The LeBron James Free Agent Derby: Where Will He Sign This Summer?

So in case you weren't aware, the best basketball player in the world (sorry, Kobe fans) is going to be a free agent this summer. Then again, if you are a basketball fan and you weren't aware, you were probably living under a rock these past two years. 

Yes, LeBron James is the headliner of arguably the best free agent class in professional sports history. There are other prizes to be sure -- Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and more -- but the real prize is LeBron. And because we're talking about LeBron James, who has not expressed any real hints about where he'll sign this summer, there's been a ton of speculation about where he'll end up. Hell, there's been speculation that he'll end up with the Lakers, of all teams. This despite the Lakers not having cap room and already having Kobe Bryant on their team.

Who does have a chance at LeBron? A whopping eight teams -- New York, Miami, Chicago, New Jersey, Washington, Sacramento, the LA Clippers and Minnesota -- have enough cap room to sign James to a maximum contract. Four of those teams -- the Knicks, the Wizards, the Clippers and the Bulls -- traded away either important players or major assets at the trade deadline in order to create more cap room to sign James. We obviously cannot forget about James' current team, the Cavaliers, who are the only team that can offer him a six-year contract regardless of their cap situation (not to mention that they're also the best team in the NBA and are based near James' hometown). Finally, there are the teams that have assets for a possible sign and trade arrangement, like Dallas and Houston. 

In other words, this is going to be crazy. There will be a lot of rumors and we're going to do our best to track all of them here. But before we get started, allow me to offer some random odds on where LeBron might sign, keeping in mind that a) this is all speculation, and b) we're still four months from LeBron becoming a free agent.

Cleveland: 2-1

New York: 6-1

Miami: 6-1

New Jersey with John Wall: 10-1

LA Clippers: 12-1

Dallas (in a sign and trade): 10-1

Houston (in a sign and trade): 15-1

Chicago: 20-1

New Jersey without John Wall: 25-1

Washington: 40-1

LA Lakers:1,000-1

I'm sure those odds are way off, which is why this will be fun. Gentlemen, start your engines!

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