49ers GM Scot McCloughan at the 2008 NFL Draft (Photo Source)

Former 49ers GM Scot McCloughan Lands With The Seahawks

Former 49ers GM has landed in Seattle with the Seahawks in a yet-to-be-determined spot on the personnel staff.

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Former 49ers GM Scot McCloughan Lands With The Seahawks

The 49ers parted ways with GM Scot McCloughan shortly before the NFL draft. According to Mike Sando of ESPN.com, he's found his next job in Seattle as a senior personnel assistant.

"It's huge for us because Scot is one of the most respected personnel people in the league," Seahawks general manager John Schneider said Monday. "He played a critical role in helping the Seahawks become a Super Bowl team [in 2005] and did a great job in rebuilding the 49ers over the last few years."

His title isn't yet known but the Seahawks are expected to make it official this week.

Seattle is familiar territory for McCloughan, who was the Seahawks college scouting director before the 49ers hired him in 2005.

For more on the Seahawks, check out SB Nation's Field Gulls.


49ers Finally Speak About The Departure Of Scot McCloughan

The drawn out and largely silent departure of Scot McCloughan as the 49ers GM has been a strange process. While reports swirled that he was leaving the team, and while he finally acknowledged his departure, the 49ers were silent.

Yahoo!'s Jason Cole took the 49ers ownership to task for failing to recognize the turmoil of the team's front office.

After nearly a week, the 49ers have finally spoken. 

Here are a couple of Twitter accounts of what owner Jed York had to say:

York: "McCloughan is no longer the GM."

York isn't saying much. Mutual parting. "Private personnel matter."

On McCloughan's legacy: "You'd have to ask him."

York also confirmed earlier reports that player of personnel director Trent Baalke will lead the draft.

For full reaction to the news, check out Niners Nation where fans are already buzzing over York's comments.


Could McCloughan End Up In Oakland?

An interesting thought is being thrown around by Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times.

Could Scot McCloughan, who has reportedly been ousted as 49ers GM, end up in a similar capacity with the Raiders?

During Raiders-49ers joint practices over the past two years, McCloughan made long stops at the golf cart where Al Davis was watching, paying his respects and trading ideas.

McCloughan’s brother previously worked for the Raiders and his dad is a scout. In fact, his dad was an All-AFL Raiders cornerback back in the day.

McDonald also writes that despite the popular perception, Davis “invites dissent and debate” and McCloughan might be a good fit because he isn’t afraid to offer his opinion.

If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes with McCloughan, it’s abundantly clear he’s not shy about giving his opinion. He’s sure enough of himself to know he’ll always get another job.

Read more about the Raiders at Silver and Black Pride.


With Scot McCloughan Out, Trent Baalke Will Run 49ers Draft

As expected, director of player personnel Trent Baalke will take over the GM duties from Scot McCloughan as the 49ers enter a critical draft in April, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

San Francisco's director of player personnel Trent Baalke will lead the 49ers into a critical draft in which the team is scheduled to have the 13th and 17th overall picks, according to a league source.

Baalke has a strong reputation around the league and many expect that San Francisco will be able to march on successfully. He is recognized as a strong and capable talent evaluator.

Schefter also reports McCloughan is dealing with "personal issues" and would be out indefinitely.

Read more about this situation at SB Nation's 49ers community, Niners Nation.


Scot McCloughan Confirms He Is Out As 49ers GM

The strange saga of the 49ers GM continues to unravel.

Scot McClough has confirmed to local media that he is leaving the 49ers as GM.

Here is a text message to the Mercury News:

"It was a great run. Players I brought in will win division for next couple of years."

And to Sirius NFL Radio:

"Family needs to come first and I lost sight of that with my position at the 49ers. I will be back in league at some point and be very successful."

What's strange is that the team has yet to address McCloughan's status. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports recently took the 49ers to task for failing to acknowledge the latest proceedings.

Keep up with the latest developments at SB Nation's 49ers community, Niners Nation.


Would McCloughan's Departure Affect The 49ers Draft Plans?

SB Nation's Niners blog, Niners Nation, is trying to figure out what the heck is going on in San Francisco. Various reports are indicating that GM Scot McCloughan is on his way out but there's been no official word from the team.

If he is indeed gone for an extended absence, 49ers director of player personnel Trent Baalke is expected to assume the bulk of his duties.

Niners Nation wonders whether this will affect the 49ers draft plans.

I would imagine the team has to be fairly prepared at this point for the draft. Yes there are still Pro Days to be had, but a month before the draft, do you really think the team didn't already have a decent portion of their draft board figured out? Does anybody see any change in strategy with McCloughan now on some kind of "extended leave of absence"?

Read more about this developing situation at Niners Nation.


Conflicting Reports On The Future Of 49ers GM Scot McCloughan

In a strange turn of events that have transpired over the last couple of days, reports are surfacing that Scot McCloughan is out as the 49ers GM.

Nancy Gay of FanHouse reports that McCloughan sent her the following text message.

"I'm fine and I'm moving forward."

But would not elaborate further.

ESPN's Adam Schefter says that McCloughan isn't out...yet, at least.

Scot McCloughan not out yet as Niners GM. If he were, team would issue a press release. And it sounds like no release is forthcoming.

FanHouse acknowledged that the team hasn't publicly made the move but "multiple NFL sources" confirmed that he is no longer with the team because of a "personal matter" not related to the team.

"It was by mutual agreement," a source said of the decision that followed a closed-door meeting on Wednesday between McCloughan, York and several members of the 49ers' front office team.

The NFL Draft is taking place exactly five weeks from Thursday night so this is definitely an odd move if it's the case. And to add to that, the 49ers have two first round picks.

NFLN's Jason La Canfora reports that Trent Baalke -- currently the director of player personnel -- will take over the bulk of McCloughan's duties if he is indeed out.

McCloughan has been the 49ers GM since January of 2008.

SB Nation's Niners Nation is already buzzing over the move.

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