rlott#42's First round mock....As shocking as the real thing!!

Just wanted to post this so i could hear opinions from a variety of fans from diffeent teams.  No need to be nice, it's only the blogosphere.

1 Rams – Sam Bradford QB Okla. – Although Suh is the best prospect on the board, I feel that the Rams will choose to select their QBOTF, unless they plan on being the worst team in the league next season.

2 Lions – Russell Okung LT Ok St. – The Lions have a need at the LT in my opinion. Stafford ending the season on IR is a huge problem. Their current LT has given up an average of 10 sacks a season since he was resigned 3 years ago.

3 Bucs – Ndamokung Suh – The gem of the draft falls in the lap of the Bucs. Although Suh could still be the choice for 1 overall, in my current mock, he falls to 3rd due to the direction of the teams selecting before them.

4 Redskins – Bryan Bulaga LT Iowa – Clausen could be the pick here, but I think Shanahan will take a later round pick for a QB, since they will invest a lot of money at the pick.

5 Chiefs – Rolando McClain ILB Alabama – Before I was thinking Berry would go at this pick, but the Chiefs aren’t in a position to even make a selection here. It’s not about money, it is more about the several holes in their defense. They select a field general that can be the QB on the defense.

6 Seahawks – Jimmy Clausen QB ND – The Seahawks have no backup to an up-in-age QB that is injury prone, the Seahwks choose their QBOTF in Clausen.

7 Browns – Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma – Browns get to upgrade a woeful DL with their first selection of the draft. This is truly unexpected as he falls into their lap at pick 7.

8 Raiders – Bruce Campbell OT Maryland – The Raiders may be moving in the right direction keeping a coach around, Al Davis will still take the most athletic prospect at whatever position he is drafting for.

9 BillsAnthony Davis OT Rutgers – The Bills have more holes in their OL than the Niners, and that is sad. Davis is the best option on the board for LT, IMO.

10 Jaguars – Dan Williams DT Tennessee – Although the other Volunteer is still on the board, the Jags need to get back to what worked for them, no one runs against us and everyone has to pass. The DT’s in this draft are a lot thinner than safety and or CB and the Jags wait to address their passing defense.

11 Broncos (CHI) – Dez Bryant WR Ok St. – I feel the Broncos will eventually find a suiter for Brandon Marshall and elect to take, arguably, the most dynamic WR in the draft in Bryant. Although the Broncos should address defense their coach is offensive minded and very ignorant.
12 Dolphins – Brandon Graham OLB Michighan – Parcels can’t believe Berry has fallen, but he can not ignore a pass rush monster that can get up the field and stop the run. Graham will be the replacement for the departing Porter.

13 49ers – Eric Berry S Tennessee – Two years in a row, the top player on their board falls in their lap. The football gods are smiling over Singletary’s head.

14 Seahawks (DEN) – Charles Brown LT USC – Seahawks choose to address the OL with this pick, assuming they want their veteran and heir apparet Qb to be held upright, with the departure of Walter Jones.

15 Giants – Everson Griffin DE USC – after his 4.66 40 at DE of the 4-3.

16 Titans – Sean Weatherspoon OLB Mizzou – Although the lost of VanDenBosch is big to the Titans, they are never unequipped with backup DE’s. With Bulluck up in age and possibly on the way out of town the Titans draft his replacement in Weatherspoon.

17 49ers (CAR) – CJ SPiller RB Clemson- The 49ers war room is doing the madman rain dance as they have Berry and Spiller to add to their 2010 roster. COP back with tremendous upside, the Niners land the highest impact players on offense and defense in the first.

18 Steelers – Joe Haden CB Florida – Although the Steelers CB’s don’t usually have talent, IMO, they have Haden fall in their lap. They can draft their NT of the future, or next prospect in the second round.

19 Falcons – Derrick Morgan DE G TECH – Falcons added their feature CB with Robinson, then thy boster the pass rush in the draft, watch out for the Falcons as Morgan will bolster the pass rush and run defense.

20 Texans – Kyle Wilson CB Boise St. The Texans replace Robinson, as they welcomed his departure. I almost used B Price from UCLA here to help with the PR and run defense, but when your achilles heel is the Colts, you have to pay attention to the DB’s.
21 Bengals – Jermaine Gresham TE Okla. I really hope the Bengals are not considering using Matt Jones as a TE, that would be a huge mistake. they need a safety valve for their struggling QB and anemic offense. After this pick they can focus on stopping the run and the deep ball.

22 Patriots – Mike Iupati OG Idaho – The Pats have issues up front, and have aging G’s on the line. They easily select the best G in the draft.

23 Packers – Trent Williams T Okla. – The Packers address an aging OL from the B Favre era, and are gonna try to protect their QB who is on the rise.

24 Eagles – Earl Thomas S Texas – The Eagles have a need at CB but usually have a young prospect waiting for the oppurtunity. They opt to take a safety with coverage ability that can play man or zone in their blitz crazy scheme.

25 Ravens – Taylor Mays S USC – What better player to learn from Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. Mays in his first season will be used as a new type of safety, seeing LB playing time in the Nickel and pissibly in other sets. He will be the heir apparent to Mr Reed on this stellar defense.

26 Cardinals – Jason Pierre Paul DE/OLB S Flo. – The Cards need help on the OL and need MORE help with thier pass rush. The best athletic speciman at the position falls to them sice the Raiders made a pick for OL.

27 Cowboys – Terrance Cody NT Ala. – The Cowboys run defense and pass rush get more help with adding Mount Cody to the mix. Ratliff can move to the position he started from and will be just as vicious with Cody swallowing two defenders.

28 Chargers – Ryan Matthews RB Fresno St – Chargers need to make some changes to their RB situation. the loss of LT before the choice of the heir apparent wil hurt them drastically this season.

29 Jets – Golden Tate WR ND – The Jets are going to add weapons to assist Sanchise the best they can, especially since they addressed their CB issue in free agency.

30 Vikings – Brandon Spikes ILB Florida – With injuries to their LB core for two seasons in a row the Vikings opt for Henderson’s replacement as injuries continue to plague him.

31 Colts – Mike Pouncey G Florida – The colts bolster their interior pass pro and running abiltiy, with the departure of Lilja the Colts inherit one of the better guards in the draft.

32 Saints – Brian Price DT UCLA – The interior of the Saints run D is always being shredded. With Price not only are they adding a presence vs the run, they are also adding a presence vs the pass.

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