Mock Draft Blues



Whats up guys, Figured I would drop you a quick mock, only 3 rounds. Ill try to consider FA and The Combine eventhough they mean nothing (lol).

Rd. 1

1. STL- Sam Bradford QB- You know Ive always said he has better upside then Clausen does. His arm isnt as strong IMO, but he is twice as accurate (and Clausen is accurate) and he has a better QB build IMO.

2. DET- Ndamukong Suh DT- Detroit fans can rejoice I didnt fill their biggest posistion of need. I would give you guys Okung, If Suh was off the board. Which I dont see happening with the addition of Robbins to STL. McCoy did not impress me at the combine but Gunther Cunningham has proven to be historically (Hali, etc) bad at drafting and developing DL (Atleast with the Chiefs) so he might take McCoy.

3. Tampa- Gerald McCoy DT- I think McCoy fits Tampa's needs and scheme. He is a pass rushing DT so he is probably a perfect fit at UT.

4. Wash- Russell Okung OT- Knowing Shanahan, He is gonna take Okung until Mallet, Chryst, or Gabbert are available. He likes those huge arm QBs for sure. Why shouldnt he, he has all of his success drafting them. He waits on a QB.

5. KC- Eric Berry FS- A few weeks ago people were calling me crazy for mocking him here. "He wont fall that far!" Now, it looks like he will. With the needs of the teams above him and the fact that McCoy and Suh take up two spots for sure, Id say there is a good enough chance. Berry over McClain because Berry is a much better player. Also, His pro day wasnt impressive at all. I never understood one thing about my fellow Chiefs fans and other team's fans. Suddenly, someone makes a post about a guy and they absolutely fall in love with him. Tell that to McClain's Chrons Diesease!

6. Sea- Jimmy Clausen QB- Clausen could be a Bronco if they decide to grab Bryant but I doubt it. Hey, do you guys remenber that Bronco fan who swore they would get a 1st and 3rd for him. Yeah buddy, Id say you were wrong.

7. Cle- Dez Bryant WR- This is a tuff pick for me. For anyon e that thinks Joe Haden should be the guy, I just dont see it happening. I know Dez hasnt even worked out and he may seem like a drama queen. Mike Holmgren has been known to fancy a player or two that was a dram queen though. I love what they have done in FA, bringing in quality vets and Wallace. Fujita was huge, I dont see them going McClain because Jackson is about 1 of 4 or 5 players on the Browns team that deserves a 4+ year contract. I really think he goes this high after his work outs. I watched this kid for several years when he was tearing up my team and if Crabtree went at 10, he should go at 1.

8. DAA RAIDUUURS!- Bruce Cambell OT- I absolutely guarentee this pick. Its the biggest need of the team and he scream Raiduuurs. Just like that kid on the shorter bus.

9. Buffalo- Anthony Davis OT- They need LTs and DLmen. Gailey is absolutely awesome though and probably one of the most underrated signings of all time. He took the least talented Chiefs offense and turned it into a respectable unit in 2008. Davis gives them a cornerstone on that line. I know he didnt help himself lately but I still see it.

10. Jax- Joe Haden CB- Jaxs had all kinds of secondary issues. However, watch for the trade up right here. This spot is arguably one of the best spots in the draft. If a team wants a quality player, the salary is cheap right here and you never know if someone will fall. As for Haden, look for him to slip, but not past 10 or 12.

11. Den- Dan Williams Nt- I think they reach for Williams. mcDaniels pretty much proves how horrible of a drafter he is and I could see him making this reach. For real, after Moreno, name me one player that he drafted last year that has alot of potential. Ayers, Quinn, Smith.....Only thing Ayers has to remenber him by is his cheap ass body slam on Jamal Charles. Hopefully McDaniels has a half way decent season so the Broncos keep him around, as a Chiefs fan, I would absolutely love that.

12. Miami- Earl Thomas FS- What can I say, so many people talked him up and honestly, it was almost as un warranted as McClains. He did not impress me at the combine. If you are going to run a 40 times as slow as his, then you should atleast be a good tackler. He is a solid pick around the middle of the 1st round, I just dont like him before this point.

13. San Fran- Brian Bulaga LT- Easy pick here and awesome value. With a couple more additions, the 49ers could be a pretty competitive team in 2011 and on.

14. Sea- Brian Price DT- Wow Denver, Horrible. Price is an awesome mid round talent. Wow...Alphonso Smith? Is that his name?

15. NY Ginats- Rolando McClain ILB- I think he slips unless he blows it away on his pro day. For example, I examined his film (not highlights) and I wrote down every missed tackle, ever missed assignment, everytime he went high, and every time he made a play. It was pretty average if you ask me and not worthy of top ten considerations. Everyone blows up his leadership which is good, but it wont get you pick in the top 10. Maybe he blows me away at his pro day but he is atleast a steal for the Ginats. Also, He has Chron's disease. While I dont think that will make him a bad player or anything, it does make him a risk. No team should take him in the top 15 but Giants are talented enough to risk it, I think?

