MTD Live Mock Draft Thread

Join in on the festivities after the jump. On your mocks! Get set! Go!


1. I will announce which team is on the clock with the following comment: THE ST. LOUIS RAMS ARE NOW ON THE CLOCK!! ...After this message, you will have 5 minutes to make your selection.

2. Your selection MUST appear as this in the subject line: WITH THE 33RD PICK IN THE DRAFT, THE (TEAM)  SELECT (PLAYER NAME) , (POSITION) ,(SCHOOL). Please use all caps so your pick will stand out.

3. For the first 2 rounds we want you to provide your reasoning for your pick and this will be emailed to JP23 (JPYanes@yahoo(dot)com)  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SUBJECT LINE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN PICKS. Not using the subject line will help, in following the conversation on each pick. And most importantly, when we put together the front page article , it will be Easy for us to find if we are behind.

4. The draft thread will still be updated after each selection or as fast as possible by JP23. You must have your BPA list in by the end of the day M arch 12, no exeptions.

5. Since we are doing this on the weekend that means you will have about 5 days to get in your BPA LIST in.  Also in that List you need at least 10 picks per round depending on how many picks you have. (MAKE SURE LISTS ARE IN BY FRIDAY).



49ERS- ( rlott#42)


BEARS- (tjdove123)

BILLS- (UZ, Der Jaeger)

BRONCOS-(PredominantlyOrangeJAYson G)

BROWNS- (Bernie19Kosar)

BUCS-(Cadillac24Buc It)


CHIEFS-(ChiefsfanJon ,ChiefMizzou09, The Face of The Franchise)





JETS- ( Matt Birch)



PANTHERS-(James the Aussie, Revshawn)



SAINTS- (Friar Bob, ziggy19)



VIKINGS-(medicineball, lifelongvike)

SEAHAWKS- ( LantermanC)

STEELERS- (englishsteeler, Steel in FL)


Rams-(dbcouverGeneral Pug)

Pats- (R_Adragnamathew.40)


EAGLES- (The Legend)

COLTS-(shake n bake)



Live Draft Results Here:



 - The Titans trade the 16th pick to the Bucs for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th round picks

- The Falcons trade the 19th and 179 pick to the eagles for the 24th and 87th pick.

- The Colts Trade 31st and 94th picks to the Ravens for 25th and 152nd picks.

- The Cardinals Trade there 26th pick to the Raiders, The raiders get the Cards 2nd and 4th.

- The Bills send the 41 pick to the Dolphins for the 43pick and a 6th rounder.

- Atlanta trades #83 and #87 in the 3rd round and its 4th round pick for the Rams 3rd and 4th.

- The Titans trade pick #98 for Miami’s #12 and a 7th rounder

- The Jags trade there 4th round pick for Panthers 4th and 7th

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