1st round mock with explanations

1.  St. Louis, QB, Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

This team has went the safe route long enough, now they need a franchise QB.

2.  Detroit, DT, Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Will help with the run defense and will be starter from day 1.

3.  Tampa Bay, DT, Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

Disruptive player who will be good to build a defense around.

4.  Washington, OT, Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.

With Samuels gone this team needs a franchise LT.

5.  Kansas City, S, Eric Berry, Tennessee

Gifted player who will help bad pass defense.

6.  Seattle, OT, Trent Williams, Oklahoma

Team needs to find a way to keep Hasselbeck upright and he doesn't have any baggage.

7.  Cleveland, CB, Joe Haden, Florida

Team really needs 2 CB's but Haden is a good start.

8.  Oakland, OT, Bruce Campbell, Maryland

Davis likes great athletes and they need to protect Russell.

9.  Buffalo, OT, Anthony Davis, Rutgers

Whoever plays QB will need to be protected.

10.  Jacksonville, DE, Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

Team has tried to find players to get sacks hopefully this guy finally does it.

11.  Denver, WR, Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St.

I think Marshall gets traded at some point and Bryant is the best WR is this class.

12.  Miami, ILB, Rolando McClain, Alabama

Great player to play alongside Dansby, which will make a great tandem.

13.  San Francisco, OT, Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

High upside guy who might need a little time before he starts.

14.  Seattle, DE, Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida

Should improve pass rush

15.  N.Y. Giants, DT, Brian Price, UCLA

Making up for the money wasted on Canty.

16.  Tennessee, OLB, Sergio Kindle, Texas

Injuries hit this position hard and he would be great teamed with McRath.

17.  San Francisco, S, Earl Thomas, Texas

Team needs a ball hawking FS and Thomas is that.

18.  Pittsburgh, NT, Terrence Cody, Alabama

One of the few teams that Cody could succeed with and Hampton is getting old.

19.  Atlanta, CB, Patrick Robinson, Florida St.

Robinson was a good sign in FA but this needs 2 CB's.

20.  Houston, DT, Dan Williams, Tennessee

A lot has been invested here and it hasn't panned out so far.

21.  Cincinnati, DE, Brandon Graham, Michigan

This team has to get a pass rush out of their DE's and injuries hurt this position last year.

22.  New England, OLB, Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri

Continue to get younger at linebacker.

23.  Green Bay, CB, Kyle Wilson, Boise St.

No offensive lineman worth taking and Woodson and Harris are both getting old and slowing down.

24.  Philadelphia, S, Taylor Mays, USC

Failed to replace Dawkins last year and Mays will work well in a 4-3 defense where he can play close to the LOS.

25.  Baltimore, TE, Germaine Gresham, Oklahoma

Need to give Flaco more weapons.

26.  Arizona, OLB, Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio St.

Great outside rusher for the 3-4.

27.  Dallas, S, Nate Allen, South Florida

Bit of a reach but he allows team to move on from Hamlin.

28.  San Diego, RB, C.J. Spiller, Clemson

Will give San Diego a very fast backfield and can take returns from Sproles.

29.  N.Y. Jets, WR, Golden Tate, Notre Dame

Another weapon for Sanchez who can stretch the field.

30.  Minnesota, QB, Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

Will fall like Rodgers and Quinn and he will get to sit a year and learn behind Farve.

31.  Indianapolis, DT, Jared Odrick, Penn St.

Quick DT that this team needs.

32.  New Orleans, OLB, Dekota Watson, Florida St.

Fast and much more talented than what the Saints have.

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