16. TEN- Derrick Morgan DE- Replacement

17. 49ers- CJ Spiller RB- Returner and good value

18. PITT- Kyle Wilson CB- They need secondary help, eventhough I think Wilson should go later

19. ATL- Jason Pierre-Paul DE- Athletic presence, really helps the Falcons defense.

20. TEX- Donovan Warren CB- Better Corner than Wilson IMO. If Haden doesnt slip due to his 40, I dont see how Warren does. To me he is almost as good and way better than Wilson.

21. CINCY- Damian Williams WR- Even after they added Bryant, I still think they go WR.

22. NE- Jared Odrick DT/DE- Perfect for Pats. He can play in a 3-4 or 4-3.

23. GB- Charles Brown LT- With Clifton leaving, addressing the o line is a must

24. PHI- Brandon Graham OLB- Very underrated and I doubt he slips

25. BAL- Devin McCourty CB- Underrated. The Ravens really need CB help and McCourty is fast and thletic. This is such a deep CB  class they could wait.

26. AZ- Trent Williams OT- Replacment

27. DAL- Mike Iupati OG- Big inside OG that will fit perfect in their scheme.

28. SD- Ryan Matthews RB- I think they wait to take a NT. Cody has looked very impressive as of late.

29. NY- Sergio Kindle OLB- They have to do it. Gholston isnt cutting it and they would be better off trading him for a 5th rounder or something.

30. MIN- Taylor Mays FS- I would give him to the colts if I didnt think the Vikes would take him. Farve is coming back so they wont trade up until next yeaer, if they need to.

31. IND- Maurike Pouncey OG- Lilja wasnt the run blocker he was getting paid to be. He was one dimensional and Pouncy will make a great replacment

32. NO- Everson Griffen DE- NO adds some athletism to their front 4.

RD 2

1. STL- Sean Whetherspoon LB

2. DET- Roger Staffold OT

3. TAMPA- Carlos Dunlap DE

4. KC- Golden Tate WR- Weis is praying this happens, well I will join him in his prays. Alot of holes in his game including his height. We saw a similar slip with Desean Jackson.

5. WAS- JD Walton OC- Washington will address the line early and often.

6. CLE- Jerry Hughes OLB- Huges is a steal right here. I had him here before the trade and this only makes it more likely.

7. Oak- Geno Atkins DT- No I dont think he should be here

8. SEA-Javid Best RB- Best and Forsett will make a good duo.

9. Buf- Tim Tebow QB- He will get taken this high. Nobody is gonna let him fall to far. Think about it. Look at all he did at UF.

10. TAM- Arellious Benn WR

11. MIA- Terrence Cody NT- Told you he would be down to 245, He weighed in at 248 at his pro day and could go even higher than this.

12. NE- Jermaine Gresham TE- Cant beleive he falls this far but their are a couple holes in his game.

13. DEN- Brandon Spikes ILB- I have trouble making this pick. I try to think of what McDaniels could do but unfortunatly, he is ONLY a little better then me at evaluating talent, when im drunk.

14. Giants- Morgan Burnett FS/SS- I really like this kid. I think he is under valued by most people. I have a feeling he will go in the mid 2nd or early 3rd for sure. He is a great pick for the Giants even with Rolle. Nobody knows how KP will be when he ccomes back.

15. NE- Brandon LaFell WR - NE snatchs a future starter for their aging WR core. I have a feeling Moss and Welker will be productive for 2 or 3 more years, I just dont know if it will be with the pats.

16. CAR- Marty Gilyard WR- The Panthers will probably try to give Moore some weapons.

17. 49ers- Ricky Sapp OLB- The 49ers have a good defense. Lawson is definitly upgradable.

18. KC- Brandon Ghee CB- The Chiefs have been eyeing him hard for sure. They could go Oline, but I dont see the Chiefs passing on Ghee here. they need help in their secondary. There are alot of questions about what will become of Brandon carr.

19. Texans- Jonathan Dwyer RB- Really, he is overrated. He played in a system that we all know enhances running stats. However, He will be a very solid pro.

20. PIT- Nate Allen FS- Allen is a good pick to pair with Palu. The secondary was the defending champs achilles last year. Just ask Chris Chambers!

21. NE- Vladimir Ducasse OG- Neal is getting old. Vlad will need time to back up a vet like Neal.

22. Bengals- Reshad Jones SS- Definitly need some S help. That secondary is sick though.

23. PHI- Montario Hardisty RB- Alot of people might call this a reach but I dont think so. He is a stud and I could see him sneaking into the 2nd or high 3rd.

