall seed, gets West Virginia, most likely the top No. 2 seed in the tournament, in their bracket.

1 Kentucky v. 16 East Tenn. Stat

8 Texas vs. 9 Wake Forest

5 Temple v. 12 Cornell

4 Wisconsin v. 13 Wofford

6 Marquette v. 11 Washington

3 New Mexico v. 14 Montana

7 Clemson v. 10 Missouri

2 West Virginia v. 15 Morgan State


2010 NCAA Tournament West Region: Hey, Look, Florida Got In!

Here's the complete West Region, with a fun possible matchup of Syracuse and Kansas State in the Elite Eight.

1 Syracuse v. 16 Vermont

8 Gonzaga v. Florida State

5 Butler v. 12 UTEP

4 Vanderbilt v. 13 Murray St.

6 Xavier v. 11 Minnesota

3 Pittsburgh v. 14 Oakland

7 BYU v. 10 Florida

2 Kansas St. vs. 15 North Texas


2010 NCAA Tournament Midwest Region: It's Early, But It Could Be The Toughest

The full Midwest Region has been released, and so far, it's the toughest region (also, it was the only one to come out thus far, so, there's that).

1 Kansas v. 16 Lehigh

8 UNLV v. 9 UNI

5 Michigan State v. 12 New Mexico State

4 Maryland v. 13 Houston

6 Tennessee v. 11 San Diego State

3 Georgetown v. 14 Ohio

7 Oklahoma State v.10 Georgia Tech

2 Ohio St. v. 15 UC Santa Barbara

Jokes aside though, this may very well end up being the toughest side of the bracket, with six of the AP top-25: Kansas, Ohio State, Georgetown, Maryland and Michigan State, and Tennessee, as a six-seed.


2010 NCAA Tournament No. 1 Seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Duke And Syracuse

The four No. 1 seeds have been released for the 2010 NCAA Tournament:

Kansas - Midwest Region

Kentucky - East Region

Duke - South Region

Syracuse - West Region

Kansas was awarded the overall No. 1 seed, after finishing the season 32-2, 15-1 in the Big 12 Conference.

While the first three were seemingly set for the past couple of weeks, Duke as a No. 1 seed was somewhat surprising, while being selected as the third number-one, ahead of Syracuse, was almost shocking.

Our resident Bracketology expert, Chris Dobbertean of Blogging the Bracket, argued Sunday morning that West Virginia should have been awarded the fourth No. 1 seed.

While the Mountaineers and Blue Devils have similar records against the Top 50, WVU's wins are simply better. WVU owns an 8-5 record against these teams, with victories against No. 7 (twice) Georgetown, No. 9 Texas A&M, No.13 Villanova and No. 15 Pitt. Duke, meanwhile is 7-4, with their best victories coming against No. 22 Maryland and No. 32 Georgia Tech, who they split with. They also lost to the seventh-rated Hoyas. The Blue Devils could take the top spot back with a win over the Yellow Jackets in today's ACC final, but I doubt it.

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