Jeff Owens NFL Draft scouting report

Jeff Owens

6'1, 304 pounds | Defensive tackle | Georgia

Pass Rush/Closing Ability/Moves and Counter Moves: Does not factor in to the equation as a pass rusher. Does not use his arms well to get off blocks, and does not get in to the gap quickly. Just 4.5 career sacks.

Pursuit/Lateral Movement/Agility: Does not pursue well. Motor is off and on and the overall athleticism is sub-par. Can be light on his feet when his legs are fresh. Average agility within the B-gaps.

Quickness/Explosion: Gets the initial step off the snap well, but lacks the quickness when engaged. Feet are too often stagnant. Does not get in to the blocker’s body enough.

Run Defend/Recognition: Struggles to read the down block, has been completely washed out of gaps too much for his position. Has a questionable IQ because he is not found near the action as much as an interior defensive lineman should be.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Short and round frame with naturally thick legs. Appears to have a lot of bad weight, could use some muscle gain/fat loss. Can be the bowling ball type that is tough to move and tough to lock on to if he can strengthen the base.

Strength/Ability to Shed Blocks: Gets locked on to if he does not get the initial advantage off the snap. Does not use a low center of gravity with consistency, plays too high for a player at his height. When he is fresh, he can get off blocks and at the very least alter a running lane.

Tackling: Was not a big factor in taking down the ball carrier at Georgia. Totals around 2 tackles per game. Does not adjust well to a shifty back.

Technique/Hand Use/Leverage: Strong hands that control the engagement when he is in position to do so. Active upper body that can rip away from a blockers hands. Inconsistent use of leverage, likely a result of poor conditioning. Needs to refine his footwork.

Versatility: Used mainly as an inside gap-to-gap lineman. Can play a two gap role, not a penetrator. Best fit would likely come as a 4-3 nose tackle that eats up a double team. Not athletic enough for the outside in a 3-4.

Final Word: Owens was another Georgia Bulldog defensive lineman that did not fulfill the long term promise shown in his early career. He had a lot of issues with consistency as a pass rusher and as a plug against the run. His motor ran hot and cold despite being part of a rotation within the defense, and one has to question the dedication when it comes to offseason conditioning. Without an abundance of natural talent, Owens will need to get himself in to better shape and focus on the little details of the position if he is going to stick around on an NFL roster. The upside is limited with him, and he will likely top out as a rotational player/backup. Late rounder that should get drafted by a team looking to add depth inside.

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