24. GB- Jared Veldheer OT- He has LT written all over him and im been preaching him for the longest. Some fans even complained when I mocked him to them in the 3RD ROUND! Now he may sneak into the top of the 2nd.

25. Baltimore- Corey Wooton DE- Balt lost alot of quality back ups. Corey can play 3-4 DE and is a very good back up and rotation player. The addition of Boldin really filled their biggest need.

26. AZ-Jamar Chaney ILB- Ive liked Chaney for a while and he really helped himself. Surrounded by inferior players, he stood out on Miss. St. D.

27. Cowbooys- Chad Jones SS- Really good value. He is a presence on D and should start imediatly.

28. SD- Cam Thomas NT- San Diego addresses its two biggest needs with its first two picks. No if they could just get a QB that doesnt kill the Chiefs every time.

29. Jets- Kareem Jackson CB- I think the Jets addressed their biggest needs with their first two picks.

30. Vikings- Chris Cook DB- Big and very fast.

31. Colts- Ron Grownkowski TE- Colts could use a TE and this is a value pick. I saw someone mock this once and it always made sense. Watching Dwight Clark cant hurt either, plus he can run block.

32. Saints- Navarro Bowman OLB- Bowman will add some athletism to the Saints D. Alot of that with their first two picks.

RD. 3

1. STL-Tony Washington OT- Washington is sky rocketing up boards as he should. This guy was a huge recruit in 2005 and would be a 1st round pick if he didnt play for ACTX. However, alot of red flags about this kid. Based on size, athleticism, and talent, 1st round, History will hold him ut of it.

2. DET- Daryl Stuckey SS- Beleive it or not, the Lions are my sleeper team this year. I doubt they make the playoffs, but im predicted them to atleast double their wins :) j/k. I seriously think they could win 6-7 games if Stafford is healthy. And they would have to replace some of that o line.

3. TAM-Dominique Franks CB- Help for that secondary.

4. KC- Mike Johnson OG- He isnt very athletic which will hurt him.

5. Raiders-Marschall Newhouse OG- He is pretty athletic.

6. Eagles- DeMaryius Thomas WR-  They could go WR just because of value. They also lack a possesion WR like Thomas. I like this pick.

7. CLE- Patrick Robinson CB- Good draft so far for the Browns.

8. Buf- Torrel Troup NT- The switch to the 3-4 might actually go smooth for the Bills. Maybin should be a good Predator, Im just wondering where Schobel is in all this.

9. Miami- Carlton Mitchell WR- Seriously, He could be the Raiders first round pick. He is 6'4 215 lbs and runs a 4.4 40.

10. Jacksonville-Amari Spievey CB- Jax had a really bad pass defense last year.

11. CHI- Jon Asamoah OG- The Bears need OL help or all those signings or for not. They could pull a fast one and take Juice Williams because he is from ILL. :)

12. NY- Mitch Petrus OG- Mitch adds a nasty mean streak that will fit in perfect for the Ginats.

13. TEN- Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB- Ten really hurt on defense believe it or not.

14. CAR- Lamar Houston DT- I cant believe they release Kemo. I hope his injury heals pretty fast.

15. 49ers- Tyson Alualu DE- Just a depth pick here. He would help an already good rotation.

16. Den- Jevan Snead QB- Snead was the most impressive QB at the combine and could go higher. Everyone looks at the picks and thinks this kid cant play and I think he really proved that wrong. Put him on ND or UF and were talking about Bradford and Snead.

17. Texans- John Jerry OG- This could be different if Pitts resigns.

18. PIT- Sergio Render OG- Depth.

19. FAL- Aaron Hernandez TE- After TG there is nothing.

20. CIN--Daryl Washington LB- Seriously, This guy has some potential.

21. OAK- AJ Jefferrson CB- 4.43

22. GB- Alex Carrington DE- Depth Pick.

23. PHI- AJ Edds OLB- They might have a need at Lb with the loss of Weatherspoon.

24. AZ- Andre Roberts WR- They lost two WRs this off season. They may try to add some depth. They might even loss Breston next year if they havent resigned him.

25. AZ- Dexter McCluster RB/WR- He has alot of potential IMO.

26. CB- Jordan shipley WR- I know he had a medicore combine but he is a home town boy.

27. SD-Sean Lee ILB- Just a depth pick here but maybe he competes for a spot.

28. CLE- John Skelton QB- This guy is a perfect pick for the Browns with Quinn leaving.

29. MIN- L'Anthony Smith DT- This is just for depth but maybe he is a starter in the future.

30. IND- Mike Neal DT- The Colts need onlinemen badly

31. Saints- Larry Asante SS- He could just be a product of the NEB defense.


Thats it guys. Of Coarse it could change but as of now, thats how I see it.

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