Ben Tate NFL Draft scouting report

Ben Tate

5'11, 220 pounds | Running back | Auburn

Acceleration: Possesses a good short-area burst, which he turns into power and not necessarily elusiveness. Showed early in his career that he's a good one-cut back who can shift his shoulder and quickly work back inside.

Ball protection: Tate has had some issues throughout his career with fumbles. Although he generally keeps both hands on the ball when working through traffic, Tate too often gets the ball popped out.

Elusiveness: Not especially elusive, but he does have the quick movement agility to burst to the outside. Won't juke a lot of opponents in the open field.

Pass catching: Average as a receiver. Knows how to get open, but his hands aren't the best. Obviously a strong runner after the catch.

Pass blocking: Showed marked improvement as a blocker during his senior year. Moves around smoothly to pick up blitzing linebackers. Fundamentally Tate may not be the best blocker, but he does enough to slow down defenders.

Power: Tate is at his best when he can work between the tackles. He's a downhill runner who moves with authority. Possesses the strength to break through arm tackles. Strong in his legs.

Size: Has a thick and compact power build. Tate's frame may be maxed out, but he has a strong build throughout his frame. Hands are somewhat small, which explain his fumbling issues.

Speed: Doesn't seem to play as fast as he times and will be caught from behind. Doesn't break away on a lot of longer runs. 

Vision: Shows very good vision as a runner. Runs with his eyes up the field and bursts through the hole. Shows good instincts to diagnose where a hole is going to develop. Doesn't hesitate before making his initial move.

Final word: When you evaluate Tate, throw out his stats. He went from being in a pro-style offense to a spread in his junior and senior seasons. He fits best in an I-formation where he can use his vision and power.

Tate may not have the best speed, but he's an effective player who knows how to gain extra yards after contact.

Also an accomplished baseball player. Has no injury history to speak of. Named to the SEC all-conference second team in 2009. Plays with a lot of confidence.

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