Chris Douglas-Roberts Knows Something About LeBron James That We Don't

Apparently, Nets rookie guard Chris Douglas-Roberts says LeBron James is like a cousin to him, which is news to me. This obviously makes him very qualified to talk about LeBron’s future.

But Douglas-Roberts maintains he won’t lobby for LeBron to join the Nets, or something. He supposedly knows where LeBron is going and it isn’t New Jersey, according to the Bergen Record.

But Douglas-Roberts, who is represented by the same agent as James, Leon Rose, said he has an idea where the reigning MVP is going and he probably won’t try to recruit him to New Jersey.

“I can’t do that,” Douglas-Roberts said after the Nets prepared for tonight’s game against James and the Cavaliers. "It’s a bigger picture. It’s a bigger picture than me. It’s bigger than that.

“Leon, LeBron, everybody’s together. Every relationship we have, that’s what it is. For example if they’re not happy somewhere or they’re not happy with something it’s all in the family, no one’s happy.”

Later, CDR says this:

“[LeBron’s camp] don’t know,” Douglas-Roberts said. “But there’s an understanding. I can’t just say I know what he’s going to do. Everybody in our camp has a good feeling for what might happen — what might happen. We don’t know for sure. Things could change.”

Whoa, hold up. I have many, many follow-up questions to ask.

1. LeBron has talked to Chris Douglas-Roberts of all people about where he’s going this summer?
2. Chris Douglas-Roberts is in LeBron’s inner circle?
3. Douglas-Roberts wouldn’t try to lobby LeBron to join his team, even though they’re apparently friends? Not to mention LeBron is, oh I don’t know, the best player on the planet?
4. LeBron’s camp would take note about how the Nets have supposedly mistreated Chris Douglas-Roberts, who, by the way, is a second-round pick?
5. So if it’s a bigger picture than you, CDR, why would you then say that “it’s all in the family” and imply that if one person in the circle is mistreated, everyone is mistreated?

Wow, I’m confused. I guess that’s what’s par for the course over the next four months.

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