Anthony Dixon NFL Draft scouting report

Anthony Dixon
6'0, 233 pounds | Running back | Mississippi State

: Displays a good straight ahead burst to hit the hole. Gets up to top speed in an instant. Runs with a lot of force.

Ball protection: No knowledge of any issues carrying the ball. Carries the ball high and tight. Has the arm strength to hold on while working between the tackles.

Elusiveness: Dixon has quick feet, which he uses to work his way through traffic nicely. But he needs to do a better job of eluding tacklers. He may not have the elusiveness to do that and has a hard time turning his hips and moving upfield.

Pass catching: Was an asset in this area of Mississippi State's offense. He'll never be a No. 1 or No. 2 target in the pass game, but he showed he can get open and a catch when asked. Caught 56 career passes for 449 yards and four touchdowns.

Pass blocking: For as big as Dixon is, you'd expect him to be a much better blocker. However, he too often is late to react to a pass rusher and could be described as an el matador blocker.

Power: Dixon is one of the strongest running backs in this year's draft, if not the strongest. Once he gets a head of steam, watch out. He breaks arm tackles with ease and is a load to take down. Runs with a lot of heart and always keeps his legs pumping after contact. Loves to initiate contact.

Size: Has a good combination of height and bulk. Dixon is especially strong in his upper body. He may need to get a bit leaner and build his leg strength more, though. Should he do that, he could fix some speed issues. Has reportedly had issues with training.

Speed: This is what knocks Dixon back the most. His speed is average and he doesn't have a second gear in the open field. He does get up to his top speed quickly, however. But he can often be caught from behind.

Vision: Shows patience as a runner and lets a block develop before working upfield. Finds creases pretty well and can dart through them. Keeps a good lean when he's running and always seems to be falling forward.

Final word: Dixon has the makings of being a good power back in a two-back scheme. He just doesn't have the playmaking ability to be a true No. 1 running back. Still, he was very productive on a team where he was really the only weapon. He had eight games of more than 100 yards rushing in 2009 and is good in the red zone.

Some have questioned Dixon's character a little bit because he's never been in the best shape. He was also charged with suspicion of driving under the influence and not having proof of insurance last year.

Still, he shows heart as a runner. He's constantly on the move and keeps his legs pumping while getting tackled. He's also played through some small injuries including a broken finger.

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