Mock V3

Most of its the sameas the last, but there were a bunch of mistakes I felt needed fixing


1. St. Louis: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma: At this point, there is no way they don’t QB. Personally, I think this is the wrong choice. I say go BPA here with either DT as they are both almost sure things, but they do have to give their fans some hope for the future, and Bradford’s it.

2. Detroit: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska (6-4, 302): Pretty easy choice here. Suh is above and beyond the better DT in my eyes. I feel he will be a dominant force, and not just a penetrator. This guy can solidify a DL for years.

3. Tampa: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma (6-4, 298): Huge need and BPA? Talk about a homerun.

4: Washington: Russell Okung, OT, OK State (6-5, 302): As a Broncos fan, I know Shanny will want to protect any QB, and Shanny is known for making sure he has an LT to anchor his line ie: Lepsis to Clady. If I know Shanny, I think he’ll giv Campbell this year and then if he fails draft a QB.

5: Kansas City: Rolando McClain, ILB, Bama (6-4, 256) KC goes D cuz they need help bad here. People say OT, but they just drafted one 2 years ago, i say giv Albert his 3rd year to prove himself, as he showed he can be pretty good. McClain was made for the 3-4, and I think he'll do very well there

6: Seattle: Jimmy Clausen, QB, ND: Plain and simple: Hasselback= done and new QB is needed. Plus, Clausen and Carrol are very familiar with eachother as they played one another every year.

7: Cleveland: Eric Berry, S/CB, Tennesse: Cleveland takes the best DB in the draft. Can play any position in the secondary, so his versatility along with his playmaking ability makes him a homerun at 7.

8: Oakland: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland: You feel bad for the guy, knowing he is going to be over drafted and not pan out as one would expect from the 8th pick. I don’t even need to explain this pick.

9: Buffalo: Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa: Probably the safest OT prospect in the draft. I don’t expect him to be a great LT ie: Clady, Oher, Joe Thomas etc. But I can see him being a solid LT for years.

10: Jacksonville: Joe Haden, CB, Florida: BPA is the way the new path Gene Smith is bringing in. Haden is easily the best player here even after a so-so combine, makin him an absolute steal here.

11: Denver: Dan Williams, NT, Tennesse: A big NT the Broncos could use at the point of attack. Ronald Fields didnt do bad in his first year, but he is too small (317, yea real small) for the position, and might be better as a 5 tech or a rotational guy. They might pick Dez if BMarsh is traded, but since I'm not showing trades on my mock, I wont show this pick. I recommend all mockers read my previous sentence. Again: IF YOUR NOT SHOWING TRADES, DON’T SHOW DEZ BEING DRAFTED BY THE BRONCOS.

12: Miami: Dez Bryant, WR, OK State (6-2, 220): People say Parcells doesnt like drafting WR's in the first round, but if he wants Henne to continue to grow as a QB, he'll giv him this playmaker. Vet locker room and good, stern coaching staff can also handle his ego/antics

13: San Fransisco: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers: Might not be the greatest LT prospect, but if anything, he could be a great mauler at RT which fills a need.

14: Seattle: Derrick Morgan, DE, Ga tech: Need an edge rusher, and this is the best one in the draft. To me this is  agood fit for both team and player.

15: New York Giants: Brian Price, DT, UCLA: The DE’s in this D can stand not being upgraded, but DT is the biggest need here. I had Earl Thomas last time, but now with Rolle that would be pointless. Price is a guy flying under the radar, but I think he’ll be taken top 20.

16: San Fransisco: CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson: Great scat back that can spill for Gore, and also helps the return game.

17: Tennesse: Everson Griffen, DE, USC: Might be a reach here, but he is a big bodied athletic edge rusher, and should also help against the run. Best DE here and the need one after losing KVB.

18: Pittsburgh: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St: Solid CB who fits a need. Would probably prefer Dan Williams, but since he has had a great offseason and is rising on everybody’s draft boards, don’t expect him here.

19: Atlanta: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho: Best G in the draft, and if you ask me, top 5 best overall. Will clear paths for RB’s for years.

20: Houston: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers: Guy went to my high school. He’s great and can also help ST. Should help fill Robinson void.

21: Cincy: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma: Great pass catching TE who gives Palmer yet another target.

22:New England: Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas: Pass rush is defintily needed, and Sergio can provide that. Maybe Spiller here, but I think Kindle would help more.

23: Green Bay: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma: Should be a good OT, and he doesn’t have to start immediately either.

24: Philadelphia: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan: Great pass rusher and an amazing motor. Should help against the rush although he might be better suited for the 3-4/

25: Baltimore Ravens: Earl Thomas, S, Texas: Not huge on the guy, but if he isn’t a good Safety, which I don’t think he will be, he could be a solid CB.

26: Arizona: Charles Brown, OT, USC: Should be a great OT, although might help if he puts on weight

27: Cowboys: John Jerry, OG/OT, Ole Miss (6-6, 332): typical Cowboys OLmen, big and nasty.

28: San Diego: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State: No choice but to go this route. I think this is a bigger need than NT because the NT rotation they had after Williams went down did OK, and the Chargers rushing game sucked all year and now they lost there only workhorse back

29: New York Jets: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn St (6-5, 301): with questions on the DL, and a great 5 tech DE like Jared, this pick is a no brainer, if he falls here

30: Minnesota: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida: Starter from Day one till end of his career. Can play any of the interior OL positions, and even has some OT experience

31: Indianapolis: Sean Witherspoon, LB, Mizz: Colts could use a playmaker LB, but of course, they always do, but Polian never takes one. Doesn’t have to start in first year and has many solid vets around that could help show him the ropes. Plus, with no good looking OL prospects here, Polian wont reach and go BPA here.

32: New Orleans: Jason-Pierre-Paul, DE, USF: Physical freak, but definitly a project. I see Saints developing him for a year or two and in the mean time use him as a situational rusher. They can risk this pick a little, as I think they are set at a lot of positions. Maybe they could take Burrnett from GA Tech or Chad Jones from LSU to replace Sharper if he isn’t resigned, but I think a dominant pass rusher would be better for the long run.

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