Bobby Gonzalez Fired By Seton Hall For Poor Behavior

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Former Seton Hall Player Arrested; School Dean Explains Gonzo Ouster

Fired Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez threw forward Robert Mitchell off of the team last weekend after Mitchell questioned the coach’s substitution patterns.

On Tuesday, Mitchell was arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery, burglary and posession of a weapon in Newark, according to the New York Times.

It’s unclear whether the Mitchell incident occurred while he was still a member of the Pirates but, regardless of the timing of the incident, the arrest reflects poorly on Gonzalez, whose players were involved in embarrassing incidents on and off the court this season.

Player behavior was one reason cited on Wednesday by Seton Hall administration when it announced the firing of Gonzalez.

“Performance and success are not measured solely by wins and losses, but also in the conduct of those associated with the program,” said Patrick Hobbs, dean of the Seton Hall Law School who has been overseeing the athletic department since July. “We have expectations as to how our coaches and players will conduct themselves, and they are expected to treat everyone they interact with, whether officials, the press or our students, with the utmost respect, maturity and professionalism. Those core expectations must be met.”


Seton Hall Fires Coach Bobby Gonzalez For Poor Behavior

Seton Hall has fired coach Bobby Gonzalez, according to

Gonzalez's Pirates lost, 87-69, to Texas Tech in the first round of the NIT on Tuesday. But the firing had more to do with "a pattern of behavior that is not reflective of the image the school wants to present" than the Pirates' on-court performance, according to the report.

Players' behavior both on and off the court was cited.

The Texas Tech loss provided an example of such behavior. Forward Herb Pope was ejected for punching a Red Raider during the game and Gonzalez was later issued a technical foul - his seventh of the season - for arguing with officials.  

Gonzalez, the fourth-year head coach, wasn't very popular among Big East coaches and players, according to a damning profile in the New York Times.

He was granted an extension just six months ago,  but apparently the combination of his lack of decorum and players' poor behavior was too much for the Seton Hall administration to stomach.

For more on this, and all things Seton Hall, head to SB Nation's Gonzo Ball.